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My avatar is from here: Pashiri na Boku to Koi suru Banchou, Chapter 24, Page 9

I like the idea of proofreading for scanlation groups, but I don't like the idea of working with a group that accepts monetary donations.

In my view, if people have money to burn, they should send it only towards the authors/artists who made the manga.
Not towards scanlation groups.

The only groups I'll work for are groups where I know for a fact that everyone else in the group is doing it on a voluntary basis and not receiving monetary compensation.

In other words, I will gladly work for free, but only if every other member of the group is also working for free. I don't want to volunteer my time just to see someone else profit off my freely given labor.

Other than proofreading, I may also be able to translate [Jap to Eng] in some cases. Especially if it's not a massive amount of text.

PM me if you're in search of a proofreader or translator. My English ability is decent (read: native-level) since I was born and raised in America (USA). Don't message me if you're just another profiteering scanlation group.