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A series of three manga tankōbon released between 1983 and 1997 that collect several one-shots written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama. The stories were originally published in various Shueisha magazines between 1978 and 1994.
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After her grandfather's death, Mikura chose to continue their island express courier service. With her seaplane and her adventurous cat, Endeavor, she lives life as she chooses. Soon, Mikura becomes very interested in a mysterious island that seems to move around, according to local legend. After some extensive effort to determine the island's whereabouts, she manages to get a brief glimpse of it from the sky. Now that she knows it's real, she's determined to find the island again, no matter what it takes.
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Losing a loved one is so painful that one may sometimes wish to be able to resurrect them—a weakness that the enigmatic Millennium Earl exploits. To make his mechanical weapons known as "Akuma," he uses the souls of the dead that are called back. Once a soul is placed in an Akuma, it is trapped forever, and the only way to save them is to exorcise them from their vessel using the Anti-Akuma weapon, "Innocence."

After spending three years as the disciple of General Cross, Allen Walker is sent to the Black Order—an organization comprised of those willing to fight Akuma and the Millennium Earl—to become an official Exorcist. With an arm as his Innocence and a cursed eye that can see the suffering souls within an Akuma, it's up to Allen and his fellow Exorcists to stop the Millennium Earl's ultimate plot: one that can lead to the destruction of the world.
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Meet Kobato Hanato, a sweet and rather simple young girl on a quest to have her single, dearest wish granted. But first, she must learn the ways of the world from Ioryogi-san, a gruff blue dog whose bark is just as bad as his bite! Under his “tutelage” (read: constant verbal abuse), Kobato puts her efforts into passing various trials of common sense so that she may obtain the key to getting her wish—a magic bottle which must be filled with the suffering of wounded hearts that Kobato herself has healed. But with Kobato’s common sense sorely lacking, she keeps flunking Ioryogi-san’s trials left and right! It looks like the road that lies ahead of Kobato will be a long one indeed!
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While trying to bury the body of his mother deep in the woods, high school student Yuri is approached by a strange girl who offers to help him. That is... if he promises to be her "parent killing assistant." Meet Anne Freaks, a bright, attractive teenage girl normal in every way - except that she's on a mission to kill her father, the leader of the dangerous extremist cult: the Kakusei Group.
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Himeno Awayuki is a high school student who's having trouble adjusting to her new lifestyle. Her mother past away when she was a child, and her father Kaoru married the richest woman in town, Natuse. Kaoru always seems to take Natuse's side, and Natuse's two daughters aren't too fond of Himeno. Himeno's new life changes when she takes a shortcut to school and runs into a young boy, who takes her to a magical world on the brink of extinction. This world needs the help of a magical princess called the Pretear, who happens to be Himeno herself.
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By the order of Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa, ten ninja from the Iga and the Kouga clans must fight to the death in order to determine who will be the next Tokugawa Shogun, with the surviving clan ruling for the next thousand years. But Oboro of the Iga clan and Gennosuke of the Kouga clan have fallen deeply in love. Now these star-crossed lovers have been pitted against each other. Can their romance conquer a centuries-old rivalry? Or is their love destined to end in death?

Note: Won the Kodansha Manga Award in the category "Best General Manga" in 2004.

Dwa wielkie klany, Iga i Kouga, pochodzące z jednego rodu, zawsze walczyły o dominację w kraju. Po latach względnie dobrych stosunków muszą ponownie wkroczyć na ścieżkę wojenną, by wybrać nowego szoguna - zastępcę Ieyasu Tokugawa. Jednak, aby ograniczyć niepotrzebne ofiary, decydują się na wybranie dwudziestu najlepszych, którzy mają stanąć do walki na śmierć i życie. Mimo to, stare waśnie odżywają z zaskakującą siłą...

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Once every 100 years, a Water Fairy implants an egg into a person who then becomes the Guardian of Fairies. This time, the responsibility falls on Chagum, the second prince of the New Yogo Kingdom.

Chagum's life isn't easy. The king finds Chagum an inconvenience and attempts to have him killed. As a result, the queen asks a female guard, Balsa, to protect Chagum. In addition to this, beings from another world, known as Nayugu, constantly attack him in order to eat the egg carried in Chagumu's body.
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A tranquil tale about two boys from very different upbringings. On one hand you have Kai, born as the son of a prostitute, who's been playing the abandoned piano in the forest near his home ever since he was young. And on the other you have Syuhei, practically breast-fed by the piano as the son of a family of prestigious pianists. Yet it is their common bond with the piano that eventually intertwines their paths in life.

Piano no Mori won a Grand Prize from 2008 [12th] Japan Media Arts Festival.
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Walking home from school one day, Noriko is innocently caught up in a terrorist bombing. Rather than being blown to bits, she finds herself transported to another world; a world in which darkness seems on the rise, as its powers desperately search for a being known as the Awakening whom it is said will awaken the Sky Demon. She finds this new world to be dangerous and overwhelming, and Noriko has little choice but to throw her lot in with the mysteriously powerful man she encounters upon her arrival. The enigma of this world and her role in it will gradually unfold, but first things first: Noriko must learn their language!

In 2004, this manga won the 35th annual Seiun Award for best science fiction comic.
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A young boy named Yugo Hachiken aspires to live apart from his family. He enrolls in an agriculture school, one which requires its students to live in dormitories. He thinks that with his talent for studying, no problems will arise no matter what kind of school he goes to. But he is soon forced to discover the inconvenient truth about agricultural life. Enjoy the story of Hachiken as he tries to keep up with his friends, farmers' heirs who are already accustomed to a hardworking farm life.

Won the 5th Manga Taishō Award's Grand Prize in 2012.
Won the 58th Shogakukan Manga Award in the Shounen category in 2012.
Won the first Japan Food Culture Contents Award in 2013.
Nominated for the 19th annual Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 2015.
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Yona is the sole princess of the kingdom, living the luxurious and carefree life as a princess should. She has it all: the finest clothes and cosmetics, the most divine sweets, a loving emperor as a father, and the hottest cousin crush, Soo-won, anyone could ever hope to have. Now, if only her bodyguard, Son Hak, wasn't so annoying to her and her hair wasn't so red.

But her nearly perfect world quickly shatters as the man she loves, Soo-wong, murders her father and the path to his ascension to the throne is assured. Son Hak escapes with Yona, and they lead a life on the run from that point on.

See AnimeNewsNetwork for the anime.
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In the immediate future, a giant meteorite has collided with earth. All living organisms, including mankind, have been wiped off the face of the planet. The government, who had foreseen this outcome, took measures to counter the worst-case scenario. In particular was Project “7 SEEDS”, in which five sets of seven gifted young men and women were carefully selected and placed into teams (Spring, Summer A, Summer B, Autumn and Winter). Each participant was then put under cryogenic sleep in hope of preserving the continued existence of mankind.

When those men and women awoke, they found themselves suddenly thrust into a cruel world. While bereft and grieved over forever losing their loved ones, they sought to find ways to survive.

Russian / Русский

7 Seeds won the 2007 Shogakukan Manga Award for shoujo manga.
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Sakis, the Scion and Godslayer, gets entangled in a deadly incident when an unknown ship enters Lagoonarian airspace. After uncovering explosives along with the seeds of Abomination, Sakis begins a quest to uncover the mysteries surrounding the Ancient Gods!
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In an alchemical ritual gone wrong, Edward Elric lost his arm and his leg, and his brother Alphonse became nothing but a soul in a suit of armor. Equipped with mechanical "auto-mail" limbs, Edward becomes a state alchemist, seeking the one thing that can restore his brother and himself... the legendary Philosopher's Stone

Russian / Русский
Маленькие мальчики, Эдвард и Альфонс, всегда интересовались алхимией. Впрочем, чем же им ещё увлекаться, если их отец — потрясающий алхимик? И любая задача казалась им выполнимой, если, конечно, приложить все усилия и что-то отдать взамен. Поэтому, когда умерла мама, дети не отчаялись, а тотчас приступили к сложнейшему обряду — к преобразованию человека. Но это категорически запрещено! И, как оказалось, не напрасно. Цена за неудавшуюся попытку оказалась очень высока: у Альфонса забирают тело, а у Эдварда — ногу. В последний момент Эд отдаёт свою руку в обмен на возможность прикрепить душу Ала к доспеху. Вы думаете, что их жизни на этом закончились? Нет! Теперь у них есть другая цель — вернуть свои прежние тела. А что в мире алхимиков даёт возможность свершать любые преобразования? Конечно, философский камень! Приключения Эда и Ала только начинаются!

Won the 49th Shogakukan Manga Award in the Shounen category.
Won the 15th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Award New Artist Prize.
Won the Seiun Award for Best Comic of the Year in 2011.
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Kippei Katakura is a 17-year-old playboy who spends his time chasing girls, careless of their feelings. But when his 5-year-old cousin Yuzuyu comes to live with his family after her mother's sudden disappearance, Kippei is put in charge of taking care of her. As Kippei gets to know Yuzuyu and starts to understand how she feels, he also begins to realize that all girls were like Yuzuyu once...

See AnimeNewsNetwork for the anime.
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Set in the Edo period, Mononoke tells the story of a supernatural horror that lays siege to an aristocratic household, and of a mysterious apothecary who seeks to uncover the ugly truths that gave rise to the monstrosity in order to vanquish it before it destroys them all.
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A man marries an alien. Wackiness ensues.
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London, 1888 A.D. The entire city is consumed by fear of a serial killer known only as Jack the Ripper. He mutilates female prostitutes with extreme brutality. However, his victims hide a terrifying secret and Jack’s destiny is to continue hunting them down
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In the far future, war has destroyed the entire Earth, leaving only a barren wasteland called Sand Land where the supply of water is controlled by the greedy king. In search of a long-lost lake, Sheriff Rao asked the king of the demons for help... and got the king's son, Beelzebub, and his assistant, Thief. Together the unlikely trio sets off across the desert, facing dragons, bandits, and the deadliest foe of all... the King's Army itself! It's travel adventure and tank action in this new story from the creator of Dragon Ball!
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Hassaku’s grandfather loved and collected beautiful things. After his grandfather passed away, wandering painter Hassaku inherited his grandfather’s house. The house is supposed to be empty, but instead it is inhabited by two beautiful siblings, Soyogo, an erotic novelist, and his younger sister, who is his model. Until his grandfather's funeral service is over, Hassaku will have to live with the eccentric pair...

Included oneshot: Dirge
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In the spring of her second year in high school, Asuka sees Masami playing Japanese drums in a festival, and she falls in love with him. However, Masami is deaf, and he has locked his heart in a world without sound. And thus, the two's melancholic love miracle quietly begins. This is a pure love story in the middle of summer that will make your heart ache.

French :
Durant le printemps de sa terminale, Asuka tombe amoureuse de Masami aprés l'avoir vu jouer du tambour lors d'un festival. Mais Masami est sourd et enfermé dans son propre monde, il a fermé son coeur. C'est ainsi que débute une histoire d'amour atypique entre silence et battement de tambour....ou de coeur.
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Rena Sakura is a high-school student with a secret: she's a professional mangaka. And although she's never been on a date, that doesn't stop her from drawing steamy shojo scenes for ChaMi magazine. But when the gorgeous Tomoya Okita finds out her secret, she finds herself asking him out to get some real-life experience in love!

Includes the following oneshots:

1. Magic Lesson (Magical Project) in v.1
A girl uses her magic to transform her dog into a human boy.

2. Bewildered Princess in v.2
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Meet Takeru, an ordinary boy who's always bullied because of his lack of self-confidence. What will happen when one day two mysterious girls show up in his room seeking shelter from a group of blood-thirsty thugs? Discover the changes in Takeru's life after meeting two girls that are definitely more than what meets the eye in Bakuretsu Tenshi.

Bakuretsu Tenshi: Angel's Adolescence is a prequel to the anime Bakuretsu Tenshi.