Author Hana Nochi Hare - Hanadan Next Season
Because the live action adaptation has been aired. Seems I will try to give my impression.
Especially based on the manga.
It has been licensed and you can buy it if you want.

You know recycling? This is one small sample for it. First, I don't really recommend this if you want something original.
This is more precisely tell about new characters and some condition changes to continue the childish school-life tragedy from previous series. Basically, they are the same.

The new characters not really new at all. The female lead is stubborn, strong-willed, then she will be shaken and weakened. But what piqued my interest is the male lead, Haruto. He is a rich guy, represents the figure of bocchan with a little problematic behind it: he is coward, short and stupid.
Haruto is really a gear from this manga which makes it funny and interesting. What did he do is stir the atmosphere up around him.

I can sense the author has a good joke taste, I have a good times while reading it.
But not with the development of her story. Her Cat Street is really good, but Hanadan is quite childish. Its melodrama is what I can't stand the most.
What about this one? Yes, the same. But, I could say it is less dramatic like before. The atmosphere isn't heavy, I find it refreshing and enjoyable.
And this is one of example what makes it different. It tells from Haruto's point of view, a journey from him that seeks to be a real man like his idol Donmyouji.
Personally, I like Haruto than Donmyouji. And, I'm pretty sure you will feel the same way.

What I don't really like, the sequel can't move on from F4. It is obvious that they are developing with F4 as the focus.

Put aside many negatives and dislikes, this sequel is success and well-selling in Japan like before.