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Morishita Taiju was transported into another world and became a hero, after wonderfully defeating the Demon Lord, he has returned to Japan. He was satisfied with his peaceful days as he hid his power, but… Hidden yokai and people with powers start to rampage, and the (rare nowadays) academy power battle-ish hidden world unfolds!! And Now He Trains Beautiful Warriors Using Superpowers!?

tl;dr: Isekai returner retains his OP skills after returning to Earth; discovers that Earth has more supernatural stuff going on than he expected. Gets dragged into various shenanigans, mostly via helping beautiful women around him.

Portuguese (BR)/ Português (BR)

  • Japanese Light Novel: Light Novel (Amazon.co.jp)
  • Japanese Light Novel: Bookwalker
  • Japanese Web Novel: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n7961ej/
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    Sakura, the last surviving princess of a fallen kingdom, is being hunted down for the power of Ambrosia she possesses - the ability to grant divine strength, but only to a human. With no human companion, she decides to summon one from another world in a desperate attempt to find a knight to protect her, but the man who answers her call is less than what she had hoped for.
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    A new life begins for Kitahara Iori as he begins his college career near the ocean in Izu city, full of excitement for his new life. He will be moving into his Uncle's diving store "Grand Blue." There he finds the beautiful ocean, beautiful women, and men that love diving and alcohol. Will Iori be able to live his dream college life?

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    Taro Kajiura and his friends from a research group at Tonan University embarked on a trip to Ikishima Island in order to pursue the origins about Princess Kannon. At the same time, the villagers of Ikishima were holding an annual festival in which outsiders were forbidden to participate in for over 400 years. The consequences for breaking that tradition were much more severe that any of them had imagined...

    Taro Kajiura et ses camarades du Club de recherche folklorique à l’Université Tonan se rendent sur l’île d’Ikishima pour découvrir les origines de la Princesse Kwannon. Au même moment les villageois d’Ikishima tiennent un festival qui interdit la présence d’étrangers durant sa période. Et les conséquences pour avoir brisé cette règle sont beaucoup plus horribles que ce à quoi Taro s’attendait…
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    Oomori Youhei, an aspiring light novel writer is sitting before his computer one night, when he then hears someone calling behind him. It turns out it's the famous Mary-san from the urban legend! Mary made a mistake when coming after Youhei by mistaking him for someone else but that won't prevent her from still trying to socially kill Youhei...
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    Kirei ni Shitemoraemasuka takes place at a seaside town laundry shop called "Kinme Cleaning," where the proprietress Wakana Kinme is a cheerful, hardworking girl who loves hot springs. The "bittersweet" story stars Kinme and the people around her.

  • *Series was a mini series until it was picked up with chapter 4.

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    Koizumi Takashi (a salary man) dies from slipping on a banana peel. if he can reach the magical Fountain of Purification which resides at the bottom of a difficult dungeon, he will be allowed into Heaven.

    But to do that, he needs to conquer the dungeon by summoning monsters.

    His first monster was a level 1 female goblin.
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    As a gardener served in a rural manor, Avin wished nothing more than peaceful days along with his lord's daughter, Marie. One day, he accidentally woke up a demon sleeping in a nearby mountain. What she wished was to have him as a servant before felling the heaven and turn this world into her garden. Avin of course declined the offer. However, not long after that, the town Avin staying was suddenly raided by Knights Templar who supposed to protect the country. Avin was then presented with choices: Will he perish along with the garden and his dear ones, or become demon's servant and have this world perish instead...
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    A spin-off of Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! that focuses on Megumin.

    Adapted from the light novel series of the same name.