Alt name(s):
  • Guardian
  • 番人
  • 7.60
  • 6.00
  • 10
Pub. status:
  • 3,221
  • 36
  • 4
1: Bannin (The Guardian)
Kazuhiko Saibara finds himself dead in the woods surrounding his family's summer villa. As the family servant digs his grave, Saihara's feeble-minded younger brother gazes absently upon the scene, and Saihara himself begins to recount the events that led to his demise.

2: Show Me Heaven
The smile of a skinny angel opens up a closed-minded man's heart.

3: Sora no Uragawa (The Other Side Of The Sky)
Yousuke, Tamotsu and Satoshi are high school buddies until tragedy breaks them apart. Ten years later, the death of one of them brings the remaining two friends back together and past wounds are torn open.

4: Meguriai Cosmo (A Chance Encounter In The Cosmos)
Klaus is the hideous commander of a starship with a hideous crew. One day, his crew captures a gorgeous young man, who reminds the captain of someone from long, long ago. Repulsed by his appearance, the prisoner does his best to make things difficult for Klaus, but Klaus's warm and kind heart does him in...
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