Kimi ni Todoke Special ~Soulmate~
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  • 君に届け 番外編~運命の人~, 君に届け 番外編, Kimi ni Todoke Special, Kimi ni Todoke Soulmate, ,Kimi ni Todoke Unmei no Hito
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After graduating high school, Kurumi and Sawako enter the same course in university. Kurumi invites Sawako to a mixer that she wasn't interested in, but they end up meeting some strange men... The one who appeared in the nick of time to save them was "Big Brother Eiji". It turns out he is Sawako's cousin...
Suddenly, Kurumi's "soulmate" appears...?!
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Thank you!
Yay! 😭 this is soo cute and really sureal! Ume-chan isnt all nice in the surface but is really thoughtful inside! SHES WAY TO CUTE! Thanks 🙏
@rueparables yes
Wait the ML is that guy from Crazy for You? :O
Something about the ML, I don't like. I don't what or why but I don't like him one bit.
I literally follow this scan on discord and yet I never noticed you guys were scanning this and I love it and omg I just - 😭😭😭😭 thank you. I await the next update
@Sawako23 Hi there! Thank you for the comment. Our typesetter is currently working on chapter 3. Please be patient for our upcoming update ^_^ In the meantime, there are many other manga we're working on. You can check out our other projects while you wait!
Thank you for the update
Can you please tell when the next chapter gonna come out? I just can't wait to see eiji and kurumi 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Why all the series from cotton candy scans are so good 😭❤ thank you so much!!!
I love Kimi ni Todoke so this is a nice read and refreshing with all thats going on. Thank for translating this!!!
Aaaah I just finished kimi ni todoke, was quite happy and sad then I learned about this and this time it's about Kurumi! * happy kyaaa kyaaa noises *
Gaaaah when Eiji said he's used to being rejected, I felt that man!
Oh my god i just only realized now that this cousin is the guy from Crazy for you. I was so hanged up with him in that series, i was rooting him for the FL. But now i'm so happy that he's with ume instead lol. Also i thought this will only be a one shot, guess i'm wrong again... so happy. 💕
Thanks for the update!

I'm so glad Eiji's got a whole new series about him after what happened to him in "Crazy for you". Also, Kurumi deserves to be happy this time.
Thank you for the update!

I cannot believe how wonderfully cute she is, I mean she's been soondray since ghe beginning but...ugh
Thanks for waiting on chapter 2, everyone!
We hope you enjoy this chapter as we worked very hard on it!

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thank you so much!!!!!
I really like Kurumi! She has so much potential. So glad she gets a spin-off. Looking forward to this!
@MianneChan hopefully she will be as active just like before. Please update us when you get info about Kimi ni todoke... Thank you ☺
@Kuronuma1231 actually I doubt it. It's been months when it last updated. This updates quarterly and has missed more or less 3 quarters of updates. I've been trying to get information whether the author is on break or something and it seems like the case since she's coming back next month.