June 2018 Contest [Entry Thread]
Zephyrus 1 month ago
This thread is for entries into the June 2018 Thread only.

Please comment on the entries, read how to submit, or ask questions here.
legatius 1 month ago
I present to you my idea for the new mascot(s): Mango and Dex!

Mango is the orange snake and Dex is the white snake.

The site, as it is now, is very simple which i really like. I tried to create something simple and professional. The images were done rather quickly and this was perfect for procrastinating my exams. ?
The color scheme reminds me of some other site and I can't for my life figure out from where but hopefully it's something original. (Except the reddit-looking snake)

Below are the three (plus one) images requested:

Everything was created in Illustrator so there I have the vector formats for all these images.

Here are some images that show some of the process:


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AnomNomidas 1 month ago
Here is my submission for the contest art. Featuring original art drawn with mouse in Photoshop by yours truly.

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waterflame 29 days ago
So... someone had to do it and I lack graphical talent(seems like a good fit)... Of course using a alternative free font to prevent legal trouble for such a legal-based site's logo :p (SansSerifBldFLF). I'm not a fan of how the first "a" just fuses into the "n" so it's not 100% the same style :p



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Laxx 25 days ago
Unfortunately I'm not an artist so I chose the lazy way by fusing the mascot with the logo.
Wait, don't run away yet, because it ended up making sense.

Here's a short interpretation summary:

There are three ways to view the logo/mascot.

  1. As a bare logo. The top half represents the letter m which stands for manga obviously.

  2. The top half can also be viewed as an open book. The smaller the logo gets the more it appears to be a book or a manga page with panels.

  3. The robot face as its main characteristic. I'm sure the eyes will be interpreted differently, but they're supposed to depict closed eyes of a smiling facial expression.

The color is discussable. I simply went with the link color of the light theme here and was quite satisfied with the result.





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Maou-Sama 23 days ago
Hey, this is all handmade/drawn.
The logo's original font is free for commercial use.

Logo :

The mascot (original size is 1500px high):

The banner :

I have the .psd for each if modifications are needed.

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legatius 21 days ago
Second submission.

Tried my hand on drawing some stuff by hand. Not entirely sure on the color scheme on the mascot but it's easy to change anyways.
Everything is vector-based so the images can scale to any size.

Wanted to create my version of Beemo (from Adventure Time) and had fun designing it overall.

The banner(s):
- Light version
- Dark version

The mascot:

The logo:

Did something extra but it resulted in something.. unsettling. 🤣


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legatius 21 days ago
Another submission!
Exams are also over and here I am with too much time, might as well practice drawing.

A more Interesting color scheme this time, also tried to be clever with the mascot chat bubble. Everything is once again in vector format.

The banner(s):

The mascot:

The logo:

leoleoleoleo 17 days ago




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ona5200 15 days ago
Had some free time so why not. Don't have the drawing skills(or expect to win anyway) to do a mascot, but color scheme can easily be tweaked to match whichever mascot wins.



virtual 14 days ago
Decided to have some fun with photoshop today^^ so here is my contest entry:





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caprisun 13 days ago
Entry #1, hopefully I have time to make more




There's no preview post option so let's hope this goes up well 🤗 edit: OOF AND IM SORRY MY PICTURES ARE SO BIG

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legatius 12 days ago
Practicing some logo work. Trying to aim for a more simple and clean logo/banner.

I made two different logos and banners so this is sorta two in one submission.

The banners
- For light backgrounds
- For dark backgrounds

- For light backgrounds
- For dark backgrounds

The mascot:

Some variations:

The logos:
- For light backgrounds
- For dark backgrounds

- For light backgrounds
- For dark backgrounds


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Yuudaari 11 days ago
View the album:https://imgur.com/a/HyPb9G7

Banner (centred)

Banner (left)

Mascot (Ink)

This image of the mascot also functions as the icon. Her name is Ink, she's not actually an octopus tho, it's just her silhouette. She does like octopodes tho

Because it's a silhouette, there's a lot of room to play with it in future promotional material. You can stay simple or go all out w/ a full body character, etc. If I have time I'll add an example full-body drawing to this post.

Logo with text

There is no "light" version provided as this banner can function in both a light and dark page; and the mascot is about 50% brightness

Sidenote: I went really simple on this because I really like the site as is, I don't want it to get all colourful and complex at the top for no real reason.


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NobunagaOda 3 days ago
Here is my entry! Hope you all like it : - )



Variation 1

Variation 2

Variation 3

Variation 4


Full Size

Resized (1440 x 250)

BONUS (Full Avatar)

Please also note I still have the PSD files at hand and can make adjustments accordingly.

yiyi453 3 days ago
I was only able to start a drawing for a profile picture/mascot for this contest before my laptop broke and I had to send it in for repair ;-;

I'd love to draw a cleaner image for some of the mascots/logos though for the winner at the end!

((also good GOD this is my first time commenting on any forum and I had no idea how to upload this image;;))


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lonan 2 days ago
Hopefully I'm not too late!

My mascot is more on the yuru-chara end of the mascot scale. (Her name's Kanon, by the way.)

Character design:

Full Body:

Icon variants:



For the logo, I decided to go for a simple look.

Logo (Monochrome):

Logo variants (W/color):

As for banner, there's only one design, though the only difference is in logo placements :

And that's about it.

@NobunagaOda That's really cute! I like it!

Edit: fixed banner designs.

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caprisun 2 days ago



did smth different than chibi this time-
imm so tired if i have time in the morning ill make alt banners/icon

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Arene 2 days ago

LOGO (I was on the fence for which one to pick so I chose both!)

BANNER (Fonts used are Timeburner and Toxigenesis rg)

BANNER2 (The design worked well even without the mascot so...)

Thanks to being tunnel visioned I wasted the entirety of yesterday (as of originally posting) redrawing the mascot:


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aquariumtourmaline 2 days ago


The concept is loli neet mage. It was drawn as a vector and can be freely resized and all colours can be easily changed.

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