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After three years of working for a black company, Akira was exhausted both mentally and physically.
But one morning, what he saw on his usual way to work was nothing but a town full of zombies.
How will the former company slave, Akira, live his life in a world that has completely changed overnight!?

French / Français

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"Cuprum's Bride" takes place in Tsubame-Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture, a town full of craftsmen. Shiina, a female college student who is going out with a reticent copper-ware craftsman, Osamu, suddenly receives a marriage proposal from him one day. His words are too abrupt and she runs away involuntarily. Let's watch the love comedy unfold of a craftsman and a gal.
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18-year-old Koreeda Kazuki is a genius hacker whose only real skill lies with computers. Into his aimless life steps a wealthy man who makes him a proposition he finds impossible to refuse: that he will become Koreeda's investor on the condition that Koreeda use his abilities to help the man "conquer the world." In cyberspace where national borders hold no meaning, thus begins the story of two modern-day adventurers who stand against crime on a global scale.
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A Detective Conan spinoff featuring Amuro Tooru, a man of three faces - Bourbon, the Black Organization operative, Amuro Tooru, the private detective and Café Poirot waiter, and Furuya Rei, the NPA officer. Delve into his everyday life that no one's seen before!
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Kizaki begins a private teacher as a part-time job. Sudou became the student of Kizaki. Kizaki, whose delusion does not stop in encounter with an angel who is too precious.
Sudou begins to have a little love with an older teacher.
While passing each other's thoughts, they pass each other exquisitely!
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As a young anesthesiologist who has been with her hospital for about three years, Hanaoka Hanako has just about had it with her job. The hours are grueling and there are never enough hands. Her coworkers are either obnoxious jerks who call her incompetent or sexist boors who try to cop a feel. She hardly ever sees the sky, has to eat cup ramen for most meals, and has no social life to speak of. Worst of all, her job is thankless. Everyone loves surgeons who perform lifesaving operations, paramedics who rush to the scenes of emergencies, or nurses who provide primary care - but anesthesiologists are only singled out if something goes wrong and a patient is lost. Still, someone's got to do it, and if not her, then who?
So even with crappy pay, terrible work hours, and sexual harassment...anesthesiologist Hana will cheerfully knock you out!
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A manga about a tomboyish girl dating her elf boyfriend. The stories before and during dating are separate.
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A speck of dust can fill an ocean. A blade of grass can destroy the sun, moon, and the stars. A flick of a finger can turn the world upside down.

Groups of heroes rise, and innumerable clans stand together. Various saints fight for power as the entire world falls into chaos. I ask the boundless Mother Earth: Who decides the ups and downs?

A young man walks out of the barren wilderness, and everything starts from there…