My Little Inferno
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He’s huge and super-scary, so when he told me to give him a place to stay, I let him stay with me, and he stole $12,000 from me, (though he gave me back $30,000). The first day I met him… he attacked me and made me cry, and since I thought he was going to kill me, I felt like I wanted to die. But Ma-kun made me grilled salmon for breakfast, and he listened when I talked, and he got rid of the guys I hated… On top of having such a mysterious nature, Ma-kun is being followed by his partner (and ex-boyfriend) from his hacker days, Nakamoto…?
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It gets much better as it progresses. The big dude seems like a horrible guy at first, but then he turns out to be somewhat decent, like the summary described. MC has very low self-esteem, but he's not the worst of the worst, he actually goes to uni, has a part-time job, like, he's not useless, and he can show gratitude. I'm looking forward tofurther development, this seems kinda promising. ๐Ÿ‘€โœจ
This seems to have a lot of elements. Very interesting.
There’s a lot happening.

Seemed main character has lots of trauma from high school, bullying but unsure what kind exactly.

The.... love interest is....spooky. Interesting though!

Thank you door the translation, fascinated on Where this series will go honestly
what a dick, just give him some good ol’ dicking and get it over with