Edomae Elf
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  • Edomae Erufu
  • Shut-In Elf
  • 江户前的废柴精灵
  • 江戸前エルフ
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  • 8.44
  • 189
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  • 80,279
  • 5,355
  • 22
16 year old Koganei Koito is the miko of the Takamimi Shrine. In actuality, the deity of the shrine is a hikikomori elf who was summoned to her world 400 years prior and gets spoiled with offerings like games by her worshipers.
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i hate when scanlators do this.
@Ohgodpleaseno Everyone at Seven Seas are fat green haired SJWs so what do you expect? They don't actually like manga.
I don't think licensing would be met with so much derision if they didn't do such a shitty job. They take forever, their translations are loose at best, and they charge an insane markup over the original volumes. This is a perfect example; 'Edomae' in the title could mean 'Tokyo-style' or 'Before Edo', it certainly doesn't mean 'Shut-In'; the translation of the first volume is going to take at least half a year; and while the volume isn't out yet, a volume of Kase-san on Seven Seas costs $13.99 while the original on Amazon.co.jp is roughly $8.89, which is a ~57% markup.
I hope this will get picked even if it got license which will be Available in the next year ffs
let hope the publisher won't drop it halfway, leaving a fuking gap in the series..
the elf is cute
You know what i hate more than dropped manga tl? Zero-sum-game mentality of the publisher is the answer.

Fyi, zero-sum-game is a kind of mental understanding where your 'gain' is proportional with other's 'loss'. They see the world as 1 big pie. If another person take a slice, that means a slice of pie is lost from what they can take for themself. That's the same for other party. What you gain is what other's loss, and what you loss is other's gain. If you add all the gain minus all the loss for all party, it will be zero, hence the name.

They tend to make other take minimum slice (or nothing at all) so they can take the biggest slice ('gain'/benefit) as possible.

At some aspect this mentality maybe right, but not in this late age of internet piracy. Some research even stated that 'moderate level of piracy help in boosting the popularity of the product, hence raising customer awareness & raising the legal product sales'. The key is for the legal product to be as easy accessible as the pirated one, so the customer can pick a choice. Thats how steam do it for game. They give the customer easy accessible way to have a game, so the customer can have a choice to 'do the legal way' or 'going pirate'.

They enjoy the gain from customer doing legal, and enjoy the boost popularity from people going pirate, hence will make another person 'guilty' for it & make them want to support & buy the legal copy, even though they have the pirated copy of it. This balance of moderate piracy is proved to make sales of legal copy rise higher more than if no piracy happen at all.

In the end, the world is not entirely 1 big pie. What other's take isn't what you loss. Sometimes it's better for you to let other take a slice, so they can share it with another, get a free advertisement, and see a line of customer in front of your pie store like you never see before.
Bugger. Hopefully someone else picks this up.

Ah yes. Weeb Elf, my fetish.
And it's ruined with the addition of the rival who has a similar personality.
man, why I sense the ending would be so sad😖😖😖..
Bahahahha, got licensed by SS......

Banzai SS sama.
Licensed by Seven Seas

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I love her stamp
Despite having an elf as the central character, this manga is extremely Japanese.
This is sweet. Are you really sure it isn't shojo ai?
i wanna touch her ears
I wish we can see her got violated by Orcs.