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a teenage girl who loves shoujo mangas and games, also scanlating in her free time.

a student who love utaites, love cute stuffs, love to live inside her own small world with a mug of hot chocolate, a thick and fluffy warm blanket, and adorably tasty sweet desserts.
also, psst, an army.

"You deserve someone who knows, there is stardust in your veins and that you are the sun—and the sun does not shine because someone else wants it to. It shines because that is what it was born to do."
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Kamiya Yuiko, a girl who can see ayakashi and is unable die. Because of this, she spends her days alone, drifting apart from family and friends. Her life changes when she meets the so called "Demon Club", a number of boys possessing mysterious powers. A town that is protected by demons; a story of a fantasy school life begins to unfold.
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Yoo Hanra: on the verge of giving up her life due to her misfortunes, she is granted another chance through the an invitation to the mysterious Zero Game. Win? She'll be able to create a second life the exact way she wants it to be. And lose? And she'll die for good. With a shaky new partnership, skills to learn, and enemies chasing after her, she must find a way to finish all of the levels and meet the Operator to finally get the life that she wants.


A fantasy/drama story that follows a young girl as she participates in a survival game with the prize being a chance to rebuild her life to be better than the one she had. And the price of failure being her death.
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Due to a false charge, Felicia Suwarose got her engagement with His Highness annulled and was expelled from school. There’s nothing but misunderstandings all around her, but the person herself only wants a rose-coloured commoner’s life. It’s a story about characters from “Nation’s Saviour Lady Rose”, an otome game from her previous life.
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The poor daughter of the Marquis, Teresse, who has been striving to save money day and night, was suddenly informed that she will be one of the “Grand Duke's Consort Candidate”.

“Being a poor aristocrat such as myself, becoming a consort candidate is impossible for me”– is how I should kindly refuse, but...

“Every candidate will be granted 100,000 peir.”
“Employment as a court lady or lady attendant.”

"Those generous conditions!?"

“I can be a court lady that I’ve always longed for!” Teresse thought. And with this in mind, she decided to head to the palace as a “Grand Duke's Consort Candidate”.

However, what awaits her in the palace is a war with self-indulgent young ladies and other consort candidates! Will Teresse be appointed as a court lady or will she stand out from the rest as the Grand Duke's Consort!?
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On a dark winter night, a young boy was cursed and a young girl had sinned.
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My fiancé betrayed me and married a nobleman’s daughter. Furthermore, I, Cecil died at the age of 18 after suffering from a cold.
“I will absolutely live my life as freely as I want!”
From then on, 500 years has passed. Cecil, who was reborn as Lizz, lived with her memories of her previous life and with the help of her mysterious powers.
One day, Lizz, who was commoner, was discovered and became a saint.
But, "my lover who betrayed me" appeared in front of her!
“Let’s become a novelist!” The rising popular novel has been commercialized. ☆
Magic? I don’t have that. Social status? Commoner. But I’ll do whatever I want with my second life!

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Acting cold while pampering you, that's a tsun-sweet boyfriend.
My dishonest boyfriend always teases me a little, then spoils me a lot. Living with such a boyfriend, my life is full of surprises but overflowing with happiness...!
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I'm writing to you again today as a friend with trust and love. I hope that when you receive this letter, you will think of me. Whenever I remember you, I am filled with such longing, agony, and affection.

Romance Sonata - A collection of short love stories.

Story #1 - Rowen's Red Roofed House
Story #2 - Gift
Story #3 - Andvas' Treasure
Story #4 - Loss and Love
Story #5 - Milky Dragon
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One evening, ordinary OL Narumiya Maika suddenly found herself in another world. While attempting to find a way back home, she somehow ended up becoming a castle servant for reasons she could not fathom. The country's young king is even less fathomable, constantly proposing to her to despite her own firm rejections and lack of qualifications. This king protects his nation with the mysterious "Power of Salvation" and doesn't listen to others in his own optimism; but, for Maika, the King's doting is too frustrating. (from MangaUpdates)
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I was reborn as a Viscount's daughter, Cecil, in a very unexpected otome game where all of the love interests are Yanderes. However, Cecil, being the rival character in the game, was killed in every route by the chosen love interest. Furthermore, wishing to have a long life, Cecil meets Ashley who will be her servant and... he's one of the Yandere love interests...?!

Original Novel
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Whether it be for illness or injury, the doctor's medicinal bath was the glory of the Moon Flower Kingdom. During the Crown Prince's Keiun's regional inspection, right in front of Keiun's eyes, a shocking "suture surgery" was successfully completed by a young girl named Koyou!

A conspiracy flying around, suspicious beliefs, and deep rooted traditions... Together with reassuring friends, Medical Doctor Koyou, and Crown Prince Keiun will confront various challenges and deal with their country's national disaster!

A Chinese styled-imperial medicine Fantasy!
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The daughter of the marquis, Lady Edilene, the well-known “Perfect Lady”, is actually a former princess of what was once a great nation called Cedentaria. While dreaming of the revival of her home country, she who puts on the mask of the “Perfect Lady”, somehow got a marriage proposal from Prince Schwartz. The wicked Prince Schwartz, who has the persona of the “Ideal Prince”, hinted that he knows who is the traitor behind the fall of her beloved country.

And in exchange for that information, he offered a proposal. What is the fate of Edilene who’s wrapped around the wicked prince’s finger…!?
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From the beginning, the poor House of Earl Randall had a daughter named Rina.

Their lands had been suffering due to the harsh weather in the recent years that caused their harvests to be poor. Additionally, the girl’s kind-hearted father got scammed that plunged them further into poverty.

But one day, Rina was forced to attend the evening ball where the 3rd Prince’s, Prince Gilbert's fiancée will be chosen. However, she felt like she didn’t belong there so she decided that she would leave and go home right away after catching a glimpse of the Prince…. But what lied ahead of those cheers of noble ladies, that dazzling light was…?!
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One day, I, Minakami Sakura, fell into the bath and when I realized it, I was on an unfamiliar bed! Even though I was misunderstood by the room owner and had a crisis of chastity after that, but because the other party is a dead-strike handsome knight, I was inadvertently eaten deliciously on the spot.♡

Popular web novel departs!

Female college student Sakura trips into a different world with just one bath towel and meets a stubborn and serious captain. A pure love story starting with a misunderstanding and a dogeza. Finally! Let's begin the show!