Reinouryokusha Odagiri Kyouko no Uso
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Alt name(s):
  • Lie of the Clairvoyant Odagiri Kyoko
  • Odagiri Kyouko no Uso
  • Odakyo
  • Psychic Odagiri Kyouko's Lies
  • Reinouryokusha Odagiri Kyoko no Uso
  • Reinouryoukusha Odagiri Kyo
  • 灵能力者小田雾响子之谎言
  • 霊能力者小田霧響子の嘘
  • 7.83
  • 6.92
  • 13
Pub. status:
  • 10,558
  • 369
  • 7
Story of a buxom and no-nonsense crime-fighting mentalist.
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  • Volume 0/7
  • Chapter 0/?

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Could someone scan this?
Oh I'm glad I read this when I saw it! This is a great time!
Hi Fukunaga, bye Fukunaga, it was nice to see you again even for a bit and I bet Akiyama was laughing when her prediction was off
@goronyanpai: very few people touch Kaitani Shinobu's these days. The groups that did Liar Game, other than TDX, either disbanded or dwindled in importance long ago. TDX only does that manga about baseball nowadays.

It's not that we're continuing this. I don't have time to translate it, and we don't have the staff. This chapter was forgotten in our archives and this week I found someone to take a look at the translation and make corrections. That's all there is to it.

His latest series, Invincible Person, was being scanlated by a Spanish group, which had an agreement with someone to produce English chapters, too. But I haven't heard of them for a while now, so at least in English there doesn't seem to be anyone working on it right now.
Continued again after so long?
This looks interesting, well, if it isn't because the author behind Liar Game
But I didn't hear the news with his latest series