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One will to create oceans. One will to summon the mulberry fields.

One will to slaughter countless devils. One will to eradicate innumerable immortals.

Only my will… is eternal.

A Will Eternal tells the tale of Bai Xiaochun, an endearing but exasperating young man who is driven primarily by his fear of death and desire to live forever, but who deeply values friendship and family.
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Everyone in the world suddenly shrank to 3cm ...?! The consequence of this being everything in daily life becoming a threat, like rats... or even ants. A world where you can only rely on yourself. Will Baekhyun be able to complete his mission and save the world by using the unique abilities he gained?
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Lin Chen was betrayed and his martial arts were crippled however, he had unexpectedly made a fateful encounter with the sacred engulfing star map, which led to the awakening of the Holy Vein constitution, and reaching the pinnacle of cultivation!
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Simon, the prince of the Finsphener kingdom, loses his relatives due to the schemes of a trusted aide. He was lucky enough to escape with his sister and was taken in by a knight as an adopted son. However, on one fateful day, Simon's new family was massacred, and his sister disappears. Simon begins the journey of revenge and searches for traces of his missing sister. Can he succeed in revenge against Cavity, the once-trusted aide, and regain his title as the rightful heir of the throne?
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I was once the Supreme God of Physique, standing tall above others. However, I was betrayed by those whom I thought of as my most trustworthy friends. They had schemed against me in an attempt to kill me, which was almost successful. Fortunately, a fraction of my soul had managed to escape into the body of a seriously injured child giving me another chance at life, and revenge.
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Ye Chenben is a young lord, because of a conspiracy, parents were killed, twin sisters were imprisoned; On the occasion of his death, the blood of benevolence awakened the ancient god beast and got the stunt of the god. Who is to destroy the door of the leaf house? Why is the beast and my present? And look down the young Yechen, how to change life against the heavens, the mountains and seasealed God!
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On the continent of the sky, warriors cultivates their life soul, and the life soul nourishes their body. As everyone knows, there are eight god-level life souls, which are owned by the top eight forces on the mainland. But what they don't know is that there is a ninth god-level life soul in the world!

I, Ye Xinghe, awakened this life soul after I was schemed upon by my own blood. My brother not only dug out my life soul, reducing me to waste, but he also stole my fiancee! But through this, I unexpectedly awakened the ninth god-level life soul! Since then, I have risen against the sky and received the title of Danwu Supreme!
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Oh, how unfair the heavens, and strange the world... Wings were forged for flight, so why has god forsaken the ducks, chickens, and ostriches? Teasing their dreams of soaring through the sky but confining them to the very earth. In a world where everyone is born with God's blessing, he is the only anomaly. Can Ergera outclass the God that abandoned him, whilst simultaneously saving the people he loves?
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Mo Qi was born unable to cultivate, so he had decided to work as a chef in a cuisine restaurant. He had stumbled upon a 'cookbook', which he had mistakingly used to cook food however, this was no ordinary cookbook - it was the peerless scripture of chaos. Things start to take a turn when Mo Qin realises his body is getting sturdier, and he is starting to get stronger!

This was written by me, as the original description wasn't the greatest.
- Asura