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Anata no pantsu nan senchi?
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Futaba Igarashi is a diminutive office lady who finds that her towering and boisterous work senpai Harumi Takeda always gets in her hair, but he always has her back, he always keeps her company, and she starts noticing that her heart is slowly veering towards him...

1st place of Tsugi Manga Awards, Category Webmanga (2018)
8th place of Web Manga Sousenkyo (2018)

  • Comic pixiv: https://comic.pixiv.net/works/4862
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    Somehow, when I woke up in the morning ... I found myself in a strange world with a strange girl !?

    This is definitely Different World Summoning!!
    It's the Beginning of My Exciting Adventurer Life ...I thought
    But... "I couldn't speak a single word!"

    The summoner is a cute demon lord (maybe) !?
    Use gestures because we don't understand each other words
    Another World Communication Love Comedy !!

    Kisah dua sejoli yang tidak bisa saling mengerti.

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    Do you like girls who would show you their panties even if they look disgusted?
    Super rich, a genius, and good at all kinds of sports.
    A man who had no interest in the opposite sex had suddenly gained an urge to see panties one day.
    The maid of his house, a junior high school girl classmate, an onee-san from the bookstore-- He's not going to stop until he sees their panties!
    A genius who is serious about seeing panties goes full throttle! The “flag” breaking type of comedy doesn’t stop!
    "I want to see some panties!"

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    Zagan is feared as an evil mage, he is awkward and has a sharp tongue, and once again had to put down thieves that encroached on his territory when he was researching that morning. In a dark auction, he finds a white slave elf, Nephie, who holds a peerless beauty. Falling in love with her at first sight, he uses his fortune to buy her, but as poor as he is socially, he doesn’t understand how to connect with her. Thus, the clumsy cohabitation of the mage that can’t convey his love, and the slave that pines for her master but doesn’t understand how to bring it up, begins.


    Portuguese / Português:

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  • Seiga nicovideo (Alternate Raw)
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    Ashida Mamoru is a god-tier manga assistant but his habit of turning authors lazy has left him without a job. Luckily, one of his classmates from university happens to have a little sister who is a serialised manga author in need of an assistant.

    This author, however, needs some... handy stimulation to work.

    Will Mamoru be able to keep it civil and professional? Is such a notion even possible in the first place under those conditions?

    Author's Twitter: @gotokuayashi
    author fanbox: https://igarashiyui.fanbox.cc/
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    The profession of a calm and calm wife... a killer!?
    But my life with my wife who can't kill her emotions in front of her husband is exciting in many ways ♪
    I want to be loved enough to be killed by my bride. Married killer's love comedy!

    Bahasa Indonesia
    Cerita komedi cinta dari seorang istri pembunuh.

    Portuguese / Português:
    Minha esposa é uma assassina, mas diferente do que todo mundo pensa, o maior adversário dela é demonstrar as emoções que ela perdeu no seu trabalho.

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  • Seiga
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    What happens when the hero arrives at the castle of the general of the demons and knows that they wouldn't be able to defeat it? She cries and is comforted by the general of demons himself!

    Original manga by Hamachon 「ハマちょん」
    (Link to Artist's Pixiv | Twitter)

    Buy the physical volumes:
    Suruga-ya (compatible with most package forwarders)


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    After saving the world, the strongest hero who has no place to go anywhere · Leo. Power that is too strong can not enter the peaceful world …… Such a place of employment where he arrived – the former enemy, the Magus army! The 2nd Kakuyomukon

  • Original Web Novel (Raw)
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    Kanaruzawa Sekai, "The Goddess Who Lived A Thousand Years", is a beautiful goddess with silver hair and red eyes. She's pompous and learned, yet knows little of the world around her. Despite her childish appearance she can tolerate alcohol and tobacco, and spends her days in her mansion reading books. Offered to her as a "living sacrifice" is high school student Kirishima Yuuki. As he was told she'd grant him one thing in exchange for being the sacrifice, Kirishima said this: "Kanaruzawa Sekai-san, marry me."And so, they start to live their life together, but...Their days of peace and love soon became disrupted, as the world began to crumble due to a terrifying secret. A hilariously pure (and everlasting) love story begins here! The manga adaptation of the light novel "Monku no Tsukeyou ga Nai Love Comedy!"

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  • Seiga nicovideo (Alternate Raw)
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    The story of the Devil who picked up an Angel's child.
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    Sawari likes to harass her childhood friend, Kiyoto. Sexually.
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    Based on the classic 'Les Misérables' by Victor Hugo.

    Introducing one of the most famous characters in literature, Jean Valjean—the noble peasant imprisoned for stealing a loaf of bread—Les Misérables ranks among the greatest novels of all time. In it, Victor Hugo takes readers deep into the Parisian underworld, immerses them in a battle between good and evil, and carries them to the barricades during the uprising of 1832 with a breathtaking realism that is unsurpassed in modern prose. Within his dramatic story are themes that capture the intellect and the emotions: crime and punishment, the relentless persecution of Valjean by Inspector Javert, the desperation of the prostitute Fantine, the amorality of the rogue Thénardier, and the universal desire to escape the prisons of our own minds. Les Misérables gave Victor Hugo a canvas upon which he portrayed his criticism of the French political and judicial systems, but the portrait that resulted is larger than life, epic in scope—an extravagant spectacle that dazzles the senses even as it touches the heart.

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    My first time in America, and my first time living with someone else. If it's the two of us, anything will become enjoyable! A charming tale of friendship between a Japanese woman and her Muslim roommate.

    Satoko, a Japanese student studying in America has a new roommate: a Saudi Arabian woman named Nada! They might have different customs, but through mutual respect--and the hilarious adventures of their daily life--Satoko and Nada prove that friendship knows no borders.

    [Description taken from raw site and vol.1 back cover]
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    The Socialist Republic of Coldona. A socialist nation that broke all diplomatic relations with other countries, asserting its tough stance. But the tough leader of the nation suddenly died. Following its hereditary succession system, a new leader was born in the nation of Coldona... a 9-year-old girl, Myao Chobirov! Can the world's most carefree leader of a nation lead the world into a new age of peace? The slapstick political drama of the dictator girl!!!!
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    The isekai fantasy story centers on a man who dies due to overwork, a phenomenon that has unfortunately become a known problem in Japan. Just before dying, the man thought that if he was reincarnated, he would want to live the lazy life of a rich man's dog. His wish is granted, but it doesn't turn out the way he anticipated. He comes back to life in another world as Rōta, a dog who belongs to the daughter of an extremely wealthy person. However, at just one month old, he is easily larger than a human, and he realizes he is no ordinary dog.

    Russian / Русский

  • Japanese Light Novel: Bookwalker
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    After losing his leg as a startup adventurer, he retired to his hometown in the countryside. Doing things such as collecting medicinal herbs, exterminating magic beasts and wild beasts, and helping with the villagers’ farm work, it’s hard to decide whether to call our protagonist an adventurer or a handyman. And while doing these things his age quickly approached thirty.

    One day while searching the mountains for herbs, he discovered an abandoned child. Thinking that he couldn’t just leave it, he took it home and raised it until his age approached forty. His now grown-up daughter had also wanted to become an adventurer, likely from growing up watching her father. Although her father had taught her the sword since she was young for self-defense, her talent at it was quite impressive. Thinking that it would be better for her not to be stuck out in the country for the rest of her life, our protagonist sent her to the adventurers’ guild in the Capital. His daughter officially became an adventurer.

    After another five years, the protagonist, now in his forties, is still acting as a pseudo-adventurer in the countryside. However his daughter is now a distinguished S Class adventurer but hasn’t returned home once yet… “Just when will I get to see Daddy again…!?”

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  • Original Web Novel (Raw)
  • Seiga (Alternate Manga Raw)
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    A super rich Ojou-sama, Aiu Eiko is passionately in love with her classmate, Nagi Nagisa. The daily life of a little(?) weird high school girl.

    (Not hentai.)

    Portuguese / Português
    Uma super-rica Ojou-sama, Aiu Eiko é apaixonada por sua colega Nagi Nagisa. A vida cotidiana de uma garotinha estranha do colegial.
    • -- (7.19)
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    A bachelor for the past 11 years, Higuchi Yuuki is a male teacher in an all-girls school. He keeps wondering how to bridge the gap between himself and his students when he's suddenly confessed to by Ichikawa, one of his students! Although Higuchi rejects her, Ichikawa does all she can to get her teacher to turn her way -- even if it means making him grope her and holding his hand in class! When Higuchi can't understand why she'd like an unimpressive and inexperienced guy like him, she kisses him! Will Higuchi be able to handle the feelings of his beautiful student, especially when she is not the only one to have fallen for him?!? A dramatic school love story unfolds!

    Portuguese / Português:
    Solteiro nos últimos 11 anos, Higuchi Yuuki é professor de uma escola só para garotas. Ele continua se perguntando como diminuir a distância entre ele e suas alunas quando de repente uma de suas alunas, Ichikawa, se confessa para ele! Embora Higuchi a rejeite, Ichikawa faz tudo o que pode para tentar convencer seu professor a aceitar sua confissão -- mesmo que isso signifique fazê-lo tocá-la e segurar sua mão durante a aula! Quando Higuchi não consegue entender o motivo dela gostar de um cara inexpressivo e inexperiente como ele, ela o beija! Higuchi será capaz de lidar com os sentimentos da sua bela aluna, especialmente quando ela não é a única a se apaixonar por ele?! Uma dramática história de amor escolar começa!

    Spanish / Español
    Soltero desde hace 11 años, Higuchi Yuuki es profesor en una escuela sólo para chicas. No deja de preguntarse cómo acortar la distancia entre él y sus alumnos cuando repentinamente se confiesa Ichikawa, una de sus alumnas. Aunque Higuchi la rechaza, Ichikawa hace todo lo que puede para que su profesor se dé la vuelta... ¡incluso si eso significa que la manoseen y le tomen la mano en clase! ¡Cuando Higuchi no puede entender por qué le gustaría un chico tan poco impresionante e inexperto como él, lo besa! ¿Será Higuchi capaz de manejar los sentimientos de su bella alumna, especialmente cuando ella no es la única que se ha enamorado de él? ¡Se desarrolla una dramática historia de amor en la escuela!
    • -- (8.56)
    • 14,105
    • 481,297
    • 79
    About the relationship between a senpai and a kouhai.

    Mangaka's Twitter: @vice29493493
    • -- (8.50)
    • 17,091
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    • 129
    Follow the story of Loyd, an oblivious boy from a village in the countryside, who wishes to become a soldier in the capital. After convincing the mayor of his village, a loli witch, who is over a 100 years old, he sets off to the capital to fulfill his dream!

    Anime Adaption Confirmed
    • -- (8.27)
    • 8,857
    • 199,218
    • 64
    Humans live mostly behind safe walls, protected from the many non-human creatures outside. In this kingdom's walled capital city of Mitera lives an unusual young warrior woman known as Claria. The story begins as she takes a potentially deadly walk alone in the woods, encountering various dangerous creatures-- most notably a lizardman that treats her surprisingly kindly. But what no one knows about Claria is that she is secretly this kingdom's ruler, Queen Vivian!
    • -- (7.43)
    • 5,083
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    • 20
    Nanami died in her previous life, but an Angel suddenly appears before her then gives her a second chance!? But... Miss Angel reincarnates her as both Hero and Demon Lord?!?! Poor Nanami has a tough road ahead, against herself!

  • Alternate RAW
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    Succubus Aroma-chan is so shy, well not really, but she can't confess to the person she likes!
    "Then, what if I just invade Yuuma-kun's dream and seduce him...?"
    Tonight, an ero-dream that cannot be seen by other people begins!
    • -- (8.50)
    • 6,503
    • 158,912
    • 42
    One random day, a high-school gal is suddenly able to see ghosts! She can't run but she tries her best to act like she can't see them at all. The story of a gal with a sixth sense begins!

    DO NOT UPLOAD chapters from the serialized version
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    • -- (7.88)
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    • -- (7.36)
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    Set in a ruined world overrun with chimerical creatures where the female creatures eat the males. Two creatures explore the land: Usagi, the elder sister, protects her brother Mitsuki, a curious chronicler who is able to read the books in their secret hiding place to know that the world was once different.
    • -- (8.17)
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    • 8,968
    • 2
    Bahasa Indonesia
    Kisah sepasang kekasih yang sudah 5 tahun jadian. Yang mana si ceue pengen ena-ena tapi tidak digubris oleh si couo. (kurang lebih begitulah)
    • -- (8.27)
    • 14,015
    • 289,337
    • 28
    A maid who can't completely suppress her feelings for her master.
    • -- (8.27)
    • 10,915
    • 349,510
    • 124
    It's the start of a 120% pure love-com height difference story! After his first love confession is rejected, the troubled and short Yuuki Shibuki finds himself crying away his heartbreak at a park. Feeling depressed and blaming his short height and feminine looks for his failure, his pain is eased when he encounters a cool, hooded street musician who has a soothing touch and skill in the guitar. The next day he meets that same musician at the park and learns that 'he' was in fact a tall girl named Takamine Chikako and that she was playing the song he heard the last time specifically for him. Yuuki is quickly smitten by such an unimaginably dashing, handsome girl. It is not love, he thinks. It is a miracle.