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Fujishirou Kousuke is an unfriendly and unsociable high school student. When he was younger, he made a promise with his childhood friend, Sayaka, that they would get married when they grew up. But one day, Kousuke is kidnapped and taken to a place that strangely resembled a prison. Little does he know, is this "prison" is guarded by a very voluptuous woman... Can Kousuke fulfill his promise to Sayaka?

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Naruse Hiroki, a high school student who is addicted to Gacha games, decided to confess to his childhood friend Nagakawa Yoshika. However, after school, the two were suddenly abducted and imprisoned. When he woke up, there was a strange stage where three high school girls were dancing while his friend, Hatanaka Shinji, was playing a rhythm game.

What was taking place here was a real-life "smartphone game"! If you make a mistake, you will die immediately. Naruse, who "pulled" Nagakawa, decides to devote himself to this unreasonable event! Social Game x Death game commences!

(Admit it, you're only here for the art.)

Siswa SMA yang menyukai Social Game, Naruse Hiroki tiba-tiba diculik bersama teman masa kecilnya, Nagakawa Yoshika. Ketika dia bangun, ada Rhythm Game yang realistis di mana tiga Cewek SMA menari sesuai dengan permainan sahabatnya Shinji. Namun, jika dia membuat kesalahan dalam permainan, itu akan menjadi "Game Smartphone" versi kehidupan nyata yang akan segera mati.
Naruse, yang tidak punya pilihan karena Yoshika di sandera, dipaksa untuk berpartisipasi... Social Game x Death Game dimulai!