I, The Female Robot
Alt name(s):
  • nü jiqiren
  • nü jiqiren 2
  • The Female Robot
  • The Female Robot 2
  • 我,女机器人1+2部
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  • 7.33
  • 96
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Since she was young, Qi Qi has been burdened with an incurable disease that will cause her death before the age of 20. Despite this, she uses her genius intellect to develop robotics in order to defy her fate. However, she is inevitably unable to create a robotic body for herself before her time is up. As her vision darkens, she is not satisfied... Only to awaken again?
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pretty good
its a fun read
This story has alot of balance and the authors seem to have an aim for what they want it to feel like, that they stick to.
From what I can see, that aim is to give readers a fun ride, whether that is with comedy or fighting or power ups. Sometimes it can seem random or too much, but there is always a reason behind what is happening, and plenty of overarching mystery in the background, plus the theme of the relationship between robots and humans is constant.
The 'fun' feeling to it might turn some away, thinking it will just be milked for that, but that's what I mean by balance: whenever it starts feeling like the fights or w/e are leaving behind the plot, the story re-centers itself and the plot progresses, and the things I thought were distracting from the story, I find out were important to it all along.

It explores serious themes in a not-so-serious way, with a good attention to detail.
If you like comedy, I recommend it.

(There's plenty of other good stuff in it, but if you're not good with comedy, you probably won't enjoy it very much.)

This is one of my favorites, so I hope more people try it.
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I, don't care
Got up to current chapter in 3 days. Really enjoy it. thanks for translating so much and I hope it continues!
@SovietWeeb Yeah, from a lot of what you said I don't think this really works for you even past chapter 36.
I thought the first chapter or two were really cool. I love seeing herself in the past and the troubles she went through. The story is great at portraying them in restraint of a chapter. But the story seems to forget much about that and as of chapter 36, It's about the MC stumbling across a bunch of overly handsome dudes and she's having to be saved every other minute. I hate that she's meant to be one of the few most advanced fighting robots. Yet is in need of saving a lot of the time. The MC is portrayed as an unparalleled genius that has invented numerous inventions. But she never really shows her smarts and acts like every other teenage girl in a comedic manga. It's not even like her genius in robotics is what allowed this world to be so reliant on robots. No one mentions her former self like she was the mother of all robotics. It's kind of a useless piece of the story since it doesn't really do anything. I think it'd have been awesome if the MC was the one to make her robot body and that it looks like her original body. Would've loved for the MC to have a scene where she sees what her body is like and would've been like now that she doesn't have the disease.

I was also hoping the story would be more about the MC one day waking up in a robotic body and trying to hide among the populace. I can see her making friends with some people and there being a tight-knit group of friends that come together to help with the MC with dealing with the robot body.

Hell, I think even having it be so that it's in the future but not so far in the future that the entire world is different. Have robotics be a thing but they're very basic. Have the MC wake up in a Museum case and it turns out that she is in her robot that she thought she failed on. It turns out that she is in a museum dedicated to her and her new body is a museum piece of one of the first robots invented by her. This way we have a storyline as she reconnects to her past with her friends and family. She meets up with them and that's when she finds out what's happened and that her family buried her a couple of years ago. Other plot points would need to happen obviously. But at least with this idea, She has a more engaging plotline and something for the audience to root for. We'd be rooting for the MC to come to terms with what's changed and her mother and even siblings finally realizing their family member is back. Hell, It'd be kind of cool that when they're about to die of old age, The MC makes their own robotic bodies and puts their brain or whatever in.

Overall, I think this story would've worked better for me if it was a lot more serious and didn't have such absurd plots. I think the story was really interesting at the start with the MC on the ship and trying to escape. It was fun to see the humans on board over think everything. Even with the comedy, it brought. It still managed to be fairly serious while also funny.

I also just realized I wrote an essay in the comments about a story I dropped on the 36th chapter... This is what happens when you're up at 2:26 AM
Starts off interesting enough, but drops its most unique and engaging parts, and then devolves into a bog-standard shounen battle manga with bits of graphics violence (including some guro) and tragedy here and there. I got bored and dropped it.

There's a lot of potential in this universe, but they shuffled it to the wayside to just turn it into endless powerups and "d00d, fyght mii" nonsense.
Hilarious title. Is the protagonist named "The Female Will Smith"?
@Vesper thank you for that, I had forgotten their name so I couldn't even search it.
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The plot armor thickens again. ?
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I feel like there's more layers of time travellers wandering around.
They were on bato.to and they are there https://whitecloudpavilion.com/manga/free/manga/i-the-female-robot too. Now upload restrictions is back to none so I guess I can reupload it from their site here? I mean if I actually start doing something useful...
Where are the earlier chapters?
Needs earlier chapters. For someone who read it on bato.to it's not a problem but new readers will ignore it even though it's good.
I like it too. There's more to it than meets the eye. The convoluted plot is unexpectedly well kept track of--every so often I'll be thinking "Guess they long ago forgot about X" and then something related to X will show up. And it has some themes going. Plus it's pretty funny.
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Qiqi a cute, a cute I say!
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This manga/hwa is one of my fav.
I really like the Main character , or 02.