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Unoki, a boy who's been bullied since elementary school, ends up becoming the exclusive errand boy of the top delinquent of his school, Toramaru, who told him "Be mine" right after entering high school. But the truth is that Toramaru meant it as a confession of love!! This is the beginning of a love misunderstanding between Toramaru who thinks she's in a relationship and Unoki who thinks he's being bullied.

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Rising Sun will revolve around Tsubasa as he aims to participate in the Olympics as a representative from Japan.
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The protagonist finds himself adrift on an uninhabited island, where a mysterious family appears before him.

From the author of Bastard and Sweet Home

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Takatsuki Souta is in love with his childhood friend Amanome Rikka but he has a problem; because of their parents' upbringing, their relationship is viewed more like siblings. So whats going to happen when he obtains the power of "Geass" through a mysterious book which awakens sexual desires in people around him?
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‘This is a development that I know of.’ The moment he thought that, the world had been destroyed, and a new universe had unfolded. The new life of an ordinary reader begins within the world of the novel, a novel that he alone had finished.
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When Theodore was dropped into a waterway by his half-brother, he suddenly recalled the memory of his past life. He had been a Japanese citizen known as Kirishima Kagehisa, placed inside VRMMO character he had made in Break Force Online. "Theodore" is a Combat Mage that Kagehisa played within BFO, and he realized his skills were progressing well even in this other world. Theodore, who had lightly brushed off his half-brother to make his own place in the world, had ventured off to the large labyrinth existing at the Boundary City, Termuilles.
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1000 years ago, a war between humans and space witches ravaged the stars, destroying countless planets and taking even more lives. Eventually, the humans captured the most powerful witch and imprisoned her as a war criminal under the treaty. The castle where the Magic Lord is sealed away is watched over by a village where everyone has developed weak magical powers- everyone but Mugi that is. Determined to prove that he doesn't need magic, Mugi accidentally flies into the monster-infested forest surrounding the castle and is saved by a girl that he has never seen before...
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Good-for-nothing delinquent Setagawa Masahiro is the student of a hooligan high school teacher, Ooshiba Kousuke, who made use of him as his underling. Now, Masahiro is mercilessly being manipulated by Kousuke's words and behaviour. The more he resists, the more he desires Kousuke. What should he do with these feelings he has towards Kousuke?
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The trials and tribulations of a single father, who one day meets the reincarnation of his deceased wife, who perished a decade before.

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    Tanaka Manabu is a geeky student, on the way to school he meets a girl carrying a bloody bat. That girl is Ryuuzaki Reina, leader of the school's female delinquents. It's love at first sight. A gag manga (with a combination of 4koma and normal page) about having a yankee dere-dere girlfriend.

    Note: In the title of this series, "yandere" isn't refering to this term, but to the "yankee"+"dere-dere" combination.
    Yandere Kanojo came out in two editions. One is the "magazine version", Yandere Kanojo (Joker); and the other one is the "online version", Yandere Kanojo (Online).
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    The main criminal in a kidnapping case falls in love with the victim and the gears of fates turn for them. The hunter and the prey are dancing in the winds.
    Two worn out but wild souls are intertwined. What kind of ending will they go towards to?
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    Shi Xia Ben is the envy of the president 's wife, but did not expect that behind the scenes is a contract marriage. The three-year deadline is approaching, but the president of Ao Jiao has proposed "let's really do a fake show". What if my husband does not act according to the contract?
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    The manga follows Shindou Yoriko, a 29-year-old Kyoto cigarette shop owner who has a sharp look in her eyes but is actually a kind-hearted person. It may not come across, but she truly loves the city of Kyoto, and is willing to give up some of her time to share that love with tourists and other visitors (as long as they don't get on her nerves).
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    Nohae has been crushing on Dona, his neighbor, since they were younger. Dona is a girl who was obsessed with money as a child and would make her childhood friend Nohae actually pay her. Time has passed and now she's a teen, broke and living on the streets with her dad. Her dad meets Nohae and arranges for Dona to live with him. But Dona's not your typical heroine. She's one of those fake people, maintaining a perfect image at school but in front of her parents she's self-absorbed, a glutton, and is quick to nab a meal or swindle money. She's quick to anger and has a grudge against Nohae, but he likes her so much he's completely unaware.

    Note: Yuri/Shoujo Ai is played for comedy, as well as thoughts about charactrs being gay. Is not a representative series.
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    The near future where reality and virtual reality are not separated. The story of people fighting to protect the value of their essence in a world where fake and real are mixed
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    Collection of short stories based on the Persona 3 Portable game, made by various artists.

    Vol 1: Sweet Angel
    Vol 2: Beautiful Devil

    Publisher: Hinotama
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    A story about a guy named Chun Xing Le whose an inheritor of the Chen medic family. Because he is the the youngest of the twins, he has to take the blame of his twin brother who could not save his patient. In these three years , he had to resist all the names and negative comments that were pointed at him. Now that the three years are over, he can finally appeal for justice form his family and show off in front of his fiancée.
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    The "unique historical" manga Harakiri Gomen centers on a samurai with blue eyes who comes from the West and who exemplifies the creed of bushido.
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    Lee Hoon is a 17 year old shut-in/highschool boy who wants to commit suicide, but can't decide on the method of his death so he wants to test all the various ideas he comes up with. Hooni is current living alone suicidally depressed over the debts left by his run away abusive drunk of a Father and the hospital bills racked up due to his now deceased Mother's illness, with very little savings he's also been unable to pay his rent for months, even at school he's bullied.

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    Ювол, который работал на горнолыжном курорте, чтобы погасить свои долги, пострадал от блеска странного человека, приближающегося к нему, который сказал, что однажды он ему понравился. В ответ на желание поспешно обработать руку, Ювол понял, что Юнгёль подошёл к нему, зная, что тот имеет дело с музыкальным инструментом...
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    The story is about a man whose compulsive tendencies make it impossible for him to keep a job, and a young girl who skips school and loves insects. The two meet, come to support each other in reintegrating into society, and fall in love. There’s a problem, however: namely, the parasites in their heads.

    Portuguese / Português:
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    Terazaki Kaoru is about to meet up with his online friend, Nanami. But Nanami doesn't know Terazaki is a guy in real life! He's sure to be disappointed and at least a little weirded out. But Terazaki is in for a surprise...

    (Chapters labelled "comiket previews" are previews of comiket doujin books. The rest are standalone pixiv comics for the same series.)

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    I, Takayama Aruto was summoned again in replay mode, keeping all of my past stats. This time, a large Hero’s Summoning was conducted which brought along the whole class. Sick of doing the job of a Hero, I hid my stats from the others and chose to become a merchant. But, I must have hidden my stats so well that our summoner thought I was trash and was casted aside. So, I decided to form a party with the three beauties in my class who were similarly thought to be useless (a Tsundere, a lolita and a meek girl)! But, it’s okay. I still have my Item Box and Item Shop. I’ll just have to make whatever it is I need! And so, I led a relaxed life in another world creating items DIY and hawking, but…… The Dragon Demon Lord and my past wife, a succubus comes knocking on my doorstep and seeking love. It seems that the transmigration this time is going to be troublesome yet again!


    TL;DR Version: OP Harem Isekai Protag gets Isekai'd again (with his entire class this time), hides double OP abilities for slow-life living, starts new harem with girls from the class and the harem from the first otherworld that followed him to this one.
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    Lilian McKellion, the girl who wanted to avoid a bad end, willingly went to the insomniac emperor in place of her sister, Laelin.

    She is tasked to help the sleepless emperor, who was cursed by a witch, by using her ability to induce sleep whenever she touches another person's body with her lips.

    Can Lilian survive being with the emperor, ‘Kael Rue Kaldorf?'
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    Love comedy About a master who just wants to make his maid smile and laugh! Keichiro Hayase, is the next head of the famous Hayase clan of Japan, and is an elite member A conglomerate of companies Kishi-san, the maid who always coolly covers his only drawback, his unreliability, keichiro tries to please her but she won’t change her expression at all!
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    Onizuka is an Oni and her childhood friend Sawarida is a human who likes to touch weird stuff. She might be in love with him, but he is too dense for love or is it the other way around?

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    Losing his memories as a compensation for a transfer to another world, the curtains of the story of Kelvin rise. While steadily getting stronger, he adds new subordinates by mastering his skills in hope to get powerful enough to summon his Angel Follower who he has supposedly fallen in love previous to the memory loss, but by the time he noticed it, he had obtained overwhelming power...

    Russian / Русский

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    Acting pretentious is his hobby! Being the ultimate rich player, he’s used to spending “expenses” around others on the down-low, having the most extravagant equipment and armor. In the gaming world, there's nothing that can't be solved with money!
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    In this 4-koma spinoff of Kaguya Wants to be Confessed to, the members of Shuchiin's Mass Media Club, Erika Kose and Karen Kino, idolize Student Council Vice President Kaguya Shinomiya. This is the comedic tale of two delusional girls who have absolutely no idea what goes on in the Student Council room!
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    Haunted by a space flight accident that claimed the life of his beloved wife, Yuri finds himself six years later as part of a team of debris cleaners on a vessel called the Toy Box charged with clearing space junk from space flight paths. The team consists of Hachimaki, a hot shot debris-man with a sailor's affinity for the orbital ocean; Fee, a chain-smoking tomboy beauty with an abrasive edge; and Pops, a veteran orbital mechanic whose avuncular presence soothes the stress of the job.

    Russian / Русский
    2075 год. Человечество вырвалось из пут земного притяжения и теперь активно осваивает близлежащий космос и Луну. Постоянно возрастающее количество техники на орбите Земли привело к возникновению новой профессии - "сборщик космолома", "космический мусорщик" - настолько же важной, насколько непрестижной. Хосино Хатирота (для друзей Хатимаки) работает "сборщиком космолома". Его работа сложна и опасна, но довольно рутинна. Тем не менее, мечты о собственном корабле, о свободе живы. Но к чему могут привести мечты в таком холодном, пустом и безбрежном космосе?...

    Won the Seiun Award for Best Comic of the Year in 2002.

    Uzayda 6 yıl önce geçirdiği kazada eşini kaybetmiş olan yuri ‘toy box’ isimli gemide etrafı dolaşıp uzay boşluğunu temizleyen ekibin bir parçasıdır. Uzayda dağılmış enkazları toplayarak uydulara, uzay istasyonlarına çarpıp hasar oluşturmalarını önlerler.
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    Asta and Yuno were abandoned together at the same church, and have been inseparable since. As children, they promised that they would compete against each other to see who would become the next Emperor Magus. However, as they grew up, some differences between them became plain. Yuno was a genius with magic, with amazing power and control, while Asta could not use magic at all, and tried to make up for his lack by training physically. When they received their Grimoires at age 15, Yuno got a spectacular book with a four-leaf clover (most people receive a three-leaf-clover), while Asta received nothing at all. However, when Yuno was threatened, the truth about Asta's power was revealed, he received a five-leaf clover Grimoire, a "black clover"! Now the two friends are heading out in the world, both seeking the same goal!

    Polish / polski:

    Portuguese (BR) / Português (BR):

    AnimeNewsNetwork (special)
    AnimeNewsNetwork (anime)
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    Chen Fan died in the midst of divine tribulation, having reached the pinnacle of the cultivation world in less than 500 years. Somehow, despite the loss of his cultivation base, he was able to return to his youth as a high school student living on Earth. He decided to once again tread the path to immortality, armed with the knowledge he had gathered in his past life, to overwrite his past mistakes, remove his lingering regrets, and set a firm spiritual foundation that will guarantee success in his inevitable attempt to once again ascend to another plane of existence.

    Portuguese / Português
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    Baki Hanma is a generally happy student with a rather odd hobby; he likes fighting. Specifically, he likes fighting in a secret martial arts tournament that gathers the greatest fighters of the world and pits them against each other in really nasty combat. Whether you're a sumo wrestler, a karate expert, or a guy who specializes in ripping out your opponent's nerves, you're welcome to participate (as long as you can keep quiet about it, of course). Anyway, Baki may be the youngest fighter the tournament has ever seen, but he's also the best, and he really enjoys what he does.

    AnimeNewsNetwork Links:
    Season 1
    Season 2
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    After saving the world, the strongest hero who has no place to go anywhere · Leo. Power that is too strong can not enter the peaceful world …… Such a place of employment where he arrived – the former enemy, the Magus army! The 2nd Kakuyomukon

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    4 Koma based on the mobile game Guns Girl Z (Houkai Gakuen / Houkai Gakuen 2)
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    A girl is obsessed with her favorite idol, a minor member of a less popular group, enough that she says she'd die to see her play at Budoukan.
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    With the zombie outbreak, chaos begins. However, as intelligent zombies begin appearing, will the world take a turn for the better or the worse?
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    Takasugi Koyuki who is 180cm, gloomy and shy is secretly fond of Komaeda Masakatsu, who is short in stature but has a big heart. Will the distance between the two obvious mismatch be shortened---?!


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