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Just a trap translator. Check out my blog using the website link or shoot me an email using the email link if you'd like to commission a translation, or just want to check out my releases. I constantly release free translations as well, but those are harder for others to influence, as I just translate what I like. Feel free to make a request though. I'm only human and I can't be aware of every good thing that's released. Maybe you know of something I missed.
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In order to be bought by a rich family, Narumi Inoue, hiding the truth that he is a man, goes to a girls' school. As a trainee, Narumi was sent to serve a girl from a rich family who hates maids (only weekends). Keeping the 'heart of treating/serving people,' Japanese maid, Maid in Japan, Narumi's battle will start? If it is found out that Narumi is a man, he will be castrated.
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