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After being abandoned by first her father then her mother, Yuu has become a girl who refuses to get close to anyone. There is one girl, however, who won't leave Yuu alone. The energetic, popular Ayumu inexplicably can't resist approaching Yuu at every opportunity. Will Ayumu be able to break down the walls that Yuu has created around herself?

This oneshot can be found in Yuri Hime Vol.14 2008 Autumn.
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Continuation from .traeH. After became a friend, finally Yuu visits Ayumu's home for the first time and learns that she lives alone. What follows is a story of holding on to the past and learning to move forward.
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Hanatsu Yaya's "Our Future" is a dark story about a pair of twins.

(A short side story, "Sawashiro Hinako's Future" was published in Sayuri Hime)
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Daigo wants to be a hero, but his father, who was once the ace of the Japanese handball team, is now a bum who loses all of their money in gambling. His father visits a coach and asks him to take care of Daigo, because he got into debt and is running from the yakuza. The coach thinks Daigo's an outstanding talent and is thrilled at the prospect of coaching him, and sends his daughter to go pick him up. Daigo then ends up living with the coach and his daughter. What will happen now?
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Tsuki is beginning her first year at a high school far from home. More than romance, she's just interested in making friends. The first friend she makes, Nobara, is a standoffish and secretive girl - but why do her tears look like candy?
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The misadventures of a high school hockey club featuring a student who has returned to Japan after playing hockey in Canada.