The Ruler of the Land
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Alt name(s):
  • Burning Blood Kangho
  • Hiệp Khách Giang Hồ
  • Rexue Jianghu
  • Ruler of the Land
  • Sabre & Dragon
  • Sabre et Dragon
  • Yeolhyeol Gangho
  • Yul Hyul Gang Ho
  • Yul Hyul Kang Ho
  • Yulgang
  • Žemių Valdovas
  • Правитель
  • 熱血江湖
  • 열강
  • 열혈강호
  • 8.61
  • 8.83
  • 205
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  • 204,734
  • 4,935
  • 668
Bi-Kwang is a handsome young warrior who becomes a drooling mess whenever he sees a pretty girl. Out on the road he meets an extraordinary swordfighter with no name who is searching for a legendary master warrior. Bi-Kwang promises to aid the swordfighter if he lets Bi-Kwang meet his beautiful sister. Of course, it turns out the swordfighter is the sister, Hwa-Rin Dahm, and she must switch identities to keep the plot moving along. Bi-Kwang is immediately smitten, and thus we have a triangle involving only two people.

This manhwa was made into a MMORPG.

Note: Although there are many chapters listed as missing, nothing is actually missing. The numbering changed a few times, hence why it displays as missing.
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