Zenbu Ore no Mono!
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  • You Are All Mine!
  • 全部俺のモノ!
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1: You Are All Mine!
When Tsukasa loses a bet to Hijiri, he has to be his slave for three days. But what exactly does he want Tsukasa to do?

2: What Is This Thing Called Love?
Hayama just received a love letter from a guy! If only it was from Suzuya-sempai...

3: Impulse
Pretending to be drunk, Naoyuki takes advantage of his friend Ikkei. Ikkei shrugs it off the next day, but Naoyuki's not ready to give up.

4: Bias
Naoyuki and Ikkei vacation at a hot spring.

5: Darling
Yuuya lives with his cousin Ryou. Ryou doesn't charge him rent in exchange for his body, but Yuuya wants something more.

6: Machine Gun Talk
Chatty Hibiki and quiet Madoka are childhood friends. When Hibiki tells Madoka to be nicer to girls and Madoka's popularity rises as a result, Hibiki is severely annoyed!

7: Sentimental Courtship
Saotome has a crush on Hiragi – but afraid of rejection, all he can do is look.

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