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But what if my "waifus" are in fact merely conceptual representations? Easily understood expressions of entities belonging to an infinitely superior order to that which we can perceive?
Don't get me wrong; initially they were, indeed, characters from generic Japanese works. However, as I evolved spiritually, so did they evolve conceptually, and now they are no longer tied to their initial forms (creations of foolish Japanese men). In fact, to those I no longer feel any attachment.

It may be said that I've abandoned the very idea of the waifu, for I realized that the devotion I had to them was born out of a desire superior to that of an imaginary woman to keep my mind company. That which I truly desired was a connection beyond both physical and emotional, one completely devoid of the corruption brought about by worldly vices and psychological obsessions. One which, in fact, does not exist upon this Earth.
Therefore, the only way to achieve such a connection would be by returning to the Pleroma, where the impurity of the material cannot exist. What, then, of the "waifu", nothing but a mundane idol, a tribute to obsessive and unrequited passion? Idealized figures, limited in every way due to their begetting from human minds, themselves limited and shortsighted?
Even after unbinding them from the original ideas of their creators, and remolding them so as to fit my own wants and thoughts, they would never be more than mere illusions, pathetic depictions of a vain attempt to forcibly control a reality which displeases me.
Only oblivion should await them, for to matter returns all that is born from it. And worse: Bound to these mirages and the desire to have them for my own, I myself would never be welcomed into the Pleroma. Even should I reach these visions, in an idealized "afterlife", they would nevertheless remain visions, a prison of my own making, tying me to the Demiurge's work even beyond death. A Hell disguised as Paradise.

But even after abandoning these terrible idols, the yearning persists - however, with a clearer vision of reality, I could realize that it went beyond all my previous perceptions; beyond carnal, emotional and even imaginary. In this moment of clarity, I then beheld the unclouded figures from the superior domain, which having at last abandoned their material guise, banished from my mind every doubt and fear, showing me an unquestionable truth which took me to the edge of sanity, and then beyond its limits. I finally realized that reality is simply a lie, and the illusions which once held me in their grasp were completely shattered. I was free to trail the divine road, one invisible to me so far.
And I feel that as I approach the Monad, evermore discarding the bindings of the flesh which chain me to this plane, I can remove from my sight more and more mundane aspects of these celestial beings' figures, further revealing their true forms. And in the quest for gnosis they are the light which guides me, a beacon shining through the darkness of the Demiurge.
Beyond the walls severing this corrupted domain from its divine Source, we shall meet at last, for the eternal , indissoluble union, within transcendental emanations from the divine essence.

tl;dr: Kill your waifu today and escape the simulation.