Feel Free to Hug Me
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  • Dakishimete mo Iiyo
  • Feel Free to Hug Me
  • Hug Me If You Want
  • 抱きしめてもいいよ
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Unless they find a family that will love them, the stuffed animals in a certain shop keep growing until they're larger than life! Which is exactly what happened to the cute teddy bear Rio. He loves the boss and his friends who live in the store, though, so he hasn't been lonely. Then, one day, a new shopping mall calls up, looking to make Rio their mascot! Except... Rio would rather stay with his boss. In order to make this happen, he asks the owner (who happens to be a magician) to turn him into a human, but the magic doesn't last long! The two of them have to figure out how to make it last before the mall comes to pick him up if he's to stay that way...! This is a pure love story between a teddy bear-turned-boy who doesn't know what love is, and his hot-and-cold boss!
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