Kimiiro Focus
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  • I Focus on Your Color
  • Kimi Iro Focus
  • Kimi-iro Focus
  • Rengine Odaklan
  • Акцент на цвет
  • キミイロフォーカス
  • 君色写真
  • 天才寫真少年
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  • 95
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Photography is the art to grasp beauty with the one and only tool, a camera. Oji's dream is to become a photographer that photographs at the front lines of war, to take pictures of historical events taking place in front of his eyes. However, his childhood friend, Sumire, doesn't think that he is capable of becoming one. In his photography club, Oji shows his photos to the group, and his upperclassman, Ran, points out that Sumire is a good target to photograph. Oji manages to get permission to take photos of Sumire, and during his shoot, Sumire notices that Oji is acting differently than before. Later they find out that one of Oji's pictures won an award! Sumire congratulates him, but Oji sees beyond his award. He claims that he learned that he has much more potential than he thinks. Ran, overseeing this, plans to take Oji to the next level so he can capture true beauty through the lens of a camera!
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