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I like food and being lazy.
Also, if I uploaded a release that a group does not want uploaded here, I apologize. Just message me if you want it deleted or feel free to delete them yourself.
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Nicola, human, ends up in the Demon World where she is found by wandering trader, Simon. Unfortunately, humans don't seem to be appreciated all that much in the Demon World, but that doesn't stop Nicola from running her mouth all the time.
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An anthology of horror one-shots by various artists.
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"How about we get everyone together every two years?" Minoru had asked brightly on the night when Mars seemed so close and huge in the sky.

That was the promise that the four members of the Astronomy Club made back then. They would have never imagined that two days later, Minoru would die in a car accident. The remaining three of them decided to honor their promise with her and meet up every two years.

A story full of nostalgia, that focuses on those days of youth that cannot be returned. A story of young love and its faith as time passes by and life goes on - things that never stop for anything.
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Yu Mano wanted a job where he wouldn't have to deal with lots of people looking at him, and maybe where he could get some of his college homework done during breaks. Being an albino in South Korea, he always stands out. There's this creepy yet eye-catching mansion in his neighborhood that somehow is a library, so he decides to work there part-time for a while.

But his annoyance level soon shoots through the roof because every single one of the (admittedly gorgeous) librarians there are vampire otakus! They even dress and talk as if they are vampires—and as if they're certain he is one, too!

After an awkward first encounter with the head librarian (including being dragged into his elegant coffin), he is determined to never go back but...
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A girl's adventure in Turkey as she experiences a glimpse of its culture and traditions.
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In the Anata no Tame nara doko Made mo series:

V.1 - Anata no Tame nara doko Made mo

1.Anata no Tame nara doko Made mo:
Detective Takachiho had finally caught the elusive criminal Nanami Yoichi after chasing him all the way to a remote island. But what will happen to the pair of them when they accidentally miss the ferry home?

2.Magical Butler:
The Butler Tsuruhami tries to turn away a door-to-door salesman, but it won't happen that easily...

3-6.Non-non/ Non-non no Nochi/ Non-non-non:
Ichimaru and Yamada have been friends since the beginning of highschool. Yet the closer they get, the more... awkward their friendship becomes!

V.2 - Naraku Doku Emaki
Anata no Tame nara doko Made mo: Heian Style Special

The serious and straight-laced government official of the Capital and Officer in the Right Division of Inner Palace Guards, Takaichiho no Takumi, just can't ignore the annoying fake onmyouji, Nanatsumi no Hirokazu, who keeps hitting on him. And now he's forced to work on an accident involving ayakashis! But for the pervert Nanatsumi, he uses every chance he has to turn the situation into a dirty one!
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Paul, a serious honor student, meets the violent and rebellious Andrew in their all-boys school. What follows is a story of the struggles of youth and painful but powerful self-discovery.

1. Barairo no Hoo no Koro v01 ch01-05
2. J no Subete v01 ch01-05
3. 2 Shuukan no Adventure v01 ch04-07
4. J no Subete v02-03
5. Barairo no Hoo no Koro v01 Extra
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Chapters 1-3 — 2 Shuukan no Adventure

Chapter 4 — Himeko-chan

Chapter 5-6 — His Left Eye, a story detailing an encounter between Gerry and Eugene from Barairo no Hoo no Koro, as adults.

Chapter 7 — Belgian Waffle - Andrew, from Barairo no Hoo no Koro, takes a stroll with his old father, bringing about some surprising discoveries, aside from the fact that Belgian Waffles can be sweet.


01 Barairo no Hoo no Koro v01 ch01-05
02 J no Subete v01 ch01-05
03 2 Shuukan no Adventure v01 ch05-7
04 J no Subete v02-03
05 Barairo no Hoo no Koro v01 Extra
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From Storm in Heaven:

Kawashima Kougi dreams about fish, paints fish, and has no interest in the world outside fish. He is brilliant and disturbed. His childhood friend, Nene, attempts to draw him back to the real world.
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The Leftmost Pair. Oneshot.

B&W oneshot about an awkward couple.
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Some staircases are not meant to be traipsed upon.
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An anthology on women's and girl's issues in modern day China, dealing with topics like abortion, unwanted pregnancy, a person's dreams as they grow up - and even the sorrow of almost losing your dog.
  • -- (7.85)
  • 182
  • 8,334
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A collection of six short stories centering around romance and family:

1- Musume no Toshigoro no Musume

2- Torikahebaya de Aimashou

3- Genshoku Megane Danshi Hyouhon

4- Machibito Kitari (New Year's Fortune: Waiting for the One)

A chance meeting of two strangers at a train station on New Year’s Eve...

5- Chichi to Musuko to Buridaikon (The Father, the Son and the Yellowtail Radish)
Micha, formerly Hamada Mitsuru, is gay, in a loving relationship and living as a transvestite in Tokyo. Having kept this a secret from family what high jinx will follow when Micha's father turns up unannounced?

6- Katakoi no Nikki Shoujo (The Girl in the Diary of Unrequited Love)
Takashi accidentally found his father's diary and in it, it tells a story of his father's love for a girl with green flower hair pin. So who is this girl? What's Takashi going to do about it? Read it to find out the bittersweet story of an unrequited love.
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Uni student Hiroki goes shopping in female clothes because he lost in a punishment game. On his way there, he gets accosted by a drunk, but scary-faced teacher Mr. Kuga saves him! Mr. Kuga looks grumpy, but he's actually nice. Hiroki's intrigued...
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A gorgeous collection of six retellings of fairy tales and well known stories: Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, The Bamboo Princess and Carmen – however, in this case the main characters are all men. Drawn in the accostumed gorgeous style of Est Em, Ever After brings us an interesting and sensual twist of all these classics.
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Collection of stories:

  • The Prisoner in the Miniature Garden (Hakoniwa no Toriko). He has been a recluse for the past 10 years in that big house overlooking a bicycle parking lot. One day, a girl approaches and confessed to him, disturbing the world he's been cooping himself up in. A oneshot of their story.

  • Pinky Promise Princess (Yubikiri Hime). Kiriko is a little girl who makes pinky promises with people who expect her to pay for them, but she looks forward to the day they run out of fingers to make promises with or break their promise. An adorable yet creepy 8 page oneshot.

  • Watashi to Watashi (Me and (the Other) Me). Two girls with the same name; one beautiful and athletic, the other awkward and shunned. But who’s the lucky one?
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  • 81
  • 2,251
A short story of a bride-to-be's recollections of her family.
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Her boyfriend just broke up with her. What is she to do now? A short story that subtly conveys the feelings of someone after a breakup - the anger, the bitterness, the nostalgia and the melancholic feeling that's difficult to shrug off.
  • -- (8.29)
  • 359
  • 5,362
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From the author of Emma and Otoyomegatari comes a story of a young girl as she's trained to perform a tea ceremony by her strict but caring instructor.
  • -- (7.24)
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  • 4,123
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Salleal wakes up, injured, in a strange place, where a strange man she doesn't recognize, keeps her. She falls for him and his kindness, and she soon realizes she had once loved that man! But who was he? Who was she to him? And what had caused her to be in the state she was in? She had to find out.
  • -- (7.78)
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A young boy meets a mysterious person who gives him a little box which produces a beautiful sound. Short, surreal and poetic.
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A story of the wholesome, light-hearted banter and love between two otherworldly creatures.
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  • 242
  • 6,616
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Contain several short stories from a certain kingdom.
  • -- (7.71)
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This is a one-shot about a kid who inherited his grandfather's store, which is filled with special items possessed with spirits.
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  • 245
  • 7,612
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In this land, there exists a bird called a Zhen. Thanks to the bird's appetite for toxic foods, poison amassed inside the bird's body changes its color, creating beautiful, vibrant wings. The strength of the poison is the pride of the Zhen. However, unaware of the danger, people became attracted to the beauty of these wings and owning the exquisite birds became a status symbol. Cai Hong, who is reputed to be the most beautiful Zhen, and General Fei, whose elder brother was killed by Cai Hong's poison, find themselves intermingled in a love-hate, animalistic Yaoi fantasy!

Polish / Polski:
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Hinako had always admired and observed this one boy in her class. She admires him so much that she, at the very least, hopes she has something in common with him. Little does she know they're more similar to each other than she thought, for better or for worse.
  • -- (7.79)
  • 190
  • 6,536
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Iouri is the successor to Abalkin, a luxury brand of dizzyingly high heels. He spends his days parading in Abalkin heels to promote the brand, and the nights servicing patrons for the company's survival and growth. Through the years, he's had his secretary Adam by his side, but their relationship isn't as simple as it seems...
A dark, twisted, psychological story in true Ogawa Chise style.

Polish / Polski:
  • -- (7.62)
  • 75
  • 1,774
Yukko had always felt that she has a hard time trying to express what she really feels and thinks about the people around her. She wants to sincerely praise her friend and express how good she was on her music recital but all she can say was, "Amazing," which she thinks is rather shallow. It just didn't sit right with her. On her way home contemplating about all this, she comes across a bizarre shop that might change her perspective and help her grow.
  • -- (7.48)
  • 185
  • 5,785
  • 8
"I wanted to see you" are the words Kasugai Tenka wants to hear from a girl more than anything. And when the high school student hears it from Tsukimi, a girl literally out of this world, his life is about to get crazy. Tsukimi was a war general on the Moon, but she was exiled for the destruction she caused and her memory is wiped clean and she's changed into a bunny. She reminds Tenka that years ago, he fed her soba from his dad’s soba shop and that now that she's gained human form and her powers back, she wants him to be hers.

A Golden Future Cup Oneshot.
  • -- (6.85)
  • 1,459
  • 34,034
  • 9
Taichi Yamada is what you would call a fan but he is not just any fan, he is a fan of Kokoro Shiina, a gravure model. Maybe it was fate that brought them together that day but Taichi met Kokoro when she literally fell from the sky. Waking up in the hospital, he begins to see Kokoro's spirit and after roaming the hospital premises a "shinigami" arrives to take Kokoro to the underworld. Is this the end for Kokoro? What will Taichi do to save his beloved idol?!

Portuguese / Português
  • -- (8.09)
  • 119
  • 6,804
Publisher Hayakawa is celebrating its 70th anniversary with two manga anthology reprints. One collection is dedicated to mystery works while the other compiles sci-fi stories printed over the publisher's long career.
  • "Ureta Hoshi" by TEZUKA Osamu (p. February 1972 issue S-F Magazine)
  • "Eisei 2-ren Dokubou" by MATSUMOTO Leiji (p. February 1972 issue S-F Magazine)
  • "7P (2) -- H.G. Wells" by ISHINOMORI Shotaro (p. October 1969 issue S-F Magazine)
  • "Captain Past" by NAGAI Go (p. November 1970 issue S-F Magazine)
  • "Ragini" by HAGIO Moto (p. February 1980 issue S-F Magazine)
  • "Dorothy" by FUKUYAMA Keiko (p. August 1984 issue S-F Magazine)
  • "Mizubito" by AZUMA Hideo
  • "SF Kozou no Yuurei (THE GHOST OF SF KID)" by TORI Miki
  • "Heikou Wars" by YOKOYAMA Eiji
  • "Ojii-chan no Shosai/Uchuu" by IMAI Tetsuya
  • "Megane o Kai ni" by TSUNAMINO Yuu
  • "Futokou" by Tsubana
  • "Mister Donut" by NISHIJIMA Daisuke (Original concept: KITANO Yuusaku) (p. June 2002 issue S-F Magazine)
  • "Mahou Shoujo Time-chan Sono 1 Onee-chan wa Kaidan o Ochiru Yume o Miru no ka" by YOSHITOMI Akihito
  • "To, Aru Hi no Boku no Himo" by MIYAZAKI Natsujikei
  • "Ore no Yume no Imouto (Sister of My Dreams)" by COCO
  • -- (7.33)
  • 307
  • 5,230
  • 16
When they were kids, Alice and Yuri promised to marry each other once they've grown up. Years later, Yuri is in for quite a surprise as he reunites with his bride-to-be.
  • -- (7.28)
  • 506
  • 12,005
  • 14
A boy and his senpai get kinky in a classroom after school.
This manga contains tentacle play and is not for the weak of heart. You have been warned.
  • -- (7.87)
  • 90
  • 2,925
  • 1
Hiroshi is weak when it comes to his parents. He doesn't hate his parents nor do his parents abuse him. Actually, its the exact opposite: He dislikes being spoiled by his parents. Because his parents had him at a fairly old age, his parents idolize him and gives him too much affection. They hold fancy birthday parties, preserve his art projects in a glass case, make him extra-large puddings, make banners for him even though he is on the bench, etc. They are just too much for Hiroshi who just wants to be an ordinary high school student. On his 15th birthday, his parents give him the craziest present yet: a toy that will make him a hero. Can Hiroshi fulfill his wish to become an ordinary boy? Read & find out!

A oneshot by Tanabe Yellow, the mangaka of Kekkaishi.
  • -- (7.25)
  • 562
  • 14,669
  • 9
A bunch of school kids live in a world where people wear swimsuits all the time, as everyday clothing.
  • -- (7.46)
  • 96
  • 2,639
  • 1
A short, coming-of-age story of a middle school student named Yu. From the mangaka of Scum's Wish.
  • -- (7.61)
  • 62
  • 2,048
Sugawara has terrifying dreams of bloody murder. What could these dreams be about?
  • -- (7.95)
  • 176
  • 8,305
  • 1
Originally published in the April 2015 issue of Comic Spica, this is a series of astrology-themed one-shots created by different mangaka and collected in an anthology.

Sennen no Kodoku (Millennium Loneliness) by FUJIWARA Kaoru
A man devotes himself to pray in church.

Himitsu (Secret) by SHIMURA Takako
Magazine editor Nanase sees a poplar tree on the go. That fateful encounter, evokes the memory of a certain secret...

Nandemonai Kinou no Hanashi (My Unexceptional Yesterday) by Itoi Nozo
A woman has a seemingly unremarkable story about a chance meeting.
  • -- (7.99)
  • 294
  • 9,775
  • 3
Liquor, cigarettes and a grapefruit-scented shampoo.
  • -- (8.57)
  • 745
  • 11,573
  • 14
They showed up out of nowhere. Graffiti that moved as if they were alive. People started calling them the "living pictures" and they started getting praised and sold for high prices. The origins are unknown and no one knows who said it first, but people say they are being created by someone named "Kilroy".

Enter Suzume, a young artist who aspires to create great art just like Kilroy but has been struggling to do so. One night, her everyday life takes a sudden turn as she comes across none other than Kilroy himself.

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