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You know, eventually, the universe will become a cold, lifeless shell of it's former greatness, heading into the heat death of the universe, where nothing might ever come into contact with each other as their velocity remains unchanged due to the friction-less environment, and everything lies dead, the various particles dispersed throughout forevermore incapable of sustaining the many lifeforms to once exist in this vast place. The once starry skies will be absent of the comforting lights so familiar many lifetimes ago, and an all-encompassing darkness will have subsumed the many wonders and beauties the worlds apart had to offer. Such a fate can seem quite hopeless and easy to get engrossed with. And in the grander schemes of all that is corporeal, most if not all things are meaningless as nothing can be done that will ever change the final destination of the universe, for everything that lives must die at some point. However, an inescapable fate does not make for a monastic and solitary life, but rather, it means one must enjoy what they have and what exists for one to use, see, touch, taste, and hear, for one to enjoy, despise, feel apathetic to and love with one's whole entirety. If you cannot live for something you-yes, you, who has read this far for whatever reason-feel as something greater than yourself, then at the very least! Live for life. Live to simply, live. Your reasons do not need to be great because everything will die anyways, so feel free to validate yourself with the stupidest, or most meaningless reason you can think of. But remember to live for life. Being destined to die does not mean destined to suffer.