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I'm just a casual User, I only consume manga and hope that i'll become a developer in MangaDex if possible, but first i need to finish my studies in Computer Science.
I started watching anime in Winter 2018 and got interested in isekai (do i have Peter Pan Syndrome ??? maybe because i tend to place myself in the mc a lot)

then a guy introduced me to manga reading:
"Hey, why don't you read some manga ?" he said
then i looked at him surprised and said "....................... yeah, sure"
Since I loved isekai at that time, and there is a lot of isekai manga produced by these beloved mangakas. It was at this moment that i discovered MangaDex, and was surprised by Why this site shows no ads...

but then, the moment i watched and read things other than isekai, i tended to psychological anime and manga. But I'm not satisfied of my current situation, because my analysis capacity, when watching an anime or reading a manga, is not developed yet.

I have that dream that i know i wont reach, that maybe one day, I'll make my own manga.......
and also another dream is to start watching One Piece :p