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Our always bright and cheerful heroine, Nat-chan, finds herself faced with a serious problem! She's crushing on a guy who already has a girlfriend! Oh, what's a girl supposed to do? Well, join the Sports Day Committee in order to be close to him of course. But things don't turn out the way she expects as she runs into a few problems, one of them namely Sakaguchi Touya. He doesn't just bother her by confessing his love for her everyday, even worse, he steals her dessert every lunch hour!

Includes another short story called Sunflower Carnival.
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Tomboyish Ayuka is in love with her childhood friend Sakamoto. At the start of her third year of middle school she meets a new friend Sally-chan. Sally-chan also seems to have feelings for Sakamoto. Will Ayuka have the courage to confess her feelings or will Sally-chan beat her to it?
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Oshaberi na Jikanwari is based on Mizusawa Megumi-sensei's own love story. It is the story of how she had a crush on a boy since primary school and the events that took place while she goes from primary school through junior high to senior high.
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Hana loves the school, caramel and...drawing manga! Her speciality: Drawing romance stories! In real life, her heart beats for the cool Taro, but she's too shy to tell him...unfortunately, Marie, her rival, has decided to steal him!

Included is extra chapter: Tottemo Suteki na Takaramono.
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Yumi is a college sophomore. She's going out with Kouta, who's in her same circle. Just when she's been taken in by Kouta's boyish manner... she gets pregnant. What will become of Yumi and Kouta, who worry that they can't have this child...?
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In this story, we’re treated to a twisted, gothic-horror remix of the classic Cinderella story as re-imagined by a shounen author for a shoujo audience, where we find, in the end, that nothing comes free, and if it sounds too good to be true, well, there’s usually a catch. (You’ve never seen Cinderella like this!)
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Kokoro and Haru's first encounter was the worst. Even so, they found out that they are both huge fans of the same band and started walking home together after school. One day, they meet up with the singer of that band, Kai. Haru is unhappy that Kokoro started crying because of how moved she was. He took her with him and left Kai. However, Kokoro is still excited...!?
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Our heroine, Ruu, is having a hard time. Her mother died when she was little, and her father, with whom she had been living, has disappeared without a trace after getting into debt. Ruu is on her own.
To make ends meet, she takes a job as a live-in maid for a very wealthy household. To Ruu's surprise, the house she ends up working at is the home of three cute brothers, and she already knows one of them! They agree to let Ruu work there because they are often alone and they could use the help. Ruu moves in and works hard as a maid, and they all become very close. But things aren't always smooth sailing. Ruu has a lot of pressure on her because of her father's debts, and three very cute guys to deal with!
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From Aerandria scan:
In a certain part of town, there is a very exclusive restaurant. So exclusive that only ghosts get to dine there! Yes, it’s a ghost-only restaurant where ghouls and goblins freely roam, drink and eat! Strange? Not until you meet the only waitress there, who happens to be a full-blooded human!
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Alice Seno seems like a normal girl in high school. She's a bit shy, she's got a crush on a boy named Kyou, and she's got an older sister who is more popular than she is... pretty normal stuff, until Alice has an encounter with a mysterious and magical rabbit girl that changes the course of her life, and Alice is introduced to the sublime power of the Lotis Words.
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Yoshino Nako has a saying. "If I'm happy, I can do anything!"

In her sister's place, Nako-chan steals the groom of an arranged (political) marriage and helps them elope. But when the Hayami group starts failing, she must pay the consequence by housing the delinquent brother..
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Chiya bought Michiru to a very interesting cafe on her birthday. Upon eating the customized dessert, she was possessed by a prank-loving witch who intended to bring misfortune to the other ten boys who had also ordered from that day's special menu?!
Join Watanabe in this fun, magical adventure!

Includes a sidestory.
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Seventeen-year-old Chiyuki Matsuoka was born with heart problems, and her doctors say she won't live to see the next snow. Touya is an 18-year-old vampire who hates blood and refuses to make the traditional partnership with a human, whose life-giving blood would keep them both alive for a thousand years.

Note: Author decided to go on hiatus from series for Ouran Koukou Host Club.
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Sakura is a hard working shoujo mangaka who has no time for relationships. She is forced to attend a goukon, where she meets a rude and patronizing doctor. Despite their differences they begin dating. Can she find love with this petulant man?
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Tsuzuki Rika has just started her high school life, hoping to have a "sweet love". But she fell in love with a senpai, who's in love with another girl... no matter how hard she tries, her love is unlikely to be returned... sweet, yet painful adolescent love.
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A collection of short stories:

1. Pink Colored Love
To say you're going out isn't the end of love, but merely the beginning. How far and fast must you run towards one another in order to make things work out?

2. Say I'm Cute
Needless to say, the cute one always wins... right? Or could it be something more than that? A story about love from the heart, rather than from makeup.

3. So Close, I Feel the Warmth of Your Body
When the culture fest comes around, it seems that Maki and Ken can finally make a first memory for the both of them after three months of dating. But then something comes between them that threatens this first precious memory?

4. The Winter Sun
Itsuki has always dreamt of being a part of baseball, but when something causes him to lose sight of his dream, he realizes that some one's been there, encouraging his dream from the very beginning...
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Chigusa Tsukikage holds the rights to the play "The Crimson Goddess," a lost masterpiece that many would love to see brought back to the stage.

Tsukikage, however, won't allow the cherished work to be diminished by an actress who isn't worthy of playing the title role. Fortunately, she has found two young actresses that just might be worthy: Maya Kitajima and Ayumi Himekawa. Though both actresses are exceptionally talented, only one can win the coveted role.
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Keimi is a student at a ballet school. Her sister Chiharu is a famous prima ballerina whose grace shows in every move and expression. How does it feel to be compared to a sister like this? In fact, the girl is very talented. She doesn't practice nearly as much as her classmates, yet her performance is always superb. She dances without any pretension because she has no knowledge of her gift...
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Higashisanjou Ayako is called the queen of Hibarigaoka Academy – she’s smart, beautiful, cool, and practically perfect at everything she does. However, little does everyone know that she has another side to her. One day, Yuzuki Haruka, who everyone calls the king of the academy, finds out Ayako’s secret. Will our queen have a peaceful and perfect life again with her secret in the hands of this little sadistic king?
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From ShoujoMagic:
Story 1: The Indigo-Blue Queen ~The Stage Actress Murder Case~
Riko adores the talented stage actress Katzuki Ichie, who is best known for her performance as "The Indigo-blue Queen," a noble woman who is poisoned. However, Ichie is worth more to some people dead than alive, and she's been receiving anonymous death threats. When the curtain falls on the final show of "The Indigo-blue Queen," Ichie dies as the cryptic threats foretold, and everyone -- including Riko -- is suspect...!?

Story 2: Private Room
Shouko and Aiko Kuramochi are sisters who live alone with their father. Their father gets hospitalized and falls in love with a beautiful doctor... Afterwards the doctor moves in with her beautiful son... Inspite of his beauty Naoyuki is cold and without emotion...
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From Shoujo Manga Maniac:
The main character is named Hikaru. She misses her dead brother and speaks to him in her mind as she begins her first day of high school. Here she has many ordinary adventures.

She becomes fast friends with a girl named Nene, who lets nothing stand in her way and pushes Hikaru to kiss her new crush, Michiya, who reminds her of her brother. He lets her kiss him, which as it turns out is not a good sign. He seems to be a jerk, whose personality is nothing like Hikaru's brother's.

Michiya's best friend Jun warns Hikaru ahead of time. Later, Hikaru finds out the bad side of her new friend Nene. When Hikaru understandably gets upset about this, Nene gets angry at her and tells her to find another friend.
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Kugou and Rokugou, the two guardian fox deities of the Kannushi Shrine, are a couple of troublemakers occupied with eating junk-food, watching anime, and provoking the temper of their bad-mouthed master, Shio. But what happens when they learn of the world outside the temple grounds?
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Kayako Kirishima is almost ready to go off to college but is lonely and unsure of her future. Masami Endo is a girl who has been ostracized and made a social outcast for having an abortion. The two girls meet each other in class one day and become good friends. Gradually Kirishima falls in love with Endo and the relationship becomes more personal.
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Imagine a Neon Genesis Evangelion where choosing the right girl is more important than saving the world! That's the gist of Angelic Days--the hit manga that Eva fans have been waiting for! Based on a popular PC and Playstation 2 game released only in Japan, Angelic Days takes the angst-ridden Eva pilots and sets them in a lighter, brighter world.
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A cafe worker with an icy cold smile; A kouhai who will get attached to you like a puppy; A prince-like person who has erythrophobia (can't stop blushing); and a childhood friend who has suddenly become very good looking... All the best guys around! Who would you choose to spend your night with?

In this volume are the following short stories:

  • Paradise Cafe
    Emi is a girl who works at a cafe full of hot guys. She’s dating Matsuda, the waiter with the number one amount of fans there. Their relationship has to be kept a secret, because who knows what the fangirls might do to her if they found out? And now Emi is worried that Matsuda doesn’t really love her…
    - Aerandria Scans

  • Unlucky Start

  • Maigo no Prince

  • Second Chance

  • Chika Chika Night Sky
    • -- (7.73)
    • 318
    • 6,480
    • 6
    While every other girl appears to like guys, Hanamura Taka is an exception. And then she meets Sakura-kun, a person from her new job... and he asks her to keep a secret for him.
    • -- (8.01)
    • 168
    • 3,864
    This is a collection of eight stories (there are 9 chapters, because story 6 is composed of chapters 6 and 7).

    Story 1: Teased and Stepped On, What Blooms is a Passionate Flower
    Describes the relationship between a girl and her teacher.

    Story 2: Lolita #7
    Features the relationship between two cousins, an older male and a younger girl. One is a teacher, while the other is a student -- both at the same school. When the elder cousin doesn’t come to class for several days, the school administrators send the younger cousin to the elder cousin's home to investigate further.

    Story 3: Song of the Devil

    Story 4: What If?

    Story 5: Happiness

    Story 6: A Room of Clouds (chapters 6 - 7)
    A simple minded girl who tries to live her life the best she can.

    Story 7: Indigo Elegy

    Story 8: Underground Doll
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    Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Short Stories - Volume 1 is the first volume of the short story volumes released along with the shinsōban manga.

    Chibiusa's Picture Diary Chapter 1 - Beware of the Transfer Student
    Chibiusa's Picture Diary Chapter 2 - Beware of Tanabata
    Chibiusa's Picture Diary Chapter 3 - Beware of Cavities
    Chapter 1 - The Melancholy of Mako-chan
    Chapter 2 - Ami-chan's First Love
    Chapter 3 - Rei's and Minako's Girls School Battle?
    The Secret Hammer Price Hall

    Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Short Stories - Volume 2 is the second volume of the short story volumes released along with the shinsōban manga.

    The Lover of Princess Kaguya
    Casablanca Memory
    Parallel Sailor Moon

    (Source: The Sailor Moon Wiki)
    • -- (7.81)
    • 79
    • 2,950
    1-3) Cherish
    Chihiro is starting university where her deceased mother and the man who raised her attended. She wonders what's in store for her in this new chapter of her life, but is almost immediately confronted with her past! Her old boyfriend is back in the country and on top of that, who is the strange man watching her?

    4-5) Happiness
    Akatsu-kun is a young man in love with his work partner, Kayano-san, a pretty and intelligent woman. One day, while Akatsu-kun was shopping in a little store, he saw a little boy who was reading a Playboy magazine, then, Akatsu-kun realized this little boy is Kayano-san's son!!
    • -- (7.94)
    • 92
    • 4,678
    Carl van Hellsing has vowed to hunt down the vampire Elliot for eternity. But, that's exactly what Elliot wants.
    • -- (7.81)
    • 129
    • 3,845
    • 2
    Yanagisawa Aiku is the president of the flower-arranging club. In order to save her club from being closed down, she agrees to go out with Hosaka Ryousei, the extremely handsome president of the student council. However, the only problem is that Ryousei is always in love with one girl after another. Aiku is just another girl to him... or is she?
    • -- (7.51)
    • 105
    • 3,418
    • 3
    • -- (7.95)
    • 40
    • 2,287
    One day a young woman sees the man of her dreams.
    • -- (7.88)
    • 128
    • 5,856
    During the Meiji period, this story centers around an unsuccessful science fiction author who masquerades as the dead son of an industrial magnate. With his new family's riches, he creates a fantastical island to satisfy his desires.

    In his manga adaptation of The Strange Tale of Panorama Island (Panorama-Tou Kidan), Maruo strays from his usual style of explicit gore while maintaining his trademark: elaborate, elegant art.

    Sprawling, overwhelming landscapes, a diverse range of uniquely designed characters, and even scenes distorted grotesquely for effect are captured with ease by the talented and experienced mangaka.

    Panorama Toukitan received the 2009 Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize for New Artist.
    • -- (8.43)
    • 475
    • 7,990
    • 2
    Satoyama Katsuki is a carefree 15 year-old high school kid, and a pretty lazy one at that. However, he secretly has a crush on a girl who happens to share his name: Mizutani Katsuki. Upon finding out that Mizutani's father used to be a pro-boxer, and she herself infatuated with the sport, he reluctantly joins a boxing gym in order to impress Mizutani. Satoyama is quick to find out he may have the blood of a genius boxer running through his veins...
    • -- (0.00)
    • 14
    • 1,104
    Kentaro and Takeshi are two freshmen who are periodically called upon to transform themselves into monster-battling superheroes, complete with capes and armor... but there's much more than meets the eye...
    • -- (7.84)
    • 65
    • 2,644
    A touching story of a doctor who wanted to help people even though he became a vampire.
    • -- (8.06)
    • 142
    • 4,824
    • 1
    Classic short stories from Takahashi Rumiko. Many are comedies.

    Volume 1:
    "Fire Tripper" (fantasy, romance)
    A gas explosion sends high school girl Suzuko and toddler Shuu 500 years into the past. But she lost Shuu on the way, and as a result, Shuu ended up in the past 10 years before her, and is 15 years old when Suzuko arrives.
    "Maris the Chojo" (comedy, sci-fi)
    A destructive alien policewoman sees a kidnapped quadrillionaire as her ticket out of debt.
    "Those Selfish Aliens" (comedy, fantasy)
    Aliens, the government, and fishmen implant bombs in a poor paperboy.
    "Time Warp Trouble" (fantasy)
    Warriors from feudal Japan inexplicably pop into a high-school classroom.
    "The Laughing Target" (drama, romance, supernatural, tragedy)
    When they were children, Yuzuru Shiga and his cousin Azusa Shiga were engaged. Azusa aims to make sure that Yuzuru stays hers, no matter what, but Azusa also has a dark secret...

    Volume 2:
    "Wasted Minds (Dust Spot)" (adventure, comedy, fantasy)
    Follows a pair of two bickering government agents, both of whom have special abilities. (A five-part mini-series)
    "The Golden Gods of Poverty" (gag comedy)
    An unfortunate boy's scientist parents try to use him to make money, but they only succeed in contacting the Seven Lucky Gods, who happen to also be broke.
    "The Entrepreneurial Spirit"
    A woman leads seminars for a get-rich quick scheme.

    Volume 3:
    "That Darn Cat" (slice of life)
    Takahashi Rumiko remembers having to take care of her neighbor's cat.
    "When My Eyes Got Wings"
    A couple befriend a sickly child with a secret and his destructive pet bird.
    "Wedded Bliss" (comedy, romance)
    A wedded couple can only let out their tension from working all day by fighting with one another, until their neighbors threaten to have them moved.
    "Sleep and Forget"
    A girl relives a past life involving her lover and an evil witch back from the dead in the form of a dog.
    "A Cry for Help"
    A fairy gives a boy a frightening split personality thanks to the wind-up key she inserts in his neck.
    "War Council"
    Student councils go to war with one another over a stamp.
    "The Face Pack"
    A man can change his appearance at will and leads a "masters of disguise" club.

    Viz Media Out of Print editions. ISBN below for Official English Print
    Vol 1: 9781947804739
    Vol 2: 9781569311943
    Vol 3: 9781569312063
    • -- (7.94)
    • 273
    • 4,940
    The third World War is nearing. Each super power country is going through a communications war to prepare for it, a war to obtain the top profiles' information of enemy countries using the Russian's secret weapon BEAR, China's Hao Long, and the United State's Confidential Assasination Troop, a.k.a. CAT.
    • -- (8.60)
    • 1,416
    • 22,761
    • 4
    Watanuki Kimihiro is haunted by visions of ghosts and spirits. Seemingly by chance, he encounters a mysterious witch named Yuuko, who claims she can help. In desperation, he accepts, but realizes that he's just been tricked into working for Yuuko in order to pay off the cost of her services. Soon he's employed in her little shop- a job which turns out to be nothing like his previous work experience!

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