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I’m a fujoshi but I can suppress my fantasies
But I still read non-BL (and GL) manga. Without fantasies if it is a good series.

A little something from the Mile WN:
( https://imoutosite.wordpress.com/average-mile/ )
( https://mangadex.org/title/22190/watashi-nouryoku-wa-heikinchi-de-tte-itta-yo-ne )
( I said make my abilities average in the next life! )

I am the (【MEGA = eyes】+【MI = see】) GODDESS!』(Eyes see being)
(T.N: in Japanese, Goddess = Megami, Eye = Mega, See = Mi
Mile’s line means 『I can see with my eyes』in words but pronouns the same as 『I’m the goddess』)

Something strange appeared on the tree...
If the Japanese saw it, they will say 【A middle schooler wearing a school swimsuit, covered by a thin optical silk dress with optical, further attached wings and a ring formed with ice crystal】
Yes, that's my usual.
I just devised costumes a bit.
By the way, because wings and rings have been used more and more recently, I made 【shortcut】for them
In other words, even if I don't give detailed instructions to the nanomachines,
【Goddess Phenomenon!】
If they are instructed, they will make Wings and Ring automatically.
And that 【something strange】being, that the enemy soldiers saw, was thinking like this.
(I am not lying!
There’s nothing abnormal in my eyes and I can see things properly, so I only said 【I can see it with my eyes】
And that is the truth...) (Eyes see being)
It is comparable to 【I came from the fire department】
(The joke is like this: You can visit (or even get arrested by) the FBI’s headquarter and then you visit a Lolicon’s house saying 『We came from the FBI's headquarter』)

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