I, the Female Robot
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  • Nü Jiqiren
  • Nü Jiqiren 2
  • The Female Robot
  • The Female Robot 2
  • 我,女机器人1+2部
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  • 7.28
  • 136
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Since she was young, Qi Qi has been burdened with an incurable disease that will cause her death before the age of 20. Despite this, she uses her genius intellect to develop robotics in order to defy her fate. However, she is inevitably unable to create a robotic body for herself before her time is up. As her vision darkens, she is not satisfied... Only to awaken again?

Français / French
Depuis qu'elle est petite, Qi Qi est tourmentée par une maladie incurable qui causera sa mort avant 20 ans. Malgré ça, elle utilise son génie intellectuel pour concevoir des machines afin de combattre son destin. Toutefois, elle se retrouve dans l'impossibilité de créer un corps robotique avant sa fin. Alors que sa vision s’assombrit, elle n'est pas satisfaite... mais elle se réveille ?
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@ZanaduKhan not as far as I can tell. note that this is a chinese manhwa, and things are a bit different there. in fact. this is one of the less biased manhwas that I can think of. often even the quality manhwas with female MC's manage to slip some minor sexism in somewhere, so the fact that this hasn't? is pretty impressive. I honestly think the "oh no same sex why!" is because most of the characters are straight. I could be wrong, and trying to defend the author too much. but that's what I think
It's been a while since I read this and all I remember is that's what I remember and have no clue what chapter that is. I'm also too lazy to check chapter by chapter. So if anyone at least knows the approximate chapters that it's at, it would be much appreciated.
@ZanaduKhan Wait, what? Where, how?
Why did you have this impression? It makes no sense.

Also, that RHD director is a putrid coward, of the worst kind. The kind that knows a bit about how thing works but he is such weak and pathetic human being that misconstructs all that he knows to use as a weapon in an argument. He exploits other's ignorance of certain topics to justify his cowardice, that way even if his arguments are completely based on bias and assumptions, the other side don't have enough arguments to call him out on his hypocrisy. He's the twisted kind of person that deserves to be killed because he'll never see that he is wrong, no matter how many arguments you use.
He'll just twist everything you say and try to use it against you, and while everyone with more than 2 brain cells can easily realize that he is totally wrong, he has the charisma to convince the others that don't have the extra brain cell that he is right, because they are also cowards locked in the eternal loops of the "What if's".
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This is still one of my favorite sci-fi manhua.
Uhhhhh is the author a homophobe?
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As always, thanks for the translation.

I probably nead to read this one again from the beginning.
You cant wait anymore for see next?, here for the raw its in language originel (chinese) (i hope someone will translate " Beach Women's" of same author"): https://ac.qq.com/Comic/searchList/uin/TFA3QnFTb05vOFhhR2hIUDM5RmVydz09
Notice : i see that the author not put anymore chapt since ~3<x>5 years.
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You become a moderator.

Just read it again. It's funny and one of the better manhuas. :)
How do I delete comments

Same here. You wouldn't happen to remember the chapter number?
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Oh god i remember reading this back in the day. I got up to where and can’t remember much else.
@SovietWeeb actually many things start out slow and crappy, if you don't like the start and are super impatient, you can skip to the middle
Not going to sit around and read a story that is unenjoyable. Just so later on it can solve the issues I stated. You don't continue to watch a show you aren't enjoying just because people say it gets better later on.
@SovietWeeb it's not formulaic,
The name should be changed to "My Life as a Teenage Robot". No? Just me?
pretty good
its a fun read
This story has alot of balance and the authors seem to have an aim for what they want it to feel like, that they stick to.
From what I can see, that aim is to give readers a fun ride, whether that is with comedy or fighting or power ups. Sometimes it can seem random or too much, but there is always a reason behind what is happening, and plenty of overarching mystery in the background, plus the theme of the relationship between robots and humans is constant.
The 'fun' feeling to it might turn some away, thinking it will just be milked for that, but that's what I mean by balance: whenever it starts feeling like the fights or w/e are leaving behind the plot, the story re-centers itself and the plot progresses, and the things I thought were distracting from the story, I find out were important to it all along.

It explores serious themes in a not-so-serious way, with a good attention to detail.
If you like comedy, I recommend it.

(There's plenty of other good stuff in it, but if you're not good with comedy, you probably won't enjoy it very much.)

This is one of my favorites, so I hope more people try it.
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I, don't care
Got up to current chapter in 3 days. Really enjoy it. thanks for translating so much and I hope it continues!
@SovietWeeb Yeah, from a lot of what you said I don't think this really works for you even past chapter 36.