Franken Fran
Alt name(s):
  • Franken Furan
  • Franken-Furan
  • Франкен Фран
  • フランケン・ふらん
  • 疯狂怪医芙兰
  • 科学怪人少女
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  • 8.80
  • 340
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  • 52,814
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There is a Gothic-style mansion in a distant, rarely-visited part of Japan. There, the world's greatest surgeon, Naomitsu Madaraki, once lived but he hasn't come home in ages.

Instead, the professor's "daughter," Fran Madaraki, lives there with a large amount of her own ghoulish creations and her "younger sister" Veronica. She's a very unusual girl, what with the stitch patterns on her face and the giant bolts on either side of her head. Just as skilled at surgery as her father, and if you're willing to pay her price, she can do everything up to and including raising the dead. Fran believes that a life should be saved no matter the cost, and keep that in mind, since the results of her surgeries are rarely (if ever) pretty.

Fran can make anyone into anything, raise the dead, switch heads and bodies, and give you those eyes that you've always wanted. But do you actually want them? Is it a good thing to raise the dead? Do the ends justify the means? And does Fran care?
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