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One day, the world transformed into a game.
'Dungeons' and 'monsters' emerged in the middle of cities, and 'players' who had received the gods' authority appeared.

Se-jun Lee, the guildmaster of the Messiah Guild that would bring salvation to the world.
"Let us save the world together. Let's put an end to this nightmare."
The whole world celebrated the hero's appearance,
And I became his comrade.


He wasn't a hero nor a messiah like the world was hailing him.
He was a deceitful hero with the secret ambition to rule the world.
"You did well. If it weren't for you, I couldn't have come up till here."
I lost my life at his blade in the last dungeon.

...or so i thought.

The announcement I heard next to my ear the moment I died.
[Starting the game.]
I returned to the past, back when I still hadn't awakened as a player.

And this time, It's my turn......

To 'hunt' him.

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Would you like to find a job? Even at the cost of your soul? If so, then you’ve found the right place. Our job hunting advice website, SoSe, is a site geared towards those willing to even sell their souls for employment; that’s right, people like you. Are you dealing with angels or demons?

30-year old freeloader Chul Ho Kang made a deal through this shady site, even selling his soul for the chance at what else? Money! An invitation to the other world for the weak and downtrodden of society for a chance to change their lot in life! That is the mission given to Chul Ho Kang!

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A man awakened his healing ability but this ability is trash. During a mission in an underground dungeon with his team, all the members of his team except him were killed. This was due to the angry “last priest” who was released because of them. in this dungeon he got a sword and upgraded his powers with that sword…. What would that man do alone against all that?

Chapter Titles:
1: 废柴治疗 (Wastewood Treatment)
2: 隐藏BOSS (Hide BOSS*)
*This is different from 隐蔵BOSS which means Hidden BOSS. Look closely at the second kanji on both.
3: 去死吧! (Go to Hell!)
4: 最后的大祭司 (The Last High Priest)

NOTE: All title translations use both Google Translate and Bing Translate. If they differ slightly, I use the one that makes the most sense.

Résumé Français

Russian / Русский
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The world under attack by monsters that are pouring from the 'fracture'. And the 'hunters' who hunt those monsters are the most coveted job in the world currently. One day, Oh Yunsung who works his hardest from day to day as a worker in a meat restaurant awakens an ability to automatically hunt monsters with perfect techniques and physical prowess like in MMORPG when he presses a button 'Auto Hunting' that appears in front of him...!

Il mondo è sotto attacco da parte di mostri che fuoriescono dalle “fratture”. E i “hunter” che cacciano quei mostri . Un giorno, Oh Yunsung, che lavora di giorno in giorno come lavoratore in un ristorante , risveglia la capacità di combattere automaticamente i mostri con tecniche perfette e abilità fisica come in un MMORPG quandosi preme il pulsante “Auto-Hunting”, pulsante che appare di fronte lui...?!
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After losing his wife and daughter in a horrific accident, Yun-Jae finds himself stuck in his routine until he receives a diary from his future self. “I can see… my wife and daughter again?” Through winning the “games” in the “parallel world,” one will receive a “prize,” and using this, he could revive his dead family… but out of all the survivors of this cruel world, Yun-Jae is the only one with the knowledge of the future. Will he be able to turn his greatest wish into reality?

Russian / Русский
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Jung-woo is stuck in a reincarnation cycle along with his nemesis, Shin-Ryong. Ever since he was little, he had a dream.
He wanted to become strong enough to conquer Murim.

However, things did not always go the way he planned. Shin-Ryong defeated him on every occasion.
At this point, Ha Jung-woo had been reincarnated 5 times and was defeated yet again.

When he is reincarnated for the sixth time, he is born into the modern world.
Being born into a new world changes Jung-woo's goal, as Murim is gone.
Yet he continues training in order to defeat Shin-Ryong.

Ultimately, he prioritizes the goal of becoming stronger to defeat Shin-Ryong, while trying to adapt to this modern world where he has a family and goes to a school like a normal person.

Jung-woo è bloccato in un ciclo di reincarnazione insieme alla sua nemesi, Shin-Ryong. E ha da sempre un sogno.
Diventare abbastanza forte da conquistare Murim.

Tuttavia, le cose non sono sempre andate come previsto. Shin-Ryong lo ha sconfitto in ogni occasione.
A questo punto, Ha Jung-woo si era reincarnato 5 volte ed è stato sconfitto ancora una volta.

Quando si reincarna per la sesta volta, nasce nel mondo moderno.
Essere nati in un nuovo mondo cambia l'obiettivo di Jung-woo, poiché il Murim non c'è più.
Eppure continua ad allenarsi per sconfiggere Shin-Ryong.

Alla fine, ha l'obiettivo di diventare più forte per sconfiggere Shin-Ryong, mentre cerca di adattarsi a questo mondo moderno dove ha una famiglia e va in una scuola come una persona normale.

Russian / Русский
Чжун Ву не впервой перерождаться. В прошлом он уже не единожды пытался завоевать Мурим, но из-за Шин Рюна, перерождающегося всё это время вместе с ним, ему так ни разу это и не удалось. В конце концов, после очередной, пятой по счёту, неудачной попытки он перерождается в наше время, и это кардинально меняет взгляды Чжун Ву на мир, заставляя пересмотреть свои стремления и мечты. Он жаждет битв с могущественными врагами, но для большинства он слишком силён.
Это история о взаимоотношениях, продолжающихся на протяжении нескольких жизней, и о том, как герою удаётся вырваться из порочного круга и найти новый путь.
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One day, numbers appeared above the heads of every student in school.