Tonari no Otona-kun
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  • Chàng "người lớn" nhà bên
  • My Darling Next Door
  • The Adult Next Door
  • となりのオトナくん
  • 8.56
  • 8.78
  • 241
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  • 114,212
  • 6,377
  • 18
[from cotton candy scans]

Ririka is a high school girl who lives alone with her father. Despite not having a boyfriend, she always has a blast at school and at home everyday while leading a fulfilling life. Yet one day, she finds an extremely attractive older guy at the apartment’s garbage collection site. It turns out that he’s the salary man that just moved in next door, Hino...?
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HALO-HALO!!?? 🇵🇭 😊
is it updated monthly ?
Hinocchi is the definition of nonchalant!
FL's personality is v refreshing 😌
artwork/story is so good! ❤️😩 waiting fir the next update~~~
the author never disappoints and so far it’s really good i really like the leads
The FL keeps Whoa whoa whoa every time ML is just simply standing close to her. Its alright to be like that once, but she repeats this reaction many times to the point that it’s annoying to read.

Cant you be a little calm, girl ? Seriously...
5 chappies in, and so far, so good. The FL seems like she has a good, sensible head on her shoulders. I also love the restraint in the story, considering the age gap. (The execution in some titles like Living with Matsunaga-san leaves me a bit uncomfortable-- I guess it helps that the ML in this series is a bit of a space cadet while FL seems mentally/emotionally mature and the mangaka is really patiently growing their bond organically).

Added to my reads!
Is Ririka’s mother foreign or Japanese but living/working in France?
I dunno what's sexy about a guy carrying two glasses or a guy eating ice cream (maybe because I'm not handsome lol) but Hino sure is the type of guy you would enjoy relaxing together with. You know? One of those reassuring silence kinda situation.
@thefreeair yes yes yes 100%
We stan a shoujo heroine who is good at some things, average at others, considerate but not a martyr, and is just an overall normal person. I've been seeing more manga pop up like this lately with kind of a shoujo-meets-slice of life feel and I'm wondering if we're trending away from dumb klutzy pushovers for MCs and entering the era of normal teenage girls.
@HallowedDeep lol you're seriously getting pressed about FREE content? entitlement at its finest. If you can't read the Japanese raws, be patient.
@HallowedDeep Hi there! Thanks for the comments. Our typesetter is currently working on it and intends on finishing it. Please be patient. You can also read Rukana's other manga meanwhile.

In the future, please refrain from backhanded comments, it's not going to motivate our group to release it any faster. If you really enjoy this manga, you can purchase the monthly magazine and stay updated with the Japanese raws instead.

damn shut tf up. Never complained or whined, just expressed a reality, that it will prob be a min until I see more chapters.
@HallowedDeep The person in charge of this manga from CCS has already mentioned on Discord that they have personal issues, which has delayed the release of the next chapter. Stop whining and be patient.
Im pissed I started this series cause I can already sense that the next chapter will b 6 months from now
Love this manga 💕💕💕 cannot wait for updates. Thank you cotton candy scans for translating 😍
I love literally everything about this story and I can’t wait for updates 🙌🏻 thank you ccs, also, the font you chose is so nice
the girl is such a top tier waifu, the art is nice, the pacing is nice, even the characters are good. This is really a hidden gem