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Ayyy, I'm somewhat of a logophile, and a wee proofreader too I guess.
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A webnovel author, 28 years old Yeon Soo, is immersed in developing her new work.

But the plan that she had been working on diligently turned out to be unsatisfactory, and she collapsed while being on the phone with her editor.

When she woke up, she was in a hospital room.
Apparently she collapsed because she hadn't been eating or sleeping well.

The doctor advised Yeonsoo to walk for ten minutes a day as an exercise.
And while she started to exercise on an impulse with the man with a limited time(?), 'Han Gyul', who was admitted next to her in the hospital,
Somehow she felt her heart flutter...?

Enjoy the freshness of an older female lead that unexpectedly gets her heart bombarded by a younger man!
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I confessed. I couldn't do it while sober so I took a shot of liquid courage.

“I like you.”
“I just like everything about you.”
“... I don't understand.”

Something's strange. His voice is deeper, his height slightly different, and his physique even more so. In fact, after a closer look, even the hair colour that reflected the moonlight⁠—this is crazy. It’s someone else. It's none other than Duke Cabel Willard who's known as the 'Grim Reaper' of the battlefields.

“... Excuse me?”
“From now on, don't refer to me by any strange titles. Call me by name instead.”

The corners of his lips that were always frozen stiff curved into a smile. It seemed like he would immediately kill me if the truth of my false confession was brought to light.


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"A tranquil village. Full of friendly and warm folks. I used to think this would last forever. Until that day arrived."

The Langue, who lived for love, were a race that held jewels within their chest. When jewel hunters raided the peaceful village, Viola lost her entire family, and was soon captured by slave traders. She still held hope of rescue when a person appeared before her, claiming to be from the Langue Clan. Instead, Serette bought Viola as a slave for the Duke of Troy.

When Viola met the Duke, she asked for her return to the village, only to learn the cruel fate of the Langue captured as slaves. Saddened by the loss of her home, Viola was comforted by Serette, who urged her to help the Duke so that she could bring justice to her people. For the sake of both her and the Langue Clan’s survival, Viola's struggle finally begins!
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Baek Cheon and Ye Hwa, born at the same time and day, grew up together like sisters. However, both lead contrasting lives, with one being the last princess of Kangwi country, and the other being a nursemaid's daughter serving the princess.

As time passed, Baek Cheon, aware of her engagement to the emperor of Daeju, decides to run away with cries for freedom and true love. In the end, Ye Hwa was made to enter the palace in princess Baek Cheon's stead.

Using their indistinguishable looks, the two of them switched places and entered the palace together after many troubles. However, in contrast to the extravagance, the palace is filled with dark secrets, and they are now embroiled in its events.

The dangerous double life of Ye Hwa, who switches back and forth from a maid to a princess, just how will it end...?!
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The man she accidentally spent a night with was a formerly wolf-eared idol?!

"A 3 room apartment in the metropolitan area + a foreign car + retirement with guaranteed pension and savings."
Those were the dream goals of 29-year-old pharmacist Han Sooji’s, who used to be a passionate fan of the idol group <LUPUS> back in her school days.

However, due to several problems and a member’s departure, the group was forced to disband. Her young heart was scarred as she thought her steamy dreams were over, but…?

LUPUS’s former member, as well as the leading cause of the disbandment, is now getting ready to return to the entertainment world.
After meeting Kim Beomchan, aka Jackie, and spending a bewildering night together, she promised to be a reliable friend.

She also learned about LUPUS’s unfortunately troubling past from the former members

Sigh… Actually, this is pharmacist Han Sooji and ‘Jackie’ the traitor’s plan, ‘hope for Kim Beomchan’s safe and mishap free return’!