Suterareta Tensei Kenja
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  • Abandoned Reincarnation Sage
  • Abandoned Reincarnation Sage: Build the Strongest Monster Empire in the Monster Forest
  • Suterareta Tensei Kenja ~Mamono no Mori de Saikyou no Dai Mateikoku wo Tsukuriageru~
  • The Reincarnated Sage Who Was Abandoned
  • The Reincarnated Sage Who Was Abandoned ~I Will Create the Strongest Demon Empire in the Demon Forest~
  • Реинкарнация мудреца
  • Реинкарнация мудреца ~Создание самой сильной империи в лесу демонов~
  • 捨てられた転生賢者
  • 捨てられた転生賢者~魔物の森で最強の大魔帝国を作り上げる~
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At his death, the great sage used the new magic he developed to reincarnate into the future. However, he was deemed to be talentless and abandoned in the forest of monsters where he was picked up and raised by goblins. To repay them, he helped them evolve and taught them magic. The story of the abandoned child who will build what would be known as the great empire of monsters. (Source: Mangaupdates)

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    Everyone is giving their opinion about this manga so I'll do it too.
    I love it! I agree that the design of the MC in the cover looks weird but overall the designs inside the actual manga look pretty good, the characters have their charm and the story is going smoothly and perfect imo!

    Now about the translations, there seem to be many words written wrong or in another sense but the meaning is still there trhough the whole sentence, so I don't really mind.
    No but seriously whats wrong with the dude on the covers his anatomy is all kinds of fucked guy looks like a hobbit
    Around Elves. Watch yourselves.
    The mere idea that someone can draw like absolute garbage, for 30 years, while actually dedicating time to it as a hobby, is pretty much nonsense.
    You can get better at drawing in less than 5 days if you actually try to improve. Look up "art workshops" and you'll get the gist of it.
    It is quite normal to suck at something after doing it for years, especially if you believe you are good at it - after all after reaching a certain degree you will need to actively try to get better to improve.

    Just because you repeat the same thing over and over doesn't mean you will get any better, you will plateau at a certain level and stop improving...

    @mangareaderxx77 you literally just write @ and their name after that

    oh, but what I really came to say is...
    somebody should delete the WN link, the author removed it from syosetu
    you can do something for years and still suck at it
    think of all the people that have played league for years and aren't challenger

    i myself love singing, do it constantly, and am shit at it. key thing is I always do the same thing, I never look up how to improve, for free youtube video lessons, or anything. I just do it

    doing it a lot doesn't mean that you're constantly analyzing it, trying new things, improving your craft

    idk how to tag people but someone tag xeno77
    @ken878 thanks i'll keep a look out, i've been keeping it on my md list (reading), it's pretty decent, i don't really hate it, if tensei shitara slime datta ken didn't exist i'd say it's an original and brilliant manga, but it feels all too similar to it so I'm kinda skeptical
    Wowwww magic op shota how original
    @xeno77 I mean, you could say the same thing about Picasso?
    @xeno77 sometimes things... just dont work out. i relate all to well to this chapter. minus the delusion
    Makes you wonder how bad his spell book art would look like. Magic circle, more like magic potato.
    ok how the fuck does a painting of a man with 30 years of experience look like something a child would draw
    iam really like really bad at drawing cause i never draw anything but my shit is still better then that and u want to tell me someone with 30 years of experience is that bad
    How is that even possible?!
    @bejad007 probably
    ummm, ok

    Rimuru knock-off
    So far good dumb fun, and the first chapter or so was perhaps even genuinely heartwarming.

    ...Albeit with a pretty blatant dose of colonizer kitsch in enacting it's "wise human brings civilization to dumb monsters" plot.

    And given the unecessarily busty goblin maids loitering around and the typical haphazard quality of the writing, the future of that "harem" tag seems possibly rather grim.


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    disgusting, waste of time
    Target audience must be 10 or younger
    It's alright but wtf is that cover page. The mc looks like the hunchback of notre dame?? Like bruh was that intentional? at least he doesn't have that deformity in the actual art