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Isaac, the owner of a small flowershop in San Diego, was visited by the famous arms dealer, Felix, late one night. The arms dealer ordered a flower bouquet and Isaac handed him a clumsily arranged one. But for some reason, Felix showed unusual interest towards Isaac.

Felix, a man with a dangerous charm who visits the flower shop almost everyday, and florist Isaac, a man with a lot of secrets who acts indifferently... Will Felix ever discover what Isaac is hiding?

Tags: omegaverse, modern, adapted from a novel
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Her father is the Water Elemental King, a timeless being with absolute power. Her mother, a half-elf, is a talented wizard as well as an elemental mage. Born out of their overwhelming love for each other, her birth breaks the notion that elemental spirits cannot have descendants! From the author of "Tales of Arin," an unexpectedly sweet story of joy unfolds!
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As a chef at a small knight's restaurant, I became the nuisance youngest daughter of a powerful man who was afraid of the emperor. I tried to run away with all my travel expenses…

It’s strange.

“If you say you're sorry, are you that shameless?”
“That’s because I’m your brother.”
“Why don't you take Grandmother on a stroll?”

Why is everyone so nice to me all of a sudden?

“Why do you want to take out someone's eyeballs when they see me?”

People who had caught me trying to escape.
I'm just cooking. What's wrong with you?
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A long, long time ago, two siblings climbed up a rope to the heavens after being chased by a tiger. During that time, the younger sister Dalhee became a Moon Fairy. To become a true god, she must reincarnate a certain number of times, but she's never been able to successfully live out her lives. Bored of her life in heaven, she looked down Iseugkyung to look for any troubles in the human world!

"Please help me... I want to die..."

After hearing a sad voice coming from Iseugkyung, she discovered a beautiful girl begging the Grim Reaper to leave her world. Soon after, the Grim Reaper came to take her life. Full of curiosity, Fairy Dalhee went down Iseugkyung and into the hospital room of the human girl.

The woman who begged to die was surrounded by many people, and told Dalhee about her finace, Jiwan, who wasn't even a bit affectionate towards her.

He didn't have a hint of compassion, despite learning that his fiancee was on the brink of death. It was surprising that this kind of person was alive on earth, rather than staying stuck in hell.

Who is Dalhee? Is she not a kind and beautiful fairy?

With the thoughts of guiding the spirit to the afterlife, Dalhee decided to live her life as a human without the permission of the Jade Emperor. Her unauthorized reincarnated life begins now.

Despite impulsively making up her mind to save the man with a dark soul, Dalhee discovers its quite hard living as a human. Her life is already in tatters due to her fiance, but her younger sister and step mother do their best to make her life even worse. How will she make these humans more humane?

There's a long way to go, but should we start with the fiancee?

A Heavenly Fairy vs. Trashy Humans
The Fairy's Trash Clean Up Project starts now!
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The romance between Ji Wook, who suggested a beauty channel and Geu Rim, who doesn't care one bit about it.
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What sort of lives were we living ten to fifteen years ago?
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"Some thoughts can't be spoken, so we can only let them rot in our hearts and bear it alone."
Faced with a repressed life, debt that falls upon him out of nowhere, and the confused feelings between two teenagers ..... How will the youthful them face all of this? This is the other side of youth, the story you don't know.


Childhood friends Seyun and Yoojin struggle to maintain their friendship as their lives take them down different paths. But when old feelings start resurfacing, a bitter tug-of-war starts, with hearts in the balance, secrets in the closet, and twists that nobody sees coming!
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Hong Kang Yoo has always been unlucky since birth to the point that even her parents passed away... On the verge of dying, she meets Woo Ahm, a mountain god. He tells her that if she doesn't do something about her misfortune she will die. In order to be saved, Kang Yoo needs to make a pact with him.
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Whether a girl’s dream be gorgeous or tripping, there are magnificent colours spreading in every girl’s heart. With these ten short stories filled with a maiden's fantasies and daydreams, you shall be served the most gentle and romantic fairy tales, in the company of the most sumptuous art.
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Those who appear in Da Quan’s dream will inevitably face death. But the strange man in his dream suddenly appeared in the real world. Since then, his dreams started changing… Turns out that man can control the dream world!
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Ei Ruri, who was a famous child actor, grew up and couldn't return to being an actor because her body changed. But her aunt, a genius scientist, successfully developed a nanochip that allows people to become beautiful and "perfect". She wanted to test this, and the person she immediately thought of was Ei Ruri.

A chance to get back your former beauty and honor! If it were you, would you take this chance?

Official Japanese Translation
Official Thai Translation
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What is the mystery behind this child, and why does he grow so fast?

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