The Sacred Lord of Scorching Summer
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  • 伏天圣主
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Green Li is the weakest in his village, unable to beat a blind, dying old man. But when he leaves the village, he finds out that he is extremely strong. This is the story of a boy who embarks on a journey to become the strongest.
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@kanaloa to be faiiiiiiirrrr the most popular manhwa on this site has the overpowered MC with zero character development (unless you count gaining a six pack and turning into a k pop idol, "character development")
I swear the people that read this kind of shit have some inferior complex lmao. Same damn crap. OP mc at the start or other titles they die and become stupidly powerful-oh but but he didn't know he was strong but he actually this point I'ma go down the list and weed out all the crappy isekai/tensei/whatever super powerful gift crap ones-hopefully there is a gem. Some character development, atleast. I really despise the chinese and japanese natives who keep on supporting this type of crap of a manga/manhua enough for it to breath onto english sites lol
I wonder if in chapter 100 how much "one in eternity talent" this guy will have, everything that was shown he immediately wins some best grade item or his talent in it is something out of this world. I bet if he played the lottery 10 times, he would have won 11 (1 extra for winning 10 times in a row). Anyways, I will keep reading to see where it goes.
Tang Yue is better :P
yeah the story is cliche with almost no personality to the mc. i kinda regret reading this.
Art is really lacking on background, art style is ok, even if simplistic.
Story is the same old trashy cliche, but with no great twists so far.

There is much better trashy wuxia/xianxia out there. Better art or better characters or even better plot.
I really recommend avoiding it. This is a special kind of bad (not that it's rare).
Hey does anyone know if there is a novel version of this?
A Wuxia with a likeable protagonist that isn't constantly picking fights, a cast that doesn't constantly underestimate him and actually respects him and realizes he's powerful from the start, and a story that doesn't get bogged down in too much cultivation nonsense? What sorcery is this?
Apparently they never get tired of repackaging the same thing over and over.
This is pretty generic and trashy, but I love this kind of trashy shit. Keep 'em coming!
From someone who dumpster dived the chinese raws.
This is like a extremely shitty kenja no mago. art is subpar, plot is nonsensical, characters are unlikable. MC has no rhyme nor reason or consistent character just does shit.

This is basically the chinese "kenja no mago at home"
Please TL don't translate names... And TY for picking another interesting series :)