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Please subscribe to my youtube channel , DayWithoutGames : .

if you cant see the photos in my posted messages , then please log in to your google account , because i upload them to " google photos " .

Previously , I posted my comments on ki$$manga , but now I move to this great site mangadex because ki$$manga is a fukking pirate site . ki$$manga can ki$$ my a$$ .

But even though ki$$manga is a pirate site , it has some noble(????) rules , policies , principles , like :

- The ki$$manga moderators can permanently block users on their whims because they think banning is fun , without any reasons whatsoever , and without any kind of warnings before banning . WHAT ? A fukking pirate site has noble mods ???? and after banning , these bratty mods have the nerves to mock the users .

- No spoilers of later chapters . But the problem is that the fukking stupid ki$$manga mods cant distinguish between spoilers and guessings/predictions of later chapters . Their policy is "Block first , ask questions later" .

- Do not mention other great manga site , like mangadex . Or even posting a website link ( like : "MOD: LINK REMOVED" ) will guarantee a permanent block from ki$$manga site .