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A young woman deals with both parental rejection and her growing feelings for her new roommate.

(Source: Lililicious)
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Two broken-hearted women turn to each other for comfort.
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"Friends," by Sugio Hisako, tells of a promiscuous woman who realizes she's fallen in love with her friend.
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"A Bewildering Flower" is about a college student who's in love with her friend.

Kyouko, a university student, is in love with her best friend Masumi, and is getting to the point where she can't stand it any more. Cue alcohol.
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1. Outrageous Men
Mari and younger Eiji work for the same company, and they are secretly in love. Mari feels happy with him, because he is gentle, dependent on her, and cute. When she visits him at home for the first time, she is shocked to know that he is a brother of her former boyfriend Yuichi…! In her college days, she couldn’t get along with Yuichi because he was too pushy. Therefore, she chose to part with him, but...

2. Love Communication
Tanabe Sumire has trouble dealing with her client Haga Takahiko... but when her mom pushes her to go for a match-making session her partner is none other than Takahiko and after a pretening to date him she realized she is falling for him. Will love communication help in solving her problems...?

3. Marriage Pink
Yamashita Riko and Hayashi Ryoji are lovey-dovey couple about to get married. But after her first time staying with Ryoji, Riko realizes that sex with Ryoji is so violent that it drains her out. Worried she might not be able to get wedding preprations done she started avoiding Ryoji's invitations... Is this another case of wedding blues or rather wedding pinks in case of Riko...?

4. Can't Take Away My Treasures
Kondou Miyuki is a host of show "Cooking in 10 Minutes" but a lousy cleaner because she can't throw anything away. The next show that requested herappearance is a Live Broacast called "let's go people's Home!". Panicked Miyuki decides to clean her room. Luckily she runs into Hasegawa Nozomu a pharmaceutical consumer researcher while purchasing cleaning items whom she asks to prove the products use by cleaning her apartment. What will become of her messed-up house and her Live Broadcast...?

5. Calling For Love
Kitou Kazuki after becoming jobless, homeless, and divoced ends up at Shibata Kouichi's place. Kazuki always sees Kouichi as her junior from high school but that changes when he declares his love for her. Will Kazuki respond to his call of love...?
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Revisit each of the Yamada family members as they have all grown up and well!
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In the Super Remix Best series:

1) Inasaku
2) Boku to Ohiru wo

Oneshot 1: My Health
When I pooped one morning...I gave birth to a rabbit.
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A comedic duel in a world where the outcome of a weapon-based battle between 2 salesmen is used to determine the right to make a pitch to the customers.
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A very short oneshot about a man and his maid...
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Eratarou Kamegashira is a normal guy. All he wants is to live his high school years in peace and tranquility, hopefully making a girlfriend or two in the process. However, his brother Maratarou is a gigantic pervert. Due to Maratarou's shenanigans, Eratarou has been having trouble making any girlfriends due to being associated with him. However one day, the beautiful Takahara-san asks if she could visit Eratarou. Will Eratarou be able to keep his cool and win the girl, or will his brother cause things to "heat up"? Find out in the Kamegashira Brothers!
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In a world where women are constantly wanting to kill themselves and insult the hard working women that work at Soapland, a single man rises up to stop them! Who is that man? That man with the super masculine form and a body of steel? It's none other than Nikutaikan-K! While he blindly rushes to their aid, maybe his first action should be to find out what is causing these women to want to die in the first place?


Em um mundo onde as mulheres estão constantemente querendo se matar e insultar as boas mulheres que trabalham no Soapland, apenas um homem pode salva-las! Quem é esse homem que tem uma forma super masculina e um corpo de aço? Esse homem é ninguém menos que Nikutaikan-K! Em vez de cegamente correr em auxílio das mulheres que tentam se suicidar, talvez sua primeira ação deva ser a de descobrir o que está causando nelas a vontade de querer morrer.