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Rather than having zero defence, she pretty much has -10,000!? This self-destructing lewd girl is frighteningly cute! The girl who digs her own graves & the sadistic boy who gets carried away too easily; this is a story about them messing around and their cohabitation in this love comedy!!
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Kang Maru is just an ordinary kid who likes what kids like and plays what kids play, But one day he was forced to watch a Football World Cup instead of an animation, simply because his father is a fan and is the owner of the TV set. At a glance of that said sports, he was mesmerized and fixated to a game of football that his heart is racing because of the intensity of that sports, unbeknownst to him he already love the game., because of this, he set his goal, and that goal is to be a football player!
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Miyanaga Saki is a high school freshman who doesn’t like mahjong. Ever since she was a child, she would lose her New Year’s gift money during her family mahjong game. If she won, her parents would be upset, and if she lost, well, she lost.

As a result, she’s learned to play in such a way that her score always remains plus/minus zero: not good enough to win, but not bad enough to lose. When we meet her, she’s being dragged to her school’s mahjong club by an old friend. How will a girl who hates mahjong, yet has become adept at the game as a result of her upbringing, survive in this environment?
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"Comprehension" is "Stronger" than a Sword!
There is no magic without any weapons! But! This is the story of a man who wishes to live safely!

"So, I've come to a different world." ---
That man stood alone in a mountain full of plants and creatures that he never knew nor saw before. He goes down the mountain by avoiding encounters with a big slime (and bandits), and is caught as a suspicious person in the castle he reaches. In interrogation the female knight Ilius met at the imprisoned place, when talking about the bandits seen in the mountain, Irias, who was stuck in the search for said bandits, hurriedly strikes the bandits.
My wish to be a brave man, or to build a harem? "I just want to live in a safe place" - a story that such a man survives the different world with "Understanding" as a weapon!

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Meeting the super unlucky boy, Murokawa Nijisuke, the life of the black-haired beauty Yoitsuji Kuroha who is a captive of the underworld changes. For the two who have begun to walk on a fresh path, a new evil has begun to move with Kuroha as their target...

This "sequel" is just a slight title change as the series was originally intended to end at one volume. The story follows up the events of the original volume.

Author's Twitter: @ryohgo_narita
Artist's Twitter: @siraume_nazuna
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A humorous chronicle of the daily meeting-room problems of Yukio Tonegawa, who works as a middle manager for the whims of the evil, unreasonable business magnate Kazutaka Hyoudou.
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Faceless shadow nobles living in a vast mansion, attended by living dolls who spend much of their time cleaning up the soot endlessly emitted by their mysterious masters.

Follow the story of Emilyko, a young and cheerful living doll, as she learns her duties serving as the attendant for Kate Shadow-sama.

Spanish / Español:
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As a result of the efforts of the people of Chaldea, the human incineration plan of those who called themselves the Magic King was bitterly stopped at the water's edge, and the destiny of the world seemed to be breathing again. However, suddenly, the singularity of the same level as the singularity so far is observed in modern times. A master who has opened up the future once again puts himself into a layershift to calm down the "subspecies singularities" that appeared in the cursed land "Salem."
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Meridian Sasha is the perfect woman who has the beauty, wealth, and status. She fainted and woke up on a ship in the middle of the ocean, with a wedding dress on.

I got married?

"Who dares to try and touch Meridian Sasha? I'll make sure that he'll never want to marry me!"

But the one who appears to be her husband is the War Hero of the Empire, Demetrius Kyros who suddenly took out his sword. How can that be a man who wants to get married?

"I was wondering who invited me like this... Will I be able to go back if I kill you?"
"Move. I'm sorry to say but I'm a victim too you know?"

Two people kidnapped to be married. They have no choice, but to live in an island together...

1st goal, escape the island!

Final goal, revenge and divorce!
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Ling Er's hand in marriage is the prize in the competition set up by her wealthy father, however, none of the men entered know her horrible secret. Our hero through a string of events, ends up falling out of the sky and miraculously beats out the competition in one swoop. Just when he thought everything was going to turn out great, he was stunned by the reality.
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As a chef at a small knight's restaurant, I became the nuisance youngest daughter of a powerful man who was afraid of the emperor. I tried to run away with all my travel expenses…

It’s strange.

“If you say you're sorry, are you that shameless?”
“That’s because I’m your brother.”
“Why don't you take Grandmother on a stroll?”

Why is everyone so nice to me all of a sudden?

“Why do you want to take out someone's eyeballs when they see me?”

People who had caught me trying to escape.
I'm just cooking. What's wrong with you?
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The firefly by the water shines into the night, lonely but heartwarming.
Four teenagers meet, each with their secrets.
Trust and betrayal make an exciting youth in a colorful kaleidoscope.
“Meeting you was the best thing to happen to me.”

🇫🇷 French - Français:
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A male to female ratio of 1:359?!

Saotome-kun is admitted into a school full of gyarus and meets a delinquent girl named Hanako Kuzuryu.
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Like in the famous Osamu Dazai's book "No Longer Human"/ "Disqualified From Being Human" (Ningen Shikkaku) , the protagonist of this story attempts a double suicide with his lover... except he gets hit by a truck and summoned to another world instead.
Now he wants to find his lover, so he can commit suicide with her.
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Wendy is a reclusive florist who doesn’t believe in love. That is until he came in, ready to destroy the walls caging her heart.

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Official French Translation
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Meet hard-boiled cop Boyle Samejima. He's just been assigned to the remote Ogasawara Islands. There he finds coworkers, a mysterious young girl and a dolphin for a partner?! Cop x girl x ocean! Welcome to the craziest hard-boiled cop story you'll ever read!

Portuguese / Português:
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A young man set forth to avenge his master, a once powerful martial artist who was betrayed by his own men and barely escaped with his life. Armed with his master's supreme martial art techniques, he is ready to bring terror and wreak havoc among the murim. But before he even got started, he learns that the ones who had betrayed his master are already dead... Erm, so what happens now?

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By any chance, can you spend the night with me?
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Jeong-Nyeon has no money or education, but she is a Mokpo girl with a talent for singing! Her dream is to join a women's traditional theater company, and make it big. But she has a lot to learn and a long way to go before becoming a lead actor. Will Jeong-Nyeon achieve her dream of becoming a big star and getting rich?
The story begins in 1956 (post-war Korea) in the southwestern port city of Mokpo.

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A ring that can freely travel between the world and the end of the world was picked up by Song Chao. The food of the world is more valuable than gold in the end of the world, and more coincidentally, there is nothing in the end of the world, just more gold! This time Song Chao made a big hit! He took a tomato from his refrigerator and sold it for ten kilograms of gold! You can even exchange food for beautiful women! Do you think you can do whatever you want with food in the last days? Sorry, as long as there is food, it can really do whatever it wants!
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Aoi Ashito, a third year middle school student from Ehime, meets Fukuda Tatsuya, a "J Youth League" coach. Even though he's still rough around the edges, Ashito has such amazing potential that he gets invited by coach Fukuda to participate in his team's try-outs in Tokyo. The story of the boy who will revolutionize football in Japan begins to unfold.

Seinen sports (football) series, serialized on Big Comic Spirits. Winner of the "Best General Manga" category in the 65th edition of the Shogakukan Awards.
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This is the official "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime" 4-koma spin-off series! Unlike the main story, this one draws from the daily life of Rimuru from a new perspective!

Warning! Potential Spoilers for the main manga.
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In a large mansion lives a boy, an aristocrat who was cursed by the witch to "let everything he touches die." With him is his maid Alice, who besides serving him, likes to tease him. The boy who is interested in her doesn't mind the teasing, but not being able to touch her is painful!

If they are unable to hold hands, how will their love ever bloom?
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I reincarnated as the "Villainess Eumiella" from an RPG Otome game. In the main story, Eumiella is merely a side character, but after the ending, she re-enters the story as the Hidden Boss, a character boasting high stats on par with the Heroes!!

Lighting a fire in my gamer's soul, and taking advantage of being left on my own in my parent's territory, I trained, trained, and trained! As a result of my training...... By the time I enrolled in the academy, I managed to reach level 99.

Though I had planned to live out my days as inconspicuously and peacefully as possible, soon after entering the school, I'm suspected by the Heroine and Love Interests of being the "Demon Lord"...?

A popular Web novel of seeking a peaceful life, a fantasy story of the strongest villainess!

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Mio Karino, who works as a secretary, hides the fact that he is an omega under the young master, Nagao Keisei, who dislikes omegas. Although he was embarrassed by Keisei, who does not believe in people, Keisei also devotes his heart to Karino. However, he was told that Karino was an omega, and he ordered him to leave. There is a circumstance where he cannot return, and he uses drugs to forcefully return to Keisei!
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The school’s famous troublemaker - Gu Ze! Originally only on 30-day class duty, student union vice president Ye Ruchuan ‘changed it a little’, making it 300 days... Two people fighting a battle of wits for whether to be on class duty or not! As the shocked bad guys go their separate ways, Gu Ze and Ye Ruchuan gradually start to get to know each other in the middle of a hateful godlike manipulation, and slowly cultivate an understanding of each other.... delinquent vs. vice president! The daily life of a 17-year-old trying his best to skip class duty!
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A story that reincarnates as a happy <supporting> in a friend's novel, but takes on the misery of <the main character>.
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Chu Qing is a sword expert cultivator, who 300 years ago accidentally entered the fairy world. During those 300 he began his cultivation journey. At the time of reaching the realm of eternity, it was not expected that he would instead open the hall of time and space and return to earth at the age of 17 years. But when he saw the situation, it turns out it was not the earth he once lived in, but the world was reversed between the roles of women and men. How was his journey to find a way to return to the original world, and defeat and conquer the strong women in the world ...

Portuguese (BR)/ Português (BR):


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Just when they're finally going out, they cannot even touch one another until the intimate contact ban is lifted! This is a social distance rom-com about a girl who's suppressing her desire to be all over her boyfriend!!

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A recluse becoming Queen?! In a contest for the throne with scions of noble families, I’ll do everything in my power to avoid getting embroiled in it!

In the Kingdom of Lindtor, renowned for being governed by a wise ruler, I, Francesca, am the King’s granddaughter ― a homebody who delights in chess and staying indoors. However, in the wake of my grandfather’s sudden demise, it’s revealed that he nominated me in his will as a Queen candidate.

While I was stricken with panic, several young noblemen competing to become sovereign appeared before me: the radiant yet overbearing Stewart, the highly intelligent Cyan, and the captain of the knights, Irvine. “Please choose the King from amongst them!” I struggle hard against it, but my efforts are futile. Furthermore, 「I pledge my allegiance to you, my Queen.」 Is that supposed to be an oath, or a marriage proposal?

I’ll get back my peaceful and tranquil days!

What will result from this shut-in princess’ desperate resistance――?
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Once the spirit sword roars, within heaven, earth and the three worlds, I shall reign as the sovereign! Those who do not submit shall die!

Portuguese / Português
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Tatara Tani is an average high school first year, both in terms of grades and athleticism. He has two childhood friends that attend his school, and they're twins! The elder sister Ranko is a flashy gal, while the younger sister Yuriko is a popular idol. They had slowly become distant from Tatara, but even so he always secretly held a crush for Yuriko. One day, Yuriko suddenly asked him out on a date. This date was the beginning of a secret relationship between the twins and him!

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After losing everything in an instant, a glint of hope amidst the deep despair presents her with a new life.
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This is an era of concealing oneself. Who can see through the frivolous wholeheartedness or the stubbornness underneath the scar? Lin Zhi Leng, who is strong on the surface, has always believed to like gentle and soft herbivore men. Until one day, a guy who has an evil smile appeared at her side... From there it began. A story only belonging to them began: Perhaps there is no sympathy in this world, but I am willing to accompany you and stay at your side forever.
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Bai Li Yun Xiao - with a spiritual life in the continent Jiuxiao. After his death he was resurrected, however, he returned 300 years ago, returned to urban adolescence, changed his life, and climbed to the top of the world again. "Whether in heaven or on earth, only I can win"
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From hscans:

The worst man in the company vs. my ex-boyfriend who ran away saying he didn't want to get married. Who should I choose between the two?!

Original Webtoon
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If you're a man, then you should be able to reach the 100th level. Mao Li, the main character, begins his ridiculous journey in ascending the tower. Will he be able to reach the 100th level?

Alternative Official Eng Source
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The story of a woman who gave birth to a child of God and a dokkaebi (goblin) who loved her.

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