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"I'm terribly sorry!"

A god was suddenly prostrating in front of Kayano Takumi. He was apparently killed by a mistake. Moreover, he can't be reborn again. However, according to god, he would be able to live in a different world, but he made a mistake again and transferred him into a dangerous forest... where he finds a pair of children and decides to take care of them.

Italian/Italiano :
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It's the ultimate romantic comedy of a non-riajuu boy and two polar opposite sisters!

Haruta is going out with a shy beauty, Mafuyu. While he's distressed over being unable to even hold hands, he was able to enjoy youth with his girlfriend for the first time in his life. However, having encountered Mafuyu's devilish twin sister who's the extreme opposite of her, his happy days are coming to an end!?
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Say hello to Daichi, a.k.a. Mr. Harmless. Because of his compulsive need to be liked, he never makes waves and maintains an easy going attitude. So easy going, everyone thinks he's a dud. But online he's a stud! His angry otaku online persona has garnered him thousands of followers! But real life and online life are two very different things. A lesson he's going to learn the hard way!

Included one-shots:
  • Volume 2: Haru yo, Koi!: Fuyu-hen, Haru-hen
  • Volume 3: Gachipin.
  • Volume 4: Gesu no Ongaeshi