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In one room of a mansion there stands a large gacha. Inside the gacha are a large number of capsules that contain real women. "One spin will cost 50,000 yen. The woman that will come out will already be holding affection for you. However, what kind of relationship it will be is up to you to determine."

Alt raw: https://comic-trail.jp/series/kanojyogacha
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Shirayuri Jogakuin.
This is a super prestigious school where a young lady of a venerable family goes.
There is a boy, Tanaka Kyosuke (17) who received a spy technology & gifted education from his grandfather and succeeded in transferring into Shirayuri Jogakuin.
One man in a woman's garden.
His harem life has just begun to fulfill his ambition to live such a harem high school life!
Will he be able to enjoy high school life without revealing his identity?

Due to the author's circumstances, this manga is in an indefinite hiatus.