Murim Login
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  • Login Moorim
  • 로그인 무림
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An era where hunters thrive on hunting monsters that come from Gates. Jin Tae-Kyung is a low-rank hunter who picks up a VR machine, and accidentally logs into the game, which is set in the world of Martial Arts. After many ups and downs, Tae-Kyung is able to escape this world. The strength and skills, which he received in the Murim were able to be carried over back to the real world. This allows him to continue making a living a hunter... but he decides to return back to the world of Murim, out of care for his NPC friends.
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This is pretty entertaining. But the super edgelord comments might have it beat. "If only the author was an awesome warrior like me he could write this properly." We've no idea how common VR technology is nor how expensive it is to access. The MC comments that its weird anyone was working on it while the war was going on so it looks like it could be an abandoned technology. The MC is clearly not affluent and has been busy working to support his remaining family so its not unreasonable to assume he has no experience with it.

He also wasn't particularly good at the job he was fired from, hence the firing (he also admits this). The job where he wasnt trained to be a "professional killer", and by the looks of it was entirely self trained. In the scenario pointed out he lost his temper. Shockingly people make stupid decisions while angry. Yes, yes, I know our cold blooded totally logical commenters would never make those kind of mistakes and would have effortlessly killed the guy using their diabolical techniques. But sadly fictional manga protagonists are more human than our elite commenters and thus suffer human frailty.
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Thanks for the releases
Holy moly Mama Mia, thx for the mass release @hyoretsu
@hyoretsu i never said "play games". i said "have information about games" (the difference between playing cops and robbers and training in special combat is the age and gear needed). one the first rules about being a killer for hire or a mercenary or an assassin is training your skills by understanding your target. that is the very first game they learn. be it a video game, a children's game or a work game, everyone uses games to make understanding and fulfilling their assignments easier. also, i'm not talking out of my ass. i learned this by watching infantry and paratroopers train, as a kid (dad was military. paratroopers division). that's how i know about this. not going for strength and power and using every advantage you have at your disposal in order to survive (or even win), means this guy has never trained or been in so much as a fist fight in his entire life. screw being an assassin, this guy hasn't even left his house since he was born if he doesn't know at least this much. humans fight, always, in different ways (physical, psychological, from the shadows or up front and personal), for different reasons. it's human nature, at its most basic level. that's why i find the concept of "oh, i have a very powerful but i'm gonna discard it and use my useless fists and most likely loose" to be dumb.
sorry if i seem edgy or self-entitled. that's not my intention. nor is it to berate the story or the author. i'm simply saying that premise sounded great but the execution is beyond lacking, for an unknown reason (to me, at least).
@Griffihn I mean, does 100% of the world's population play games? Even though it's like, the biggest entertainment industry nowadays, there are still people who don't play them. There's also normies, people who are addicted to books/tv/social media/social interaction/politics, poor people, etc
I just found a link to the raws in korean free, not like on kakao that you need to register for it. If you want to spoil yourself -->

Sometimes the website doesn't load. I think for overload. Just keep trying during the day.
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So far its not story dumping you ,its giving enough for me, it's a light read and i liked drawings. Story is a bit over used tho bit similar to Solo Leveling like story with Gates but has a VR twist.
I wish there was more tho.
I like it a lot.
I like this I mean I like this a lot reminds me of SAO or Log Horizon, but you become fking more awesome when you play.
I am enjoying this from an art and visual perspective. I guess there's a lot of questions and maybe some gaps, but I'm here to just enjoy it from a surface level.

So far, so good :)
in a day and age where technology has advanced beyond full dive VR, you still have people who have no idea how to play a VR game? unless you're from a country that still uses spears and stones for hunting, very unlikely. you're a professional killer (it's literally the job he just got fired from) and your first concern is what exactly? how to quickly get out of a game in which the pursuit of power is king? you have access to a weapon, the ability to see how strong your opponent is and you go into a fist fight against someone who's clearly above you just 'cause you got pissed off? i get being a moron but in a world of information, where you trained for god knows how long and have been a killer for 7 years, you forget the first rule of every fight? (anything goes as long as you win) whoever the author is should stop trying to use genres and tropes he/she has no clue about. hard pass in my case.
and before anyone says anything: i know it's meant to be a slapstick manhwa but that does not excuse the lack of a brain or of information on the author's part.
Love this. Pretty interesting. MC is silly but funny.
@hyoretsu a lot of webtoons are adapted from novels, especially martial arts, fantasy esque ones
@alexeric123 there is a novel, the problem is that it's just in korean. It's always on kakao just like the manhwa.
@hyoretsu here is the manhwa. Released so far a total of 23 chapters until the 23/05/2020. here is the novel. Released so far a total of 412 chapters until the 25/05/2020.
@Kalies @L3n @alexeric123 Wdym novel? Isn't that just a kakaopage webcomic? I also couldn't find anything. Afaik webcomics are usually original stories (?) unlike manhuas (from China) or a lot of mangas
The Webcomic itself also only started releasing 19 days ago
Same question as the two guys before me, does anyone know if there is a novel?
@hyoretsu what's the novel? i can't find it...
Anyone konws if there is the novel translated in english somewhere? Thank you.
@revereshin quite clear with the "why would they develop this during the chaos times" & "why am i awakening again" that w/e power he's getting here will come with him to the real world