Short Program
Alt name(s):
  • Short Program - Girl's Type
  • Shōto Puroguramu
  • Короткая программа
  • ショート・プログラム 2 あだち充傑作短編作品集
  • ショート・プログラム 3 あだち充傑作短編作品集
  • ショート・プログラム ガールズタイプ
  • ショートプログラム
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Probably one of the most difficult feats in manga is to tell a compelling short story, and Mitsuru Adachi is a master of the medium. This selection of some of his best short works include two tales in the dangerous life of a pretty private-eye-to-be; a boy's stop-off on the way changes his life's destination; five short-shorts in a quirky cafe; Japan's future ace pitcher can't even throw a ball; when a school play goes bad, the world is a stage for love and karate; a drama of rugby and past lives; two off-beat time-travel tales; and more! Mitsuru Adachi's low-key but high-impact stories are a must read for any manga aficionado.

This collection, titled simply Short Program, collected stories by Adachi published between 1985 and now.

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