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I'm a Leecher from Leecher Land.
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Truck-kun's latest victim finds out what it's really like to have the Ultimate Cheat Skill. Shockingly, there are no slave harems.

The original (raw) was posted in multiple locations. Links are provided below:
Twitter: c01, c02
Pixiv: c01, c02
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A boy wants to confess his love to his senpai, but his plans are ruined when he turns into a girl. The twist is when she finds out that he's a girl, and she tells him she used to be a boy too, and promises to show him the ropes of girlhood.
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"Romance and so on, it's impossible to predict". The childhood friend of the main character loves him. What will happen when she confessess her feelings to him? Will the main character be able to see his childhood friend as something more than a friend? The "I can't see her as a romantic interest" trope is taken to the maximum level in this oneshot, while focusing on a surreal type of comedy.
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Collection of April Fool's releases from various groups.