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  • Βούτηρο
  • BUTTER!!!
  • Масло
  • バター!!!
  • 热舞青春
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  • 7.52
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Each of the high school students in the small dance club is there for a different reason. Natsu joined due to her love of hip-hop dance, and Haba Takahiro's presence is all thanks to some relentless bullies. Whatever brought them all to the club, they're now learning about the different styles of social dance from the skillful vice president Kazumi and the hesitant president Hajime. As they learn the joys of dancing, they will also grow closer to each other...
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  • Volume 0/6
  • Chapter 0/34

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I think this story is worth the read. It's the author's first serialization, so it's not perfect and lacking in areas, but I think they nailed the mood and the mundane/everyday interactions between highschool kids quite well. Nothing too dramatic happens, but the things that do are just as important. And yes, it's more of a slice of life than romance. The romance that is there, like the general mood of the story, it's very subtle and quiet, but personally I found that refreshing in the sea of dramatic (and often times unrealistic) romances. I do think the story is quite fun too, and I just really liked the character dynamics.

If you're interested in this for the romance, it's hardly there.
awww this is so fun and endearing