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Snow Flower Scans:
Typesetter - Cherry Blossom After Winter, Dasadanan, For Your Love, Last Paradise, Not For the Faint of Heart, The Reason Santa Comes at Night, The Part-time Housekeeper (joint with fujitsuix500), The Timekeeper's Final Summer, The Aesthetic of Good Looking, Specters Karma, When The Cicadas Stop Crying, When Our Names Match (joint with Tater Translator), Outburst, Drunken Truth (joint with RSS), My Own Contract Angel (joint with Noire Moon), The Light of Summer, Form of Sympathy.
Quality Checker - Pervert Hero and the #1 Fan, Welcome to Room #305, Hongshi Loves Me, Specters Karma, About Our Love, Cigarette, Summer's Curse, To The Yesterday You.

Random Fujoshi Scans:
Cleaner - A Sea of Conflicts, Individual Diet Preference
Typesetter - Sweet Trap, The Wizard and the NEET, The Warrior and the Deity, In A Flash (joint with RSS)

Dysania Scans:
Typesetter - The Unfeeling Me
Quality Checker - Unromantic (joint with RSS)

Rose Squad Scans:
Cleaner - Romantic Box, Human-Faced Flower, Walk on Water
Typesetter - Ice Man, Sun's Blood (joint with RFS), Hot Summer (star) Vacation, Erotic Romantic, Winter that Year, If I touch your Hand, A Dead Crow's Stare, Introduction to the Theory of Love, A Curse Beyond the Witch's Intentions, Coexistence, Cherish, Lady Margarette's Secret Workshop, His Lake, Snail: Conqueror of Earth, My Guardian is an Incubus, Kisstart
Quality Checker - Woof Wolf, Don't Pick Up the Soap, Decision
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