How to Make Your Cool Husband Fall in Love
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  • Cool na Otto wo Koi ni Otosu Houhou
  • How to Make My Calm and Collected Husband Fall in Love With Me
  • Katabutsu Otto (kari) wo Ki ni Otosu Houhou
  • クールな夫を恋に落とす方法
  • 堅物夫(仮)を恋に落とす方法
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[from cotton candy scans]

“You guys are married from now on."

The person I’ve admired for so long suddenly becomes my husband?! Takatsuki Honoka, 22 years old. I’ve been crushing on someone since I was in high school. He’s my father’s subordinate, the cool and handsome, yet super kind Nagakura Kousuke-san. One day, Kousuke-san suddenly becomes my husband!

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😔Awww Pocket Comic app not available in my region. Thank you though for the first 4 chapters! <3 I'll keep an eye out for it when it comes here🙂
@BDM130 on our discord
Somebody @ me when we can read chapter 5
@dabson oh sweetheart bet you're a boy, aren't you. Smh
why are you so worked up hunny, get over it.
It seems that you have a "feasible way of proving that", feel free to share it 😍😍
I don't really care about being right it seems to me that you do 🤗🤗
I just copied what you said and changed the men part to women and you told that I am biased🤨🤨, guess what... right back at ya😊👌
this is gonna be the last chapter we post from cool husband series. this manga is now licensed in english! we are dropping this series to respect the author and publisher.

alternatively, we are going to post summaries for the remaining 4 chaps on discord only which will include key panels/frames.

you can buy volume 2 on amazon jp if you want to read the raw with our summary in full detail~

thank you for following us on this journey thus far.
with love, ccs.
The same story you've read before and will read again cause might as well finish it, im in that boat...
please relax, kids LOL
Bet you're a woman, arent you. Smh.


Don't even pretend men do it more when you have no feasible way of proving that. You probably only think that cause of your emotional bias towards women and your desire to want to be right.
@dabson I believe men do that faster than any woman could do.
Men, smh
the men just so good looking i can't not read this 😣
Women smh. So quick to objectify men.
ty for picking this up!!
Im one of those who enjoy romcoms with the added bit of arranged marriage to a crush! Def going to be a fan of this one. ML is mature, and FL has a bit of a peculiarity to her, but I get that sinc eshe has such a weird dad lmao. This got me giggling so bad, its just that the dynamics in the plot is cliche but also refreshing. Last I enjoyed an arranged marriage story so much was Faster than a Kiss so looking forward to this one!
im ready to risk it all for the male lead and the female lead is pretty cute. thank you so much cotton candy scans for another great manga
Reallyyyyy cute, guy is a hottie
I'm feeling excited to read this wholesome series.. 🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍
Hi from Cotton Candy Scans!

New project, this is picked out by our head JTL, Michi who also provided the raws!
Only 2 volumes to go. Pretty wholesome/cute overall.

Feel free to read our other series and follow us for more shoujo/josei releases in the future!

You can also join our Discord and chat with staff and other readers! ♥
Looks good so far! A cool-headed ikemen with a cute, energetic FL. Plot is cliché but the author made it in a more refreshing package so it isnt tiring to read at all. This manga feels so fluffy and looks like itll be mostly feel good, so Im def reading this!! Looking forward to next chap 😁 Thank you CCS for yet another wholesome and adorable and just great manga!