Yesterday wo Utatte
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  • Bana Dünü Söyle
  • Sing "Yesterday" for Me
  • Sing Yesterday for Me
  • Sing Yesterday!
  • Yesterday o Utatte
  • イエスタデイをうたって
  • 昨日之歌
  • 8.16
  • 8.20
  • 339
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  • 104,690
  • 5,605
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After college, Rikuo Uozumi, a boy without much ambition in life, takes on a job at a convenience store. The days pass by uneventfully for Rikuo until he meets his former love interest and classmate, but especially thanks to the unusual Haru Nonaka, and her pet crow…
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  • Volume 0/11
  • Chapter 0/113

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until which chapter did the anime cover?
there was no point in reading this last volume then barely anything changed
rikuo is still a dumbass
Dont waste your time reading this just skip to the final volume.
I think the anime portrayed pretty well. It just felt really off and awkward during that time that you already know Which is probably why I really enjoyed the ending more after watching the anime then reading the manga.
This manga is in the category I would call "too real"
Starting to read cos the anime is interesting, ngl kinda disappointed with that end

nonetheless, I still enjoy the ride. its one of a kind manga that could reflect real life.
irl, not everyone can be happy,
where there is happiness, there are others who are hurt
glad he ended up with who i wanted but mannnnnnn.. that ending felt very hollow like is that really it?
Should i watch the anime or read the manga?
(Kinda risky going to the comments section tho)
He ended up with who I wanted him to end up with, but I honestly wished it had a better ending.
Nonetheless, I still somewhat enjoyed the manga, and I'm excited to watch how some scenes play out in the anime
Quite the comment section. I'm gonna put this on hold until there's a chill rainy day. Currently at volume 4, so I think it'll be pretty easy to finish it in one day.
fyi, kinoshita, rikuo's coworker, is also MC's friend back from high school days in Hitsuji no Uta, that's a neat crossover

also, Hitsuji no Uta is actually Toume's masterpiece (or rather i want to consider so), so definitly give it a shot if you like this one
Not sure what to think about this manga, the ending felt like its missing 1 chapter or so or sth like time skip maybe, it somehow end with some sorft of cliffhanger
Also i think the whole
Pidin tästä hyvin paljon. Erityisesti tarinan kuljettamisesta ja kuinka se kohtelee lukijaansa. Niin hyvässä kuin pahassakin. Vain pari seikkaa jäi harmittamaan. Ensinnä on yksi aihe joka jätettiin käsittelemättä ja toisena lopetus (vaikka olikin hyvä se ei onnistunut luomaan tyydytystä). Taiteellistakin puolta tekisi mieli ylistää mutta sanottakoot vain että suojelkaa Harun hymyä ikuisesti.

Haru's smile is best.
Pls, translate de last one... ;-;
17 years, it actually ended pretty solid. If you ignore the last 10 pages where she went nuts and tried to destroy the whole character development of that character, wich was one of the great points of the series.

It's a solid love story, but it has a lot of cliche's so i could see people not liking it that much. But besides that the feelings part and the depth the character's have is pretty solid for a romance ngl, Specially when it comes to the way they view relationships and dig on other people's advice on their relationship.

I actually saw myself, and a lot of relationships i know in a lot of scenes, sure it may seem over the edge and unexepected to anyone to have a Girl like Haru to appear in your life, but there's definitely cases where that happens. And when it happens it's worthy of a story just like this one.

Since it was so addicting to me i rate it: 9/10
But i could see the grade going to: 8/10 for those moments that make me freaking mad in every romance, but hey. I dig it
love octagon, to be more accurate
Yes it’s a love triangle