Chinese (Simp) Limbless Schira

  • 10.00
  • 4
  • 108

Will the child be turned into demons? Why is it related to the past lives? In order to save the white nights that are cursed by the curse, Ye Ye embarked on a curse of liberation and curse. As the journey deepens, the truth of past lives is revealed a little... This is a collection of intrigues, Daguai, friendship and love, and everything. Want to see the magical elements of the hilarious adventure story!

Japanese Kono Oto Tomare!

  • 9.73
  • 1,422
  • 15,725
  • 17

Since the graduation of the senior members of the club, Takezou ends up being the sole member of the "Koto" (traditional Japanese string instrument) club. Now that the new school year has begun, Takezou will have to seek out new members for the club, or the club will be terminated. Out of nowhere, a new member barges into the near-abandoned club room, demanding to join the club. How will Takezou be able to keep his club alive and deal with this rascal of a new member?

Japanese Hinekure Chaser

  • 1.00
  • 21
  • 561

"My hero alone... is how it was supposed to be! Why is that guy always by his side?!"

After Hirokawa Hozumi was saved by Odajima Yamato, whom he then fell in love with, and changed schools to chase after him.
But because Yamato's childhood friend Misaki is always by his side, Hozumi becomes frustrated.
Every day he takes out his anger on Misaki and Yamato gets angry with him.
Although he is glad about any kind of feelings Yamato has for him, Yamato one day punishes him with a kiss...?

A story about two people who find together even though they're not honest with each other, and their long road to love. A bit erotic and cute!

v.1: Hinekure Chaser
v.2: Motto! Hinekure Chaser Vol. 1
v.3: Motto! Hinekure Chaser Vol. 2
v.4: Motto! Hinekure Chaser Vol. 3

English Space Boy

  • 10.00
  • 15
  • 836

A girl who belongs in a different time. A boy possessed by an emptiness as deep as space. A story about an alien artifact, a mysterious murder, and a love that crosses light years.

"Una chica que pertenece a un diferente tiempo. Un chico poseido por un vacio tan profundo como el espacio. Una historia sobre un artefacto alienigena, un misterioso asesinato y un amor que cruza años luz."

Japanese Aisareru yori ○ Saretai

  • 5.29
  • 517
  • 10,310
  • 13

Every day, Asahide goes to school depressed. This changes one day when he meets a girl on the rooftop. But there seems to be more to this mysterious girl than she lets on...

Japanese Hatarakanai Futari

  • 8.71
  • 1,306
  • 18,675
  • 13

A slice-of-life story about two siblings, both jobless shut-ins. Haruko is a teenage girl who shares with her brother a love of laying around the house in sweats, watching television and playing video games. Her brother has a few friends, but Haruko has a lot of problems with social anxiety. The two of them pass their days happily playing together, though their mother worries about how she's going to get Haruko to shape up enough to find a husband.

Japanese Sing, Erinna!

  • 7.62
  • 195
  • 4,855
  • 2

Ancient Greece. In a time when women were not even permitted to step foot outdoors on their own... Erinna is a bit of a strange girl who aspires to join the ranks of Greece’s finest artistsーthe poets. Taken under the wing of Sappho, the greatest poetess of her day, Erinna wholeheartedly ignores her maidenhood and domestic training to throw herself into song and harp! She’ll be participating in a choir competition in the spring, but...?! Set in an Ancient Greek girls’ school, experience the story of Erinna’s wonderful youth with her best friend and upperclassmen!

Japanese Yuri Danshi-kun

  • 0.00
  • 32
  • 572
  • 1

Listen to this. While we were at a Yakitori place talking about otaku stuff, we were blown into an alternate world. You may not believe what we are saying, but what is more unbelievable is that there are no girls in this world!! None! Nada! Zilch!!! Auuuugggghhhh! A bunch of good-looking dudes who like yuri: Kagome, Fuuga, Kamakura, Sakuragaoka, Ototachibana, Musashino, Hanadera. How are they going to live in a world full of only dudes!? It’s full-on survival of the fittest! Not! So it’s just your average unusual manga! Rest assured!

Japanese Gunjou no Subete

  • 6.67
  • 36
  • 771

Makihara Kai and Mizushiro Ren have been in the same class from the beginning of middle school to their second year of high school. But then they’re separated in their last year. In the days where nothing ever changes, small ripples begin to form and hidden feelings begin to bloom. You want to say it, but you can’t. Those words hidden for ages deep in your heart…when they come out, what will the answer be?
A journey of soundless love and youth.

Chinese (Simp) Holy Ancestor

  • 7.35
  • 397
  • 12,276
  • 4

This is a brand new upgraded divine world. There are King Zhou, Jiang Ziya, Su Yuji and Yang Lan. All of them are peak figures here. Also, there are Kings and Three Emperors of Huoyun Cave here. There are Saints and Daoist sects here. Ancient Gods and Devils, Chi You and Xing Tian are here too. Last but not least, we also have a youth named Luo Lie. He will open up a new divine era where “he is not a hero but he is unmatched in the world”!

Japanese Escape Journey

  • 6.20
  • 43
  • 964

In college, Naoto has an unexpected reunion with ex-boyfriend Taichi who he broke up with for denouncing him as "sexual gratification". Naoto had been firmly influenced by his hatred of this past incident but, little by little his heart is starting to forgive Taichi who has really grown when compared to their time in high school... While that's happening, their friend Fumi-chan seems to be in love with Taichi...? When they are friends, they have extraordinary compatibility, but turning it into love isn't going too well. A love story filled with emotional scars.

Chinese (Simp) Lord Xue Ying

  • 5.86
  • 393
  • 16,526
  • 5

In the Tranquil Sun province of the empire, there exists an unremarkable lordship known as Xue Ying Territory! This is the home of the Dong Bo clan, the clan of our hero Xue Ying! His father, a commoner turned noble; his mother, a noble who abandoned her clan for love, and his brother, an innocent toddler. But peace cannot last forever, Xue Ying’s peaceful life is shattered, and the only way to reclaim it is through power!

Chinese (Simp) Tiger x Crane

  • 7.10
  • 356
  • 4,882
  • 2

Amongst demons, dark arts, and rare mystical treasures, a chance meeting between a boy named Tiger and Xiao Xuang, a powerful exorcist, marks the beginning of a great friendship. So begins the adventures of Tiger and company in a fantasy world where demons are tamed and tradition is protected.

Chinese (Simp) DOLO's Destiny Pill

  • 7.50
  • 38
  • 1,449
  • 1

She isnt beautiful and isnt smart, is this why she is at the bottom of society? If there was something that allowed you to reverse fate, are you willing to pay something so precious and valuable to change it?

Japanese Okukoi Escape

  • 6.33
  • 13
  • 696

In order to live by his principles of never losing a fight, high schooler Kanzaki Ryousuke will run from everything to win! …or at least that’s what he wants to do. Even though he always tries stay away from trouble, he saves his classmate Ikasa Kaede from a fight. Will Kaede be able to steal Ryousuke’s heart with his piercing gaze…? Suddenly, the transfer student Amano Fumi who made a promise to marry Kaede appears?! A heart pounding school love story about their unripe love! A second volume about Fumi and the playboy Zono’s perverted times together and rough sketches included!

Japanese Girls und Panzer der Film Variante

  • 9.50
  • 36
  • 569

Girls und Panzer der Film Variante recreates Girls und Panzer der Film as a manga beginning at the same point, during the exhibition match commemorating Ooarai Girls High School’s victory in the 63rd Sensha-do tournament

Japanese Yuri Danshi

  • 8.00
  • 197
  • 580

Hanadera Keisuke is obsessed with yuri, and he's read all the Yuri Hime manga. However, he is sadly aware that there is one thing a lesbian romance absolutely does not need-- him. One day, a student named Akane transferred to his class from an all-girls school. She used to go to school with another classmate, Saori, and Akane immediately tried to pick up their friendship. However, her clinginess, desire for alone-time, and intensity all convinced Keisuke that he was finally seeing yuri in reality! Soon enough, Keisuke had stalked them enough to see a love triangle between Saori, newcomer Akane, and their standoffish classmate Matsuoka. Is there truth to his observations, or is he viewing the world through yuri-tinted glasses?

Japanese Zenryoku Henai Girl

  • 7.79
  • 1,118
  • 21,394
  • 8

A super rich Ojou-sama, Aiu Eiko is passionately in love with her classmate, Nagi Nagisa. The daily life of a little(?) weird high school girl.

(Not to be confused with the hentai work of a similar name)

Japanese Mousou Telepathy

  • 8.56
  • 5,262
  • 170,071
  • 183

Nakano-san is a high school girl who can look into people's minds. Because of that, she finds out that the mind of the popular Toda-kun is full of wild fantasies about her! Or is it?

Japanese Loveless - For Your Eyes Only

  • 0.00
  • 5
  • 517

This is only a partial of the artbook.

Canadian Test

  • 9.28
  • 285
  • 29,964
  • 136

From the creator of popular series like Two Piece, Daruto, and Detergent, comes the series Test, an award winning romantic comedy about a high school weapon meister named Yugi as he travels the entire world collecting all the Life Notes, so that one day he can recover his brother's body after performing the taboo of one punching the Titan we saw that day with his Stand and becoming the Nokage Pirate King. Watch as he roams through the Holy Empire of Britannia with his Onii-chan and generic harem girls as they conquer all odds with the power of friendship, love and...(why don't they just bang each other.) In this feature length epic rivaling that of Gilgamesh and the Iliad we will explore the mentality and sociology of these societal menaces as they ravage the Earth in their never quenchable thirst for imoutos.

Reviewers gives this series a 10/10 for the unconventional portrayal of the magical girl genre.
Nominated for the 1st Mangadex Award for Worst Manga of the Year. Winner of the 1st Mangadex Awards for Best Manga of the Year.

"I read this manga for inspiration" - Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States.
Recomended Anime

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Japanese Sakurai-san's Great Energy

  • 9.33
  • 114
  • 898
  • 2

A series of short, standalone one-shots serialized as intermissions in a certain magazine (usually one per issue).

Japanese Hibiki - Shousetsuka ni Naru Houhou

  • 9.08
  • 658
  • 12,720
  • 14

Winner of the 2017 Manga Taisho Award.

The literature industry is suffering from the publishing recession. While the literary magazine 'Mokuren' was grieving over the present state of affairs, a composition intended for their Newcomer's Award was sent to their editing department. However, it completely ignored the application rules. It should have been torn to shreds, but the work caught the eye of a sole editor. As a result, the world began to change.

Japanese Pet Shop of Horrors

  • 0.00
  • 6
  • 111

A smoke-filled alley in Chinatown harbors Count D's Pet Shop. The pets sold here aren't your everyday variety and the Count prides himself on selling Love and Dreams in the form of magical creatures that come with an exclusive contract. But buyers beware. If the contract is broken the Count cannot be held accountable for whatever may happen. A fascinating and macabre look into the very soul of human nature.

Japanese Shin Pet Shop of Horrors

  • 8.50
  • 35
  • 789

Count D has opened his petshop again, this time in Tokyo's Shinjuku!

For those who haven't read Petshop of Horrors, Count D's Petshop is a place where one can find animals from the most ordinary housepets to savage predators to mystical beasts that should belong only in legends. Customers often find that their new pets change their lives more than they expect, fulfilling their dreams, or realizing their nightmares.

Japanese Witch Craft Works

  • 8.70
  • 2,554
  • 19,766
  • 17

Takamiya Honoka, a regular student, sits next to Kagari Ayaka, the idol of the school, and a perfect girl in every way. Her fans are hostile to the extent of harassing anyone who gets close to their princess, so Takamiya-kun is always in trouble. One day Takamiya is suddenly attacked by an unknown force, but he is rescued by a powerful sorceress of fire, who happens to be... Kagari Ayaka herself!

Japanese Grashros

  • 7.63
  • 1,450
  • 84,134
  • 79

A story set 30,000 years ago, starring the Cro-Magnon, by the duo behind Kami-sama no Iu Toori.

The story follows Akuu, the Cursed Child, born during the night of a blood moon, said to bring calamity upon all and his attempt to fight destiny.

Japanese Tomo-chan wa Onna no ko!

  • 8.68
  • 8,371
  • 265,742
  • 256

Tomo Aizawa was able to successfully confess to her crush Junichirou Kubota. There is only one problem: He just sees her as his buddy. He thought that she was a boy until they went to middle school together, because her grade school was in a different school district.


  • Author's Twitter
  • Japanese Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo

    • 8.50
    • 190
    • 8,184

    Kindaichi (frequently with best-bud, Miyuki) travels to various places where a murder has taken place, typically involving ghosts, curses, myths and folklore of significant events from the distant past, and solves the mystery using ingenious deductions of curious clues and his cool magic.

    Japanese Narrow - Place Collection

    • 1.00
    • 10
    • 703

    - Taichi x Naoto (Escape Journey)
    - Hayashida x Shuna (Hadakeru Kaibutsu)
    - Natsuo x Hiro (Renai Rubi no Tadashii Furikata)

    Japanese Oko-sama Star

    • 4.80
    • 40
    • 922

    Ever friendly Honda is just as scared of loner Kaidou's blond hair, piercings, and wild rumors of yakuza connections as the rest of his class but somehow that doesn't stop him from approaching Kaidou when he runs into him at a children's live action event. Maybe Kaidou's not as scary as he looks and perhaps Honda's not as inclusive as he thinks he is .... A sweet tale of mismatched appearances and the desire to monopolize.

    Japanese Sui Youbi

    • 8.65
    • 1,338
    • 7,679
    • 5

    Meet Sui, a native from an unspecified foreign country. She has moved to Japan to get married and this story revolves around her adapting to Japanese culture and life…

    Japanese The Story of a Girl with Sanpaku Eyes

    • 8.65
    • 1,579
    • 18,081
    • 27

    Trivia Notes : Sanpaku (三白) is a Japanese term meaning "three whites". It is generally referred to in English as "sanpaku eyes" and refers to eyes in which the white space above or below the iris is visible.

    Japanese Femme Fatale

    • 9.33
    • 76
    • 1,195

    The term “femme fatale”, or “deadly woman”, is a stereotype of an alluring woman who charms her lover into an unsatiable desire for her, and draws them into dangerous situations. Its Japanese translation means “the fated woman”. In this thrilling romance, Saito Hajime joins a club at his college and meets the “femme fatale”: Yukari Ebisawa, a graduate student who loves donuts and has quite a quirky personality – and a boyfriend. However, their relationship soon becomes complicated, interfering with their friends, work, and club duties…

    Japanese Wonder Cat Kyuu-chan

    • 9.11
    • 749
    • 15,131
    • 15

    The cute Kyuu-chan is a wonder cat. Dance, sing, be happy together!

    Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal

    • 0.00
    • 11
    • 707

    The series is set in the near future. Something unexpected happens as Ryoga Kamishiro challenges Yuma Tsukumo to a Duel. When the mysterious entity Astral appears before them, a new legend begins.

    Japanese Ore ga Ojou-sama Gakkou ni "Shomin Sample" Toshite Rachirareta Ken

    • 8.38
    • 4,441
    • 97,330
    • 101

    In a hidden school surrounded by mountains, young ladies of good families are taught everything a high class lady needs to know. They are also completely cut off from the outside world, keeping them sheltered and innocent. However, a problem has come up recently-- more and more graduates are failing to cope with the modern world after graduation. To deal with this problem, they've decided to kidnap a male commoner student, and enroll him as a student. They hope that this will be a gentle way to introduce the girls to the outside world. Kagurazaka Kimito is chosen for this dubious honor, mostly because he seems utterly average. However, the school leaders also seem to have concluded he's a homosexual with a muscle fetish. When Kimito hears that the alternative may be castration (to protect the girls' purity), he eagerly plays along with this misconception. Now he'll just have to survive the attention of many high class young ladies that are completely out of touch with the world.

    Chinese (Simp) Taizi

    • 6.33
    • 8
    • 324

    From ManyakTrans:

    Formerly esteemed as a prince, Yong Qi got accused of a crime and was used to stage his brother's way to the throne. But what they don?t know is that this brother of his actually has strong feelings for Yong Qi.

    Will this story turn out to be yet another fight for the throne or will it be romantic just like a poem?

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