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Tsukinaga meets a new student attempting to reach her shoe locker; demonstrating her athletic ability she grabs the slippers with her feet! That's not all as Komurai Komura introduces herself to the class by writing her name with her foot! An acrobatic barefoot love comedy has just begun!
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Mikado High School trains the best students to be the best mercenary bodyguards. But Morito Hayama, a merc escort student with no rank whatsoever, is suddenly assigned to guard a person so highly valued that no escort has ever survived before. Will his subject survive the experience? Will he survive?!

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A murderous intent without form attacks the yakuza!

In the declining yakuza society, the elites bridge the barriers between their organizations and hold a meeting to decide how they will survive as yakuza. In the midst of their excitement, the footsteps of an invisible pair draw closer, bringing the stench of violence with them!
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Inudzuka Taromaru is a first year high school student who looks like a delinquent. One evening, while he's at his part-time job, he ends up with a white-feathered arrow through his head! He's told that this arrow means he has been chosen as the sacrifice for "Inugami-Hime," who lives on top of the nearby mountain. However, this mysterious "Inugami-Hime" turns out to be a cute girl who has chosen him to be her servant, not her sacrifice. Their life together is just beginning! [tethysdust]
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What if real life could "glitch"?

Reika and Yoko, two students, wander in a huge building, a real never-ending labyrinth defying imagination. Their only clue: a mysterious message on a low table, signed by Tagami, a famous video game creator, who seems to know more about this place.

What is the real nature of this place ? Why are Reika and Yoko humanity's only hope?

  • Nominated for the 9th Manga Taisho Award in 2016.
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    Shouta's an otaku who's only love in the world is manga. One day, he happens to wish for one of his favorite character, Nagihara Sora, to be by his side...and so she does! But what is he to do when he finds that his gentle and weak Sora has turned out to be a violent gou-dere (an unstoppable force that does whatever she pleases for her master, out of her love for her master) who views the world as a ero-game to be conquered for his sake?
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    A right-wing nationalist series. Follows the main character, a middle school girl, who encounters an anti-Korean demonstration and “discovers” the “truth” that the mainstream media hide about the oppression of Japanese people by the Korean minority. The anti-Korean demonstration Tomita depicts are similar to those organized by Zaitokukai in reality, and many counter-demonstrators who protest them are also said to be based on real anti-fascist activists.
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    From Antisense Scanslations:
    A collection of four short stories.

    The One-Eyes Cry on Thursday:
    "IT HURTS! IT HURTS!" "I'M SCARED!" "NO! NO! NO!" This seems to be all that Jun and Haruka hear from the One-Eyes every Thursday since they were small. The One-Eyes cling and follow their hosts, leaking worries and fears, but Jun refuses to interfere and even though Haruka wants to help, he is always talked out of it by Jun. Why are they the only ones able to see the One-Eyes?

    Goodbye My Sweet Crane:
    Maki always says that no one ever taught her anything. Her mother disappeared when she was young and then the only other adult in her life, her grandmother, passed away. When her college boyfriend dumps her, her neighbor Nao who took care of her during her childhood, gives her a special box "that gives you important things from your own memories." But all she finds in it is a single red marble. Is Nao teasing with her, or is something more magical going on?

    To You Without a Face:
    Ever since Sumi was a child she's been called all sorts of names because of the birthmark on her face. Feeling bitter, she wished her twin brother, Natsumi, would lose his face and experience what she feels. Now, in middle school, Sumi's wish has finally been granted.

    Working Ghouls:
    Kouno died while trying to save his dad's cat, Mimi, and became a ghost. So much for his dad's educated insistence that ghosts aren't real! What's worse is that Kouno is now trying to be a professional ghost but can't appear before people and needs to learn how. Meanwhile the company "Working Ghoul" gets a job at a musical fundraiser. The job? To protect his dad from a premeditated crime against him.
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    A Dangerous USA weapon called "Auto doll" was created for the purpose to combat the war on terror and replace human soldiers. The Auto Doll calls herself "Plug" and a Japanese talent agent scouts her as #1 Japanese Idol! As they go through trials in order to become the best Idol in Japan. Opposing organizations attempt to dispose of Plug!
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    This prequel to Kakegurui is set a year before the main story's events, and is centered around Saotome Mary. Saotome, a bright young girl born into an ordinary family, has passed her transfer examinations and has started to attend Hyakkaou Private Academy. It's an elite school with an exquisite twist - gambling has become a central part of the school's rules. Saotome adapts quickly to the school's outlandish system, and soon succumbs to the gambling mania that she comes to be known for. Original series: Kakegurui.
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    The human race has spread its roots into the far reaches of the Universe. In Space Era 0156, war breaks out between the different colonies that inhabit Space. The Earth colony begins to construct a new space battleship, Tiramisu, in secret... And it falls to a certain ace pilot to commandeer it as a beacon of hope for humanity.

    Despite this serious-sounding premise, Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu is a science fiction gag comedy that follows the everyday life of Ichinose Subaru, ace pilot of the Tiramisu. Since he can't get used to being surrounded by older pilots, Subaru regularly shuts himself up in the cockpit of his personal ship, Durandal.
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    One day, a blue moon appeared, and all the cities and most of the people disappeared. Now the children that have been born since then are 13! The tale of the strange and slightly painful days of three middle school girls in the countryside.
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    Higasa Sachi draws manga, but keeps it hidden from her classmates and acts like a model student. Alice Toyozaki is openly otaku, draws manga in class, and is bullied by her classmates. One day Sachi stands up for Alice and is consequently invited to the manga research club.
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    So you're a high-school student and love your teacher. Why? Well, big boobs, nice ass, etc. However, your “sister” loves you. Almost seems like a story with no end. Problems arise as expected and such, but what if your teacher that you love and your sister’s soul interchanged and switched bodies. Which one will you love now?
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    The Scissor Sisters are a family of hair-dressers who work for a secret organization devoted to protecting the Earth's inhabitants from the Datsuumo, aliens that feed on human hair.
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    Delinquent guy goes to ex-all-girls school and becomes a sex toy for a rich princess.